The Time Traveler

Alec, Alex and their daughter Alexis, are just ordinary people. Until a man from the future tries to ruin their family, reveling a hidden past.


6. Alexis to the Rescue

     The whole time Alex and Joe were talking, Alexis and Britney were listening though an open window. “We have got to save the future man. If it wasn’t for him you never would have came up,” Alexis stated. Britney replied, “Fine, I’ll help you!” The girls talked about their plan.

     Alexis went up to her mom and started talking to her. Britney snuck upstairs and unlocked the adult bedroom door. After she got Alec out she ran downstairs and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom Alexis.”  When they got to Alexis’s bedroom they waited for Alec to sneak out. He never did.

     “Daddy go to work. Please, you got to,” Alexis pleaded. Alec sadly replied, “I’m not going to work. Even if it’s my only job.” “But daddy,” Alexis replied, “if you don’t rob the bank Joe will seize to exist. Joe is you dad. Please daddy please.” Alec rudely responded, “No!”

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