Glimmer of hope

This story is about a sweet, small, and happy family.. there were two kids in this family, Lily and Luke, they were just 12 years old!! lily and luke went with their mom and dad to a small trip and on their way they made an accident !! the mom and dad died and children left..... want to know what happen? read the story.....


6. the next day

  i woke up and praying that my plan could work. i really want to leave this house. but what if she caught me? what if she  complained to the police ? what they will do ? definitely they will find me.. At that time another plan should be their.

i went to eat my breakfast, i took my food and eat it in my room, Jake did  the same.. Now we have the time to think about out plan .  Jake ate fast and start writing his letter i was worried. 

i was thinking about the steps, Jake said to me , you just ask about one direction and that's it!

i took a long piece of cloth and put in it my clothes and at that time Jake finish his letter so i put in my bag  ( the piece of cloth)  


...then i hide it under my bed  

i went to play with the boys and trying to have fun.

Later ~ 

we all went to sleep actually they all was afraid from the old women cause it was 7:15 .. and they all slept 


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