The Time Traveler

Alec, Alex and their daughter Alexis, are just ordinary people. Until a man from the future tries to ruin their family, reveling a hidden past.


7. The Fight

     “If I rob the bank,” he said in a kinder tone, “then you won’t have me as long as you will if I don’t. That Joe guy is lying. I never wanted to freeze myself after I robbed the bank.” Alexis ran upstairs. “How did you know what he said?” Alexis asked her dad. Her dad replied, “Well it’s not like Joe is quiet. Besides, he yelled so loud the neighbor probably heard him.”

     Alexis went downstairs and yelled, “You’re not daddy! You’re not daddy! You may be a descendent but not daddy! Mommy he’s lying!” “Alexis what do you mean?” Alex questioned. Alexis looked at Joe. Joe was shocked. Alexis finally spoke, “I heard him say he’s daddy, but he’s not daddy! He’s an Imposter! Call the police!” Britney ran over to Joe and hit him on the back of his leg.

     She hit him on a pressure point. Joe fell to the ground and got back up. Joe ran out the door to the time machine. Alexis, Alec, and Brittney explained everything to Alex. “Well, I’m glad he’s gone now. Anyways,” Alex said as she looked at Britney, “Britney you don’t need to tell your mom. Okay?”

     Britney looked up at Alex, “Okay. I was going to write it my diary. Good thing my mom doesn’t read my diary. I’m going to go write in it right now. Come on Alexis.” Alexis and Britney ran upstairs.

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