Life as an American Cat

This story is about a cat named, Midnight. Midnight goes on all sorts of adventures and discovers new thngs.


4. Catnapped

I had a rough day today. I was catnapped! It all started this morning. I woke up and did my daily routine. Then I buttered up Jill and now I don’t need a rope as long as I’m back before dark. I was outside talking to José, when a dude in a black van pulled up.

José ran to his house. Sometimes I don’t get that cat. Anyway I started home when I had the strangest sense that he was following me. I turned my head and ended up in a net. I hissed at him, “Let me go! I’m not a dog, I have an owner who cares about me!” He didn’t listen at all.

He took me to the pound and put me in a cage full of cats. To be honest there were only six cats plus me. I sat down and flashed my collar at him. He said something about selling something. I backed up and hid behind a big, fat, white, fluffy cat. “What are you in for?” he asked.

“I do not understand your question. I did nothing wrong, I was catnapped.”

“Right, and I wasn’t snooping through garbage cans before I was caught.”

“Were you?”



“I know. Hey, nice collar.”

“Thanks. Timmy picked it out”

“Who’s Timmy?”

“My kid owner.”

“It must be nice having an owner... So nice…”

I backed away and went to the bars and started meowing. At some point I could see the door. Suddenly the police busted in. Now I was really confused. Why were the police at the pound? I listen, but only understood a few words. I heard something about freezing illegal pounds. That’s probably not what they said. All I know is they opened the cage. The six cats and I ran out of the cage and out the door.

I remembered this place. The… v-v-vet… was a block away. I sniffed the air and then headed north. No, maybe it was south. I’m not a compass. I got home at sun down. I ran to the door and sat for a minute before Joe opened the door to see if I was there. I ran inside and went straight to my room. My cat dish was empty! I drank some water and went to bed hungry that night. I still don’t know how all my food disappeared.

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