The Time Traveler

Alec, Alex and their daughter Alexis, are just ordinary people. Until a man from the future tries to ruin their family, reveling a hidden past.


1. The Descendent

     “We can’t keep hiding here,” Jane said worried. Jane and Joe were hiding in an ally for five years. “We need to get to the time machine in the basement,” Joe quietly said. “Here Jane and Joe. Where could you be hiding?” said Officer Jack.  Joe and Jane quickly and quietly snuck out of the ally into a bush.

     The officer started to walk their way, but he turned and crossed the street. The couple ran back into the ally. They looked around and then ran into their basement. “Joe I thought you weren’t done yet,” Jane said nervously. “I got done this morning,” Joe replied. Joe got in and Jane plugged it in.

     As soon as Joe got to the past he went straight to a calendar hanging outside. He knew he had a week to fix the future. He went to the ally where he hides, but it was cleaner than usually. He went to the police station. Joe saw someone that looked like Officer Jack. “Officer Jack?” asked Joe. “No my name is Officer Jake,” said the officer. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

      Joe went to the wanted list and realized he had 10 days to fix the future. That was only because Alec’s name wasn’t up there. “I’m looking for Alec Ladson,” Said Joe. The officer replied, “He, his wife, and their daughter live on 5th Street. They live in house number 256.” “Thank you.” As Joe ran down the street he began to see that the pollution was the cause of the darkness in the future.

     When he got to house 256 he looked around and the knocked on the door. “Yes… who might you be?” Alex said as she answered the door. Little Alexis walked up to the door and said, “Mama, who is this man?” “Hi, I am Joe. I’m your descendent from the future,” Joe answered. Little Alexis gasped, “The future. I love the future. Even though I got no idea what ‘future’ means. I am only in kindergarten.” “Why are you here? Is the future messed up?” Alex asked. “May I speak to you and your husband about that?” asked Joe.

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