Ruined Everything

Elise Jones is the only Daughter of Richard Jones, one of the most powerful man in England & USA.
All her life she tried her best to live up to her parents' expectations.

While waiting for her ride, a guy bumped into her. An ASSHOLE, she said. Little did she know, that asshole will be a big part of her life.

When Elise got back in England, her Father told her about a deal between the Styles' & The Jones'.
A deal that will change her whole life. A deal that her Poppa James shook hands with Anthony Styles.

She's getting married to a guy she's never met before or so she thought.

Let's see what happens when 18 year-olds, Elise & Harry are forced into a relationship, both never thought they'd treasure the most.
Are they both going to fall in love or just keep on pretending that they're just doing this for their parents' sake?


2. Starbucks

Elise's P.O.V



I woke up feeling low. I never thought that I could even feel this low. I really thought all of the happiness in me was long gone but a forced marriage at 18 sucked the smallest part of happiness out of me. Is it forced? I mean, yes.. I agreed but even if I didn't, they probably would've forced the both of us anyways.

I took a quick shower and threw on some sweats & a VARSITY blue top. I tied my hair into a messy side bun and a blue beanie to go with my top. The conversation I had with Andrew last night played in my head over a million times already.

"Do you want to do this?" He asked, "I have to." I cried.

"Well, It's your choice, Elise. I mean, I've known you for a long time and I don't want you to spend the rest of your life with him. What's his name again?" He cooed, He's right .. but I love my dad so much. I don't really want to disappoint him. Even if it means I have to spend the rest of my life with a perverted jerk.

"Harry Styles." I replied, I heard him choke on the other line. "Are you eating or something?" I asked.

"HARRY STYLES?! I know him. I think I met him at a club with his other friends. He is SOO not the guy for you, Elise."

I sighed in frustration. What does he mean? I know that Harry's a whore. well, I'm not sure .. but I'm almost positive that he is.

"Do you want to eat breakfast now, love?" Lucy spoke, causing me to gasp. I almost fell off my bed at the sound of her. "Oh my gosh, Lucy! You almost scared me to death." I gasped for air holding my hand to my chest.

"Well, I knocked.. but I got no answer, love." She beamed, she's too nice. I really am lucky to have her as our helper. Well, MY Nanny .. actually. I know that's a bit embarrassing. "You did? Well, I'm going out to cool off. So, I'm just gonna grab something to eat from Starbucks or somewhere else." I grinned. She nodded in agreement and left.


"One blueberry muffin and a cup of regular coffee."

The girl stared at me for a long time, making me feel uncomfortable. REALLY, uncomfortable. I fixed my sunglasses awkwardly. I had to put them on since my dad's well known in England and so being his daughter, some people notices me at times.

"Miss, don't you know that it's rude to stare?" A voice behind me calmly spoke. I glanced to my back to see who it was. I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see it. "Oh, I'm sorry." the girl, apologized. I shot her a smile, letting her know that it's okay. She left to fetch my order and came back a few moments later. I grinned at how fast she got my food ready. "Here's your muffin and coffee." She beamed.

"Thanks." I completely forgot that there's someone next to me.

"Wait, do you mind me asking .. Are you Elise Jones?" She asked with hopeful eyes. "Uh, yes." I whispered. "Oh my gosh, I really adore your family." She grinnen, clasping her hands together. "Is he your boyfriend?" she asked, looking at the guy next to me.

"Actually.. Uh- He's.. you see-" I stuttered. "I'm her fiance." Harry announced, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Oh, wow. Are you Harry Styles?" The girl asked again, "Yes." he smiled, showing off his dimples. He's wearing the same ray-ban sunglasses as me.

"Now, if you'll excuse us. We've got some places to go." We do?! Before I could say anything, we were already out. "What was that for?!" I questioned him, raising my eyebrows at him. "What? You really are my fiance." He replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah, I know but ... fuck." I snapped. I don't know why I'm being such a bitch to him. He did nothing wrong but I snapped. Well, I didn't like how he wrapped his arms around me but at the same time.. I didn't hate it. I'm confused.

I walked my way back to my car really fast, ignoring his calls. "Hey!" He called out, "Elise!" I still ignored him, I do not want to deal with an ass this early. Just before I could reach the car he got a hold of my wrist.

"What do you want, Styles?!" I spat out his last name. He smirked as if trying to annoy me even more, "You realize that will be your last name, too, right?" I clenched my jaw and balled up my fists.

"Tell me what you want so I can leave." I said, completely ignoring his last name statement. "Well, first. I think you should thank me for telling the girl that It's rude to stare.. " He began, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "And why are you so mad? It's not like I followed you here. I usually go to starbucks every morning, so stop your bitching."

"Uh. Bitching? First.. I didn't asked you to tell the girl off. Second, You irritate me. Third, You need to learn how to treat a girl right.. even if you don't like her. Specially if she's going to be your wife. Now, Dick face ... I have better things to do." I turned on my heels and slid inside the car and drove off.

Harry's POV.

I watched her as she drove off. Wow, This whole thing might be interesting. I smiled to myself like a fool. Treat a girl right? Babe, I make girls scream my name in pleasure. I sure do know how to treat them right.

