Forever Young - Another World

After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment in time is the most important and the decisions made now will affect everyone forever.


10. 10.

we were in the car, driving somewhere. i looked down and i was still in my clothes i wore yesterday. it was dark outside, but still warm, i rolled the window down letting the cool breeze hit my face. it looked night outside, midnight, in the city. where am i?

the car comes to a stand still the driver swearing at the traffic, i get out of the car, there are flashing blue lights, four, five, six of them all at this one spot on the road. i walk over to see if they'e okay. 

a baby screaming that's what i hear walking towards the lights, a baby screaming. i dont know where from its coming from. i walk closer. glass starts to appear. shard by shard, the shards start to grow, i see a mobile phone on the floor smashed to pieces. it starts ringing but i don't touch it. i continue to walk. 

i walk faster to the lights. people rushing around worried. paramedics, police stopping people go in certain areas, but they let me through. i walk past an ambulance. i man sitting there getting a check over. 

"im so sorry" he said taking off the oxygen mask.

sorry? why was he sorry? why me?

the paramedic closes the ambulance door blocking my view of the sympathetic man.

i walk closer to the noise, the rush of people the blue lights. 

i take a step and the screaming comes again. the baby screaming its little heart out. the piercing sound like it was next to my ear. i take a step back shivers going down my spine. i look at the floor and there's a chain surrounded by glass. not far away a locket which has been crushed. the screams are getting louder and the lights are getting brighter. 

i run to a crowd of people. in between the people a tiny hand. there are paramedics running from ambulances, police keeping people away and firemen helping anyway they can. the babies cry screams out once more. 

in the corner of my eye i see another crowd of people surrounding someone. i look at her hand on the floor. cold. limp. lifeless. there are more people around her. more people leaning over seeing if there's anything they can do. 

a shriek comes out one final time. i need to do something. and not just stand here! i run over to the little girl. seeing if i can calm her down while they paramedics get her to safety. but i see her face. i know that face. then it all comes running back. i knew the screams. i know the face. i know her. shes mine. she my Ava. 

i scream her name. knowing that shes going to go. going to go forever. i start crying her name out but nothing comes out. i scream as loud as i can but nothing. someone walks over getting me away from the site.  but i scream her name more fighting him away running towards my daughter. 




my eyes whip open. my heart beating a million times a minute. my chest going at the same pace. my breathing deep, heavy, fast. harry is there. hands on my shoulders calming me down, waking me up from the nightmare. 

"Bonnie, its okay it was just a dream" he said softly lying on his side next to me bringing me into his chest holding me tight. my heart still beating faster than ever. tears falling down my face. one thing running through my mind. her. 

he rubs my back calming me down. gently humming. i try to copy his breathing to steady my own. 

"it was just like before" i whispered into his chest once the tears had fallen and the heart was at a normal speed. 

"i know, you're safe now"


"she had another one last night" 

"shes still getting over it, harry. give her a bit of time and it will get better." 

"but its getting worse. last night was the worst ive ever seen her! i don't know what to do-"

i opened the kitchen door. harry was standing in his boxers in front of his mum leaning on the the work table with his arms crossed. 

"bonnie" his head span around to me, his voice sick with worry

"im fine harry" i softly smiled

"we'll talk about this later" he said not wanting to start anything in front of his mum. he walked over and kissed my forehead pulling me next to him. his hand on my hip.

that morning, the three of is sat down at the table and had a few pieces of toast for breakfast before me and harry going up stairs to get ready to go to London. during the night harry must have changed my into one of his t-shirts as when i woke up my clothes were on the floor next to the bed. 

we quickly got dressed harry in chinos and a jumper and scarf and me in blue skinny jeans and one of harry hoodies. i tied my hair up in a messy bun and applied makeup to only my eyes as they were still red from last night and had dark circles underneath them. 

we got our bags together and went down stairs to say good bye to Anne. she hugged us each good bye whispering something to us.

"just be safe. promise me you will be. we all love you and never want anything to happen OK?" she whispered quickly as harry was pulling the bags to the door

"i promise" 

once she said goodbye to harry we walked to the station, paid for our tickets and got onto the train me sitting against the wall with my legs over his lap. 

most of the journey up to London was harry sleeping. he spent most nights watching me sleep. staying awake in case i get another nightmare. he worried too much about me. he didn't care enough about himself. im just reading when he goes on tour. how much is he going to worry?

when we got to London Victoria i waited until most people were gone before waking him up. the train was going no where so what was the rush. i woke him up gently by kissing him on the lips. he smirked keeping his eyes closed. before kissing me back more passionately

"we're going to be late" i said in between kisses

"you're right!" he giggled before jumping up out of his seat collecting the bags and walking off the train hand in hand with me.

we walked through London Victoria looking for Liam. he agreed to pick us up in the cab so we knew where we were going. the boys got asked for photos a lot from fans which we were all fine with i just didn't want to be in the photos considering i was in horrible clothes and looked a state. i had a conversation with some fans while others were taking photos and they all seemed really nice. they kept saying how pretty i am and that harry is extremely lucky. i just kept replying im the lucky one. 

we got into the cab and drove to the studios where they performers would be rehearing until closer to the first tour date.; the traffic in London is horrific like i remembered. and when we arrived at the studios we were 5 minutes late. we walked through the door and into the big room with wooden floors and 2 walls made up of mirrors. Zayn, Louis and Niall were all sitting around on the floor playing on their phones or something. 

Harry walked through the door first followed by me then Liam. the boys came running over. giving us all hugs talking about how France was. we waited for the director to arrive we waited a good 20 minutes before we saw he walk through the door dumping his stuff by one of the mirror and walking over. we all stood up to welcome him. each shaking his hand me standing slightly behind harry wrapping my arms around one of his. he introduced himself as "Stan Graveson" one of the best tour directors and choreographers in the UK. 

"i have 3 rules with my acts and performers. rule number one, everyone is to be as healthy as possible. not treats not take-away's unless i say so. rule number two- don't be late, rude, arrogant or cocky. i am your director and i will tell you what to do. rule number three- no distractions. no extra people in the studio at any time including families and girlfriends."

"that means you Missy" he said walking over to me

"get out my studio"



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