Chocking engagement

When Louis' trie's to propose to his future wife something un-expected happens. Will Eleanor live to tell the story


1. Devine


“Did you enjoy your meal madam?” I look at the waiter, im still so overwhelmed that I am in Devine, a five star restaurant on Valentines’ day with my beautiful boyfriend, Louis.  

“Yes thank you, it was amazing.” I smile politely at the waiter and have another look around. “Babe how on earth did you get reservations for here? I heard it’s at least six month wait.”

Louis smiles, and tilts his head like the sassy man he is.

“I just walked in and they knew who I was, so they kicked some old couple out and here we are, having a pleasant evening.”

I look at him, just staring waiting for the real story. He laughs and gives in.

“Okay, you got me. I booked just before Christmas; somehow this table was still available.”

“That story I believe”

We laugh together, and joke about other stories Louis could have come up with. The waiter makes his way over with our desert.

“More wine?” He asks

“Yes please, I will come and choose some. Will be back in a minute babe” Louis gives me a kiss and leaves with the waiter.


Louis comes back about 5 minutes later, I didn’t want to start eating until he got back so I went to the bathroom just in time for his arrival back to the table.

“Sorry babe, that man is a chatter box. But I found some nice wine” Louis says. I just smile at him. The waiter comes back with two glasses of wine. Louis swallows his in 3 mouth full’s.

“Hun are you okay?” I ask concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine why do you ask?”

“You’re sweating like a pig”

“Thanks” He laughs. “It’s just good wine, taste some?”

I drink some wine, he’s right it is good. I smile

After some small talk and wine we are ready to go.

“Are you going to drink the last of your wine?” Louis asks.

“I better not, I think I drunk too much of the other one, you have it babe”

“Come on its just two mouthfuls”

I know how Louis is with wasting food and drinks so I make him happy and drink it. I start coughing hysterically, im chocking on something! A man from another table comes over and manages to get whatever I was chocking on out of me. I thank the man, and he goes back to his meal after everyone claps for him.

“You okay?” Louis asked, now he’s the concerned one .

“Yeah I just want to go home. What was I chocking on anyway, have you got it?”

“Yeah I do, it’s here”

Louis hold out his hand, and in it is a ring.

“I’m so sorry for almost killing you, I was hoping you’d see it before you drunk it. But Eleanor, I can’t even remember who I was, or what I did before I met you. Every day, every minute I am with you I feel like I am in heaven. I can’t wait to grow old with you, have a family with you, and be with you. Will you make me the happiest man on earth and be my wife?”

Louis is crying, I am crying of happiness of course.

“Yes, I would love to be your wife!”



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