I found myself still standing where she left me when my phone went off. I checked the caller ID to see that one of my best mates was calling.

"Hey Louis." I greeted.

"Hey mate! So, when are we going to meet the lucky one?" He asked excitedly.

"Ah. I don't know mate. She's a bitch, I tell you."

"Ha. Well, You're Harry Styles! You know what to do." He cooed.

I chuckled. Yes, I am Harry Styles. Girls LOVE me.

"Alright mate. See you soon."

"Hopefully with the girl." Louis added.

I hung up.

Normal POV.

Lucy noticed how irritated Elise was when she burst into their mansion. She did not asked her why but she told her that her Dad wants to talk to her.

Elise made her way into her dad's office, trying her best not to look irritated. "Ah, hello.. sweetheart." Richard greeted. "Hey Dad.." She tried her best not to sound annoyed.

"I just wanted to tell you that, the wedding's in 1 month." He announced. Elise's face fell. "In WHAT?!" She half-yelled, shocked. Her plan of not sounding bitchy failed. "Yes, princess. A month."

She sighed, trying to stay positive about this whole thing.

"Is that all?" She asked through gritted teeth.

"No, actually .." He began, "I talked to Anne earlier. We thought It would be best for you and Harry to get to know each other. SO... we are both sending you to LA for a week, so you can show Harry what your life in America was and a week in Harry's hometown. Do not worry about the wedding, Anne and I got everything under control. You both are leaving tomorrow." He trailed off.

On the other hand ...

Harry got a phone call from his Mum about a week of vacation with Elise in LA and another week with her in Holmes Chapel. "Mum, I am getting married to her. I think I'm going to pass for now. I need to enjoy my single life before the wedding." He tried to keep calm.

"Harry, you are getting married to her so you need to get to know her better. You are going." She sighed, exasperated. Harry bit his lip and hung up. "Fuck!"

Elise's POV.

Right, two weeks to get to know your future husband. Kill me now. I managed to get my cool back on and walked out of the room, sprinting back to my bedroom.

As soon as I locked the door I collapsed on the king sized bed, stuffing my face on the nearest pillow, screaming as loud as I can. Thank god Lucy did not asked what happened. 'Cause if she did, I would've cried my ass off in front of her.

Breathe in, Breathe out, Elise.

I sighed in disbelief. My phone went off. A text message, eh?

'Hey, sorry If I acted like a dick. See you tomorrow at the airport. x - Harry'


'Yeah. You're really good at it. : where'd you get my #?' I Replied.

10 seconds later I got a new message.

'I said, I'm sorry. damn. I'm going to be your husband and you're asking me where I got your number? Classy. x '

I rolled my eyes, jerk.

'Whatever.' I sent him.

A new message again. I swear this kid's got wicked thumbs.

'I'm trying to apologize here. It'll be easier if you at least cooperate.'

before I could even reply I received a new one again.

'You know what.. Fine. be a bitch. I don't really apologize like this to people. Now, if you don't give a shit about what I say .. Let's just do whatever the hell our parents want us to do.

Maybe I'm too hard on him? Yes?

Harry's POV.

I shut my phone off and placed it on the bedside table. I can't believe it .. I'm trying to make things easier but she's being a bitch. I don't think this whole LA and Holmes Chapel trip is a good idea.

and LA? ... I've had fun times there. Well, we really don't like each other anyway .. so we probably still can sleep with whoever we want to sleep with.

I'm just gonna have to make the most of it ... I drifted to sleep.


Ergh. I groaned. "Turn the lights off!" I hissed under my pillow. It's like 12 midnight or something.

"Love, I can't. Lights are off. That's like .. i dont know, the sun?" My mom responded with pure sarcasm in her voice. Wait, SUN?!

"You got 30 minutes to go to the airport." She added.

That's all I needed to hear to grab all of my stuff and head out. Good thing I took a shower last night. I got to the airport just in time, I guess. I looked everywhere for her and I still couldn't find her.

And just before I could pull my phone out to ring her up, I saw her waving at me. Smiling. I waved back, letting a smile across my face. All of my anger fading away at the sight of her. wow.

I watched her as she jog her way to me. Do not get me wrong but her mammaries are quite big. I'm a guy what do you expect me to do? Look at her eyes while her boobs are all bouncy? No, ma'am.

"Eyes up here, Harry." She giggled, I couldn't help but notice how pretty she really is. This is probably the first time I'm taking a good look at her.

Hey hair is deep brow, matching her eyes. And her full lips, when she smiles.. she lights up the room. Her dimples are deep, just like mine. Or maybe deeper. Realizing that she just caught me eying her down made my face turn into deep red.

"Oh. Sorry, babe." I shot her an apologetic smile, "See.. Uhm, Harry, I'm originally from the US. Call me that and I automatically assume we're together." She winked at me, I felt my stomach twirl. A good one, actually.

"Well, we are." I smirked, causing her to blush a deep rose.

"Right. Let's .. uh, Go."

I really don't want to fall for her but I think I might.

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