Life as an American Cat

This story is about a cat named, Midnight. Midnight goes on all sorts of adventures and discovers new thngs.


3. Running Wild

          I’m locked up right now. I’m in my room, with my bowls filled up, and locked in. It’s not because I try to eat the hamster while my owners are gone. They are actually home right now. I’m locked up because I did a bad thing today.

          I was laying down, watching Timmy get ready for school. He went over to his bag and put his book in it. I walked over and sat by the door. Timmy went to the door. He said something, but all I understood was something, something, no, something, outside. I gave him my little meow and walked a few feet away.

          Then Jill came over and opened the door. That’s when I made my mistake. I leaped out that door and sat near the steps on the porch. Jill said something, bad, something, Midnight. I walked down the steps and headed toward the pond across the street.

          That’s when I heard Timmy say something. I understood every word that time, “Midnight! Bad kitty! Come here now!” I looked at him and sat down. Then Jack came out. He saw me, and ran toward me. I meowed and ran toward the pond.

          I jumped into the tree near the pond. I saw Jill run inside, and she came back out with Joe. Jill and Timmy got in the car and went to school. I watched as Joe went over to Jack’s owner’s house. It looked like he was yelling at him for his dog scaring me up a tree. I was satisfied knowing Jack was busted.

          Joe came to get me, but I didn’t wanna come down. “I don’t wanna,” I yelled. The dumb human had no idea what I was saying. I decided to jump on his head. I leaped onto his head, and ran toward the house. I hide under the porch and went to sleep.

          When I woke up Timmy was home, and he was looking for me. I ran out and leaped into his arms. Instead of giving me a bunch of love, he locked me in my room. Well jokes on them, as I was telling you this story I jumped out my window, chewed my rope off, and hid it. Then I snuck back inside.

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