Ruined Everything

Elise Jones is the only Daughter of Richard Jones, one of the most powerful man in England & USA.
All her life she tried her best to live up to her parents' expectations.

While waiting for her ride, a guy bumped into her. An ASSHOLE, she said. Little did she know, that asshole will be a big part of her life.

When Elise got back in England, her Father told her about a deal between the Styles' & The Jones'.
A deal that will change her whole life. A deal that her Poppa James shook hands with Anthony Styles.

She's getting married to a guy she's never met before or so she thought.

Let's see what happens when 18 year-olds, Elise & Harry are forced into a relationship, both never thought they'd treasure the most.
Are they both going to fall in love or just keep on pretending that they're just doing this for their parents' sake?


4. "Don't you EVER touch my fiance!"

Elise's POV.

I felt Harry's arm snake around my waist as we walk inside the club. It felt nice. I had a dream last night that we cuddled up all night while sleeping. It was too vivid, tho. I can't help but feel insecure, there are a lot of girls here. Prettier, sexier.. better. I'm not a nosy bitch.. But I just heard some girls talking about Harry. What's even more awkward was when a girl cried in front of him like 2 minutes ago before we got in. Is he really that of a whore? Girls outside the club totally glared me down, like wtf. They gave me dirty looks. I'm just like.. bitch, please.

"Oh my gosh! This club is rockin'!" Andrew sing-sang through the noise. I giggled as he run through the crowd and did the booty shake. Everybody cheered for him and I did too. Wow, we just got in and he's got all the attention now. I saw Luke laughing beside me. On the other hand, Harry was smiling but quite. Really, quite.

"There's a table there, let's go." Luke shouted, thankfully I heard him. Yeah, club life. Gotta scream your ass up.

"You okay?" I asked Harry, while slowly sitting down. I do not want to ruin my dress, okay.

"Yeah, It's been a while since I've been here!" He shouted through the noise.

"Oh my gosh, That's Lexie Richards! She's like my twin sister." I told Harry, pointing at the blonde haired girl. Lexie noticed our presence and made her way to us.

"LEXIE!" I squealed, jumping up and giving her a hug.

"Oh my gosh! Hi.." She grinned, hugging me back.

"Uhm, Lexie .. Harry .. Harry Lexie." I introduced them awkwardly, "You look familiar." Lexie winked at him before shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you, love." Harry grinned, yeah bitch call her love -.-

"Can I borrow her for a moment?" Lexie asked Harry, He was about to say something when she spoke up again, "Cool, great thanks!" She dragged me with her. Literally.

"Ow, slow down hottie. You are soooo rude!" I laughed, straightening my dress. "Is that .. Harry Styles?!" She asked too loudly, "Uhm yeah."

"Oh my gawd. He is soo hot." She giggled, this bitch is not even drunk yet.

"Okay? well, I need to go back now. Talk to you later.." I smiled and turned on my heels. And now I remember why we stopped talking. Still love her tho.

There he is.. flirting with another girl. GIRLS actually, TWO. I couldn't make out what they were talking about 'cause The music was too damn loud. He caught me staring him down from a far. Damn it, he might think I'm jealous. I'M NOT.

I watched him as he whispered to both girls, got up and walked to my direction. This should be good.

"Jelly?" He smirked, placing his hand around my waist. "NO." I defended my self. Slapping his hand off my waist.

"Yep, Jealous." He chuckled. "Asshole." I muttered.

I was about to ask him to dance when I caught a glimpse of the person I never wanted to see while Harry's with me. Harry felt the awkwardness in me, "Are you okay?" He asked, concerned.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.." I lied, I noticed Austin walking our way. "Uhm, Harry." I panicked, I could've sworn he noticed that. "Let's go get somethin' to drink, yeah?" He nodded in agreement.

We were on our way to get some shots when a familiar voice called my name, "Elise!"

I hesitated for a minute but turned to face him anyway, "Oh. Heey.. Austin." I forced a smile, I felt Harry's arm pulling me closer to him.

"How are you? It's been a while!" He opened his arms, waiting for a hug. I pulled away from Harry for a second, giving Austin a friendly hug and went back to Harry.

