Valentines Day With My Prince

Sorry guys this is just a story for a contest not a whole story :(


1. Valentines Day

Today is like any other normal day even though it is Valentine's Day. My wonderful boyfriend for 3 years is on tour with his band so I decided to do something by myself for Valentine's Day. I get ready and head for Paris I know the Eiffel Tower isn't the best place to go on your own on Valentine's Day but who cares. I get there and I'm leaning over the edge looking at all the beautiful lights of Paris when suddenly I feeel two strong hands wrap around my waist I was about to smack the person behind when I realized who it was. "NIALL oh my god what are you doing here I thought you were on tour." "I asked managment if I could stop by." "How did you find me though" "Paige" "haha of course." Paige has been my bestfriend for as long as I could remeember. "Emiy I actually came here to ask you a question" "yes Ni" "Emily would you do the honors of becoming my queen." He pulled out a purple velvet box with a absolutely gorgeous ring in it "oh my god Niall....YES on one will be my king" "of course beautiful" And all of the sudden I saw six other familiar faces pop up behind Niall "oh my god Zayn, Perrie, Louis, El, Harry, Liam what are you guys doing here" "what you think we would miss our little Niall purposing to his girlfriend you must be crazy" Louis said "well I'm glad thhat you guys could see this" Right as I thought I was gonna be alone on Valentine's Day I was corrected by my amazing boyfriend or should I now say fiance.

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