Ruined Everything

Elise Jones is the only Daughter of Richard Jones, one of the most powerful man in England & USA.
All her life she tried her best to live up to her parents' expectations.

While waiting for her ride, a guy bumped into her. An ASSHOLE, she said. Little did she know, that asshole will be a big part of her life.

When Elise got back in England, her Father told her about a deal between the Styles' & The Jones'.
A deal that will change her whole life. A deal that her Poppa James shook hands with Anthony Styles.

She's getting married to a guy she's never met before or so she thought.

Let's see what happens when 18 year-olds, Elise & Harry are forced into a relationship, both never thought they'd treasure the most.
Are they both going to fall in love or just keep on pretending that they're just doing this for their parents' sake?


1. Bitch In A Leapard Bra



Elise’s POV.


I was standing peacefully right next to my luggage waiting for whoever dad sent to pick me up, when an idiot bumped into me. I curse to myself for wearing killer heels. Good thing they go well with my outfit. “Damn. Watch where you’re going!” I hissed, irritated. Haven’t got any sleep last night, It was weird because I was awake the whole ride, thinking about why Dad wanted me to be here right now.

“Watch your attitude and I apologize, I’m in a hurry.” The curly haired dude said. His accent is like music to my ears, but of course.. I'm in London. Watch my attitude? Oh no you didn't, sweetheart.

I raised my right eyebrow at him ready to bitch when he walked away from me, “Asshole.” I muttered to myself. Unfortunately .. It came out louder than I expected.

“Bitch in a leopard bra.” I saw him smirk. That made me look down to my outfit. All black and a see-through tank top revealing my leopard bra. I thought it was sexy, so he can stare all he wants.

He left my jaw hanging. I groaned in frustration. Damn British jerk bag.

15 minutes later Lucy came to pick me up. Lucy has been with us for a long time. She takes care of me whenever I’m in England. She’s the best and cares for me the most, I’d die for her. She is like my mom, well.. Don’t get me wrong I love my real mom but Lucy? She’s a normal one. My mom’s too formal to hang with unlike Lucy.

“So, How was your flight, love?” Lucy asked, smiling.

“Boring. I just wanna go home and sleep.” I shot her a smile. I couldn’t help but think about the curly haired guy earlier. Now that I’m more calm … He’s pretty hot. Or fit, as they would call it. He’s got green eyes, if I’m not mistaken. I'm not going to lie but he sure is quite attractive. Even though, he acted like a complete ASS, part of me liked him. Well, not that kind of likeness.

Before I knew it, we were home. Lucy told the other ladies maids to take my stuff to my room. Now all I have to do is talk to Dad. It’s been 3 years since the last time I’ve been here and it feels good to be back.

I made my way to Dad’s office, a bit nervous. Maybe because I haven't seen him in a long time or I'm scared to know why he wanted me to be here. Or both. I saw him admiring a new painting, i suppose. “Hey, Dad.” I smiled, he looked exactly the same. For a 45 year-old man he looks so young, I'm well impressed.

"Princess, come here.” He smiled widely, opening his arms for a big hug. I stepped closer to hug him. I missed him so much, It felt like its been years since the last time I gave him a hug.

“So, what’s the big news that you need to tell me?” I asked, pulling away. “Right … ” He began, gesturing me to sit down next to him on the comfy white sofa. “Do you remember Poppa James?”

How could I not? He was the best grand father ever. I used to call him, grandpops when I was little. “Yeah, of course. May he rest in peace.”

“Well, He used to be friends with Anthony Styles..” He glanced at me for a second and began talking again. For some reason, I do not feel good about this whole conversation right now. “Actually, they were more like Brothers. You see, They’ve been best friends for a long time and they both promised that their own kids will someday marry each other." He stopped, taking a deep breath.

"But… they both had sons. That’s when they shook on a new agreement. You, being my daughter… are going to marry his grand son.” He trailed off.

My mouth fell open, I froze. Suddenly my head started to spin. I want to achieve more things before getting married. I’m only 18 for goodness’ sake! What in the world? Why?

“What?!” I finally managed to say something. “I know this is hard for you… But I trust you, Princess. I know you will never disappoint us. Especially, Poppa James.” His smile didn't touch his eyes, but that's all it took for me to say yes. I do not want to disappoint them. No. Never disappoint them. All my life I tried to live up to their expectations. I was never happy .. not with them anyway. But I love them too much to object.

I sighed, “What does he look like? When am I going to meet him?” I knew if I say yes to this, I will regret it. But, I haven't got a choice. I was born to please my parents.

He smiled, embracing me tightly, “Atta girl. You’ll meet him tomorrow. I’m really proud of you.” Those are the words I've always loved to hear. To think that I'm willing to sacrifice my freedom to please my parents makes me want to drop dead.

I’ve only had ONE boyfriend and I had to break up with him because I was too busy living up to my Parents’ expectations. I think I just ended my life by agreeing to marry a guy who I haven’t even met before.

Harry’s POV.

“What?! No. I am not going to marry anybody! I’m only 18 for goodness’ sake!” I blurted out, Shocked that my mom just told me that I’m getting married. I flew all the way from Paris to hear this? I had to ditch my mates for this?! Ridiculous. She told me that Dad phoned her about this… but since he’s back in the US he can’t say it to my face.