"I'm good, thank you." I forced another smile, Harry coughed beside me. Here we go. shit.

"Uhm, Austin. This is Harry, Harry.. Austin." I smiled to both of them. I need to stop faking smiles. damn it.

Harry held out his hand and Austin shook it. "Harry Styles, Elise's Fiance."

Why does he have to say that every time?!

"Austin James, Elise's ex boyfriend." Austin Smirked, I'm pretty sure both of them are trying to crush each others hands.

I coughed nervously, "Well. We gotta get going.. It was nice seeing you again, Austin." I smiled, I held Harry's hand. YES, BITCH . I DID. I don't know why, I just did.

I felt him squeeze my hand gently, "You never told me you had a boyfriend."

Well, that's offensive. I shot him a look, "Fuck off, Styles."

He laughed, "I was kidding!"

We went to the bar and asked for a lot of shots of this and that. I was getting dizzy and so was Harry. We both were sobers. It's bit weird 'cause we were flirting like teenagers and I was giggling non-stop.

"Let's dance!" He yelled, "Okayyyyy!" I yelled back.

He lead me to the dance floor, I think it's safe to say that by the way I danced.. I looked like a stripper. Harry was enjoying it, tho. He pulled me closer to his body, eyes to eyes... chest to chest. I felt his warm breath hit my face, he smelled like alcohol. Well, wtf bitch. We just funkin drank every shit at the bar. I felt his hands snake around my ass, it turned me on. YES. I can't think straight, if I didn't drink so much .. I would've slapped him by now. But no, I let him touch my lower back, smirking. He is so hot right now.

He leaned closer to kiss me, I wanted those lips. I really did, I mirrored his action but just before our lips could touch I felt someone grabbed me by the hand.

"Ow!" I yelped, "Austin? What do you want?" I spat. I saw, Harry's face. Annoyed as fuck. We need to get outta here.

"You." He pulled me so damn close that I felt his privates, It didn't look pretty. You know that video of a reporter getting dry humped? That's basically what's happening to me right now. He was drunk, sooooo drunk. "Let me go!" I pulled away from him, turning my back but he was so fast and got a hold of my hand again.

"Let go of me! Please!" I begged, his grip tightened causing me to moan. NO, not a sexual one. It's more of a OW-SHIT-DAMN-WTF-LET-ME-GO-MOAN.

He leaned closer to put his slobbery mouth on my lips when A flying fist met his face.

"Don't you EVER touch my fiance!" Harry growled at Austin who's now passed out on the ground.

My mouth was in a perfect O-shape. I wanted to just hug Harry and thank him. Nobody has ever done that for me. I thought I was so drunk but witnessing this whole shit? Wow. It was bittersweet. He just totally told everybody that I'm his fiance. Butterflies. wow, this is not the right time.

"Oh my gosh! What happened?!" Andrew jumped in, I couldn't talk.

I felt a strong secure arms around my waist, "Let's get out of here." Harry said with full authority, ignoring Andrew. He probably didn't mean to but he was really pissed.

There was a lot of paps outside the club. Snapping pictures of us here and there. I buried my face on Harry's side, his arms wrapped around my shoulders. What is wrong with these people? I mean, maybe because My dad's quite popular here in the US and me being his daughter well, they watch every move I make. And Harry's dad .. He's quite popular in the US too. Yeah.. that's probably it.


The whole car ride was silent. It was a comforting silence, actually. I couldn't help but stare at him. His curls, dimples, eyes, everything.. He's close to perfection. I wanted to thank him but I couldn't get to open my mouth to speak.

"You shouldn't have let him touch you." He spoke, his voice rang through my ears repeatedly. Wow, It's not like I asked Austin to just dry hump me in the middle of the fucking dance floor.

"I didn't asked him to touch me, you know that. You were-"

"I don't want anybody to touch you!" he shouted, "You're MY fiance. They need to back the fuck off!" He stated, I felt my whole body shaking. Is he violent? I mean, I don't know the real Harry, yet. I do not want to get married to someone so violent.

The taxi pulled in front of the hotel.

"And you need to stop yelling at me whenever you're mad." I quickly said, before walking inside the hotel.

