The Time Traveler

Alec, Alex and their daughter Alexis, are just ordinary people. Until a man from the future tries to ruin their family, reveling a hidden past.


3. The Guests

     “Where will you be staying tonight?” Alec asked with a strange look in his eye. Joe nervously replied, “I saw a hotel a block from here. I think I’ll go stay there.” Little Alexis turned off the TV and said, “Why can’t Joe stay here. What is the point of having two guest rooms and no guests? Joe did you already call the hotel yet?” “No I haven’t, but I also won’t stay if it’s not okay with your parents,” Joe said as he knelt down to Alexis.

      Alex replied, “Oh it’s alright with us. Isn’t that right Alec?” “Well, sweetie if you trust him, then I trust him too,” Alec replied trying to be as polite as possible. “So it’s settled, we have a guest,” Alexis jumped up and down. Her mother looked at her strangely. Alex said, “Why are you so glad Joe is staying? You don’t even know him.” “You have a guest staying so I get a guest staying. Besides its Friday so I can have a friend stay the night,” Alexis said with an evil little grin.

      Alec looked at Alex. He started, “I guess you can have a friend…” Alexis had already picked up the phone and started dialing. She called her best friend Britney. About five seconds after Alexis hung up there was a knock at the door. Joe answered it. “Hi, can I come inside?” Britney said sweetly. Joe let Britney in, and she and Alexis ran upstairs to set her things down.

     “Does Britney live next door? She got here very quickly,” Joe asked Alex. “She lives a few doors over. She gets here quickly because she packs while she talks on the phone. Plus, Britney is the fastest kindergartener at school,” Alex replied.

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