Legendary Cavern

This is a story of a mythical place in the world of Pokemon.


1. The Very Beginning

     Legendary Cavern is said to be a mythical place for all legendaries. Mew was the former or creator of this cavern. The story is as ancient as the beginning of time. Legendaries are the secret to this cavern.

     When the first Pokémon came to earth, the earth was nothing but trees, grass, bushes, and bodies of water. Mew, the first Pokémon, came and landed on a rock. Not just a rock, a mountain. The mountain was in the shape of a castle. Mew made an aura sphere as big as the mountain and fired it. The aura sphere cut through the mountain and carved it. Afterward Mew used ancient power and expanded the mountain.

     Mew then went out and gathered the remaining Pokémon in the other detentions. The Pokémon were Arceus, Dialga, Darkri, Giratina, Palkia, and Shayman. These Pokémon worked together to create the other legendaries. Arceus went and made the different reigions, while Mew and Shayman watched the legendary eggs. Dialga, Palkia, Darkri, and Giratina circled around the cavern going in and out giving it a better shape. When the first egg hatch it caused a chain reaction and all the eggs hatched. The only egg that didn’t hatch was blue, pink, and yellow striped. As soon as the other eggs hatched, Arceus created the normal Pokémon.

     A thousand years later the striped egg hatched. Out came three Pokémon named Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxi. A hundred years after their birth they worked together and made a strange creature. They had formed a human. They made more and more until the earth was covered in them. The humans became fond of Pokémon and captured them. The legendaries all escaped and took Legendary Cavern with them.

     To this day no one knows how they took the cavern. Later on Mew came back. The other legendaries also came back. They appear every now and then. There are many stories about legendaries. Just remember they can appear anywhere.

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