I didn't bother to wait for him, I just wanted to sleep right now. He's unbelievable. I don't know what to feel.. should I be flattered that he's protective of me or scared because he's too protective?

I washed my face and changed into my favorite sleeping clothes. My head is really fucked, I wanted to cry.. We're not even married yet. what the hell.

I slid under the duvet and teared silently, facing the left side of the room. He is just ugghh. And I thought this whole thing could work out. Damn it. DAMN THIS WHOLE SHIT.

I heard the door shut gently, Harry's here. Be cool Elise be cool. i wiped away the tears and I heard him sigh. I saw his shoes, pants and shirt flying across the room. Of course. He's probably wearing his boxers but damn him. I told him to wear a t-shirt, at least.

He gently slid under the duvet right next to me, I could feel his warm body. I wanted to just snuggle up to him and enjoy the rest of the night. I felt his arms snake around me, placing his chin on the crook of my neck. It felt nice but that doesn't mean I forgive him.

"I'm sorry, Elise." He whispered to my ear. Here we go again, I didn't say anything. I'm pretty sure he knows I'm awake but I'm still hoping not.

"I know you're awake, " He gently whispered again, placing his hand on my tummy. shit.

"Leave me alone." I spat.

"Forgive me." He whispered, I can still smell the alcohol in him. It kinda turned me on. Disgusting but Harry? .

"You can't just yell at me whenever you're mad!" I hissed at him, I suddenly felt his little kisses on my neck. Oh my god, this kid is .. oh, my .

"I'm .. sorry, Eli .. se." He whispered, in between kisses.

"Harry.. stop." I moaned, getting weak. This kid is wow. I can't even explain..

As soon as I let out a soft moan he turned my body slightly and got on top of me pinning me down gently. "Ha.. rry, stop .." I moaned again with pleasure.

He didn't. He started to plant kisses on my jawline to my neck, sucking the living shit out of me.. making me even more weak. I wouldn't be surprise to see hickeys tomorrow. His right hand met my boobs massaging them with a little pressure but it turned me on 130827x even more.

His mouth landed on my lips with so much passion, his tongue touched my lip asking for an entrance that I opened easily. My hands found their way to play with the nape of his neck. I was wet, really wet... I wanted him in me.

"Harry .. we need to stop." I managed to pull away from the tongue battle, while his lips landed on my neck leaving marks.

"We're going to my house tomorrow and Andrew's giving us a ride." I forced to say every word. I couldn't help but moan .. I can feel him harden. shit ...

He stopped for a moment, looking straight in my eyes, "The only thing you'll be riding is me." He crashed his lips on mine and once again our tongues battled. I was hot and wet.. I needed him inside me.

"Oh god!" I moaned once again, "Ha.. harry .." I stuttered.

"We've got to stop." I said, sounding more decent now. I slightly pushed him away and he lay beside me, disappointed of course.

I sighed, "I'm sorry.. It's just that.. I don't think It's the right time yet." I muttered, embarrassed.

"No, I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier.. I have to stop doing that. I don't want you to think that I'm really a bad person or violent or any other shit like that." He said, changing the topic.

Silence fell upon us.

"Why don't you want to have sex with me?" He asked, fuck.

"No, It's not that I didn't want too. It's just that .. we're in a hotel and we don't even know much about each other yet." I explained, hoping that he'll understand.

"Oh." he touched my hand gently, "Well.. did you at least enjoy the almost sex part?" He smirked.

"Oh shuttup .." I giggled, "Well. Let's just say ..You made me so damn wet."

He chuckled, I wanted him so bad. Okay just to be clear.. I wanted to have sex with him but I am NOT falling for him. Okay? Okay .. good.

Once again, silence filled the air.

I can only hear his soft breathing.. it's like music to my ears. Oh .. yeah, the girls outside the club.

"Harry.." I began, he didn't say anything, "Can I ask you something?"


"Why did the girl cried when she saw you? And... the others girls. They know your name?" I asked, adjusting my self to face him.

He mirrored my action and faced me, slowly opening his eyes.

"One Direction." he drifted to sleep.

What? Wand Erection? One Dimension? What the hell was he trying to say?!

I sighed, pulling my body closer to him and I let myself fall into a deep sleep.

Tomorrow should be fun.


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