Forever and Always

Emily went to bed next to her lovely boyfriend Zayn on February 13th, so anxious for the day to come. When she wakes up, she realizes she might not get her fairy tale 'happily ever after' this year on Valentines day.


1. Forever and Always: My 1Shot41D


"Good night love. Tomorrow is going to be perfect for us. I promise." said Zayn, as he and Emily crawled into bed, "after all, it is our first Valentines Day together" he said smiling. "I know, I can't wait. Its nice to know I finally have someone in my life like you." He leaned over and gave her the lightest kiss on the lips and said, "Goodnight babe, I love you." Emily blushed as she said, "I love you too Zayn."


That night in bed, Emily thought about how excited she was to bed spending what used to be her least favorite holiday with her favorite person. She was also worried that history would repeat itself and she would be ditched, like she has been in past years. Even though she is 19, she still worried about what happened in her younger years. One year that especially sticks out to her was a few years ago, her boyfriend Robert came over and they hung out and were kissing and stuff, then he got what he wanted, and left. That was the last she saw him in 3 weeks.After that, she decided she was tired of being that girl, this year would be totally different, or at least she hoped.But she and Zayn had been together for almost two years, but they never got to spend Valentines Day together because he was in a different country or on tour. She just wanted to believe that things would be different...


When she rolled over in bed the next morning, Emily noticed Zayn was not in bed, but there was a note on his pillow. On the front it said “Emily”, so she decided to open it. The note said:

        Emily, I know you were looking forward to us being together all day, but unfortunately management called me late last night saying we were going to have a meeting at 9 am. I didn't want to ruin things for you, so I left you slept. Words cannot describe how awful I feel for leaving you alone. When we first started dating and I told you my stories and you told me yours, I vowed to make a change and not be like the guys of your past. I want to be the guy who will be with you forever in the future. Leaving you makes me feel like I lied to you. I set up something special for you, so go to the kitchen and enjoy. I promise I’ll be back.

Xoxo, Zayn


She started tearing up as she opened her bedroom door and walked out to the kitchen. Zayn had done it again, him and his hopeless romantic tricks. He had rose petals spread out all over the kitchen with balloons and roses in a vase on the table. Also on the table was her favorite breakfast, French toast with strawberries, a big stack of pancakes and bacon. She walked over to the table and sat down and began eating. Once she sat down she noticed another note with her name on it  was laying on her napkin.

        My dearest Emily,

I hope you enjoy your breakfast and the roses. I promised you I wouldn't be like the other guys. Now, you can go visit your mom and dad and your friends today even though I won’t be around to do that with you. I feel bad keeping you away from them, but I hope they understand how much I love you. Just make sure they don’t think I’m like the rest of the guys you have dated. Now, I know you were admiring that one Jovani dress, so I ordered it for you and its hanging in your closet. I need you to be in that dress and meet me at the corner on 50th and Lincoln tonight at 7. It’s a surprise.



She did just as the letter said. Once she got a shower, she went around town visiting her friends and family. The only thing she wished was different was if she had her Zayny by her side, but she understood that they will both need to make sacrifices in order to make things work. Just before 5 o’clock, she said her goodbyes to her friends and went back to the apartment to get ready. As she was doing her hair, she prayed that things weren't going to be the same as they have been in the past; she prayed for things to get better.


As the clocked turned to 7, Emily drove to where Zayn had told her. As she pulled up, she expected Zayn to be waiting for her, holding some big teddy bear with chocolates,or something like that, but that was not what she saw. Actually, she saw nothing, but her favorite restaurant. La Bella was one of the hardest restaurants to get into. She was happy that Zayn remembered that this was her favorite. The owner recognized her as she walked up to the podium, “Ahh, Miss Emily, what a pleasant surprise. And may I say don’t you look absolutely gorgeous!” “Thank you very much” said Emily, “Have you seen Zayn, he told me to meet him here at 7 but I can’t seem to find him anywhere.” “No, I can’t say I have, but he did make reservations for you two. Follow me this way to your table.”


She waited and waited, it was almost 8 o’clock, and she hadn't touched her chicken cordon blue, even though it was her favorite. Emily began crying silently into her napkin before rushing off to the bathroom. Finally after she was done crying, she fixed herself up and went back to her table, prepared to pay the check and leave. When she came back to the table, she saw Zayn sitting at the table with a large teddy bear. Without saying anything, Emily ran into Zayn’s arms, still crying a bit. “Shhh, sweetie its okay. I’m sorry I’m late. But I’m hoping the big teddy bear will make up for that. I wanted to make this day so special, and I screwed it up..I’m so sorry….” Zayn said. “Shh..” Emily said, cutting him off, “You made me an amazing breakfast, I got to see my friends and family, and now this. This night is perfect.” “Well, it will be” he said, “right after this.” He looked her in the eyes and gave her the most romantic kiss either one of them has ever had. “Emily, I love you with all my heart..” he said letting her go and getting down on one knee. He picked up a tiny box from the table, opened it, and spoke the words Emily has been dreaming of her whole life, “Will you marry me?” …. <3 

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