The Time Traveler

Alec, Alex and their daughter Alexis, are just ordinary people. Until a man from the future tries to ruin their family, reveling a hidden past.


8. The Final Words

     When Joe got to the time machine he whispered. “I will get them to rob the bank. If it’s the last thing I do. First I have to get to my wife.” Joe got in the time machine and went home.

      The rest of the year went on as planned for Alexis and her family. Alexis past kindergarten and so did Britney. They remained the same since there encounter. Alexis got good grades and Britney remained the fastest.

     Alexis and Britney did change though. Britney and Alexis grew braver and was more aware of the people they meet. Especially adults, worried Joe came back.

     “This February I learned something,” Britney said. “What?” Alexis asked. “I learned that adults… are mean,” Britney responded. “I know, unless you know the adult,” Alexis commented. “Yeah!” Britney replied.

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