My Dad is a business man. He sure is rich. Even though Mum and Him are divorced he still sends us money. A LOT, actually. I honestly don't need it, I earn too much for a living.

“Love, It’s not optional. You HAVE to.” She shot me an apologetic look.

“Mum, I’m 18.”

“I know, Haz. But, this is your last chance. Let’s be honest.. You’ve been rebellious to him and you know that. I really don’t want you to do this…” She engulfed me in a tight hug, “but you just have too.” She cried.

That broke my heart. I hate seeing my mom or Gemma cry. Gemma, my older sister is now married to a guy that my Dad wanted for her. She told me she wouldn't wish for me to have such a life. But, just like her, I don't have a choice.

“Okay. When do I meet her? Is she at least fit?” I tried to joke to lighten up the mood. “Tomorrow.” She smiled, wiping away her tears. Think I just agreed to marry a girl that I haven’t met in my life before.

What have I done?


Next day..

Both families are already waiting for the Groom and Bride to arrive, they decided it’s best to make Harry propose to Elise at the Big M, the Jones' household.

“Oh, there she is.” Elise’s Dad got up on his feet, looking at his daughter. “You look amazing” He added, giving her a hug. Elise was too busy thinking about how miserable she’ll be after the wedding, to notice who she’s getting married to. So was Harry, both were in deep thoughts. As for Harry, he was thinking about how many pussy he could’ve gotten before this whole thing, face down.

“Thank you, Dad.” Elise Spoke.

Harry stiffened, his head shot up. He knew that voice. The bitch in a leopard bra! He though. Then their eyes met.

“YOU?!” Both said in unison.

Elise’s POV.

I can not believe what on earth is happening to me right now! This is just too fucked up. “You know each other?” A woman in a sophisticated dress questioned, Her name’s Anne, If I am not mistaken.

“We’ve met yesterday at the airport.” I stuttered, stunned. Why him?! Of all the people.. WHY HIM?! Well, he sure is attractive and everything but he's an ASS. Okay, ASS.

“Well, that’s good then. Now … we really don’t want to make things awkward. Harry is just going to propose and that’s it.” My Dad beamed, clasping his hands together. I can not believe mom never told me about this. Dad is just unbelievable.. not make things awkward? Too late.


They all talked for a bit, I was silent the whole time. Glancing at him every 10 seconds. It felt awkward knowing that I’m marrying an asshole. He better stay out of my business or shit will go down. I could’ve sworn he was doing the same thing, Our eyes met at one point, making me blush.

I was fixing my dress when Anne spoke, “Okay now, I believe Harry has something to do.” Happiness written all over her face.

Curly or Harry got up and took my hand. My eyes widened, what on earth is he doing? It's even more awkward because we’re standing in the middle of the freaking room.

He got down on one knee and that's when I felt butterflies in my stomach. Oh my god. This is a forced relationship but why do I feel this way? “Elise Charlotte Jones…” He began, I can feel my whole body melting. “Will you marry me?”

I glanced to see my Dad, smiling.. everybody was. except for Lucy.. she’s crying. It took me a moment to finally say the word, “Yes.” I don’t want to get married at 18. No, I don’t even know this guy. Oh my god.

And that’s that. I didn’t feel anything too special about it except for the butterflies, I mean it was okay but it did not feel real. No love.. no nothing.

He slid the ring on my finger, “I see, you’re not wearing your Leopard bra, eh?” He whispered it in a cute accent, getting up. “Fuck you.” I whispered back. Still fake smiling, making sure the others can't hear our conversation. He leaned closer to my right ear, “After the wedding. Don’t rush, babe.” He smirked.

Harry’s POV:

I sat on the elegant looking couch right next to my fiance, Elise. Damn. She’s quite fit, yes.. but marriage? I sighed. I watched as Mr. Jones opened his mouth to speak, “Now that it’s official..” He began, “Anne and I thought it would be best for you both to hang out more and go on dates and such.” He smiled, so did Mum.

“Oh and just to be clear .. You both have to be faithful to each other. I’m sure that’s what your Grand Parents would like to happen.” He added.

“I agree. If you have any unfinished business with anybody.. you know you have got to end it or else it would be cheating. I don’t want you guys to cheat on each other.” Mum said, I can feel my whole body shaking from all of this. I’m Harry Styles. I’m always out with girls.. ALL THE TIME. This can not be happening.

I felt the body next to me tensed up, does she have a boyfriend? I don't think so. She's too feisty to have one. “I think It’s time to go.” Mum got up from her seat, I did too. “It was nice meeting you, Elise.” She smiled, giving her a hug.

We all said our goodbyes and when it was my time to hug Taylor, I whispered, “You look hot. Call me if you need help, undressing.”

I felt her nail digging their way through my skin, “Never gonna happen, dickface.”

Elise’s POV.

I ran upstairs to my bedroom, of course I almost fell. Stupid shoes!

This life is going to be even harder than it already is. He is sooo NOT my type. He is cocky, arrogant, and an asshole. Everything negative! I don't want to fall for him. I can't he's too much for me and judging by his attitude .. He’s a whore. Excuse me, but guys like him?.. I know they sleep with hoes every night. Excuse my French but that's all I have to say about him.

I have to call Andrew and tell him about this.



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