Glimmer of hope

This story is about a sweet, small, and happy family.. there were two kids in this family, Lily and Luke, they were just 12 years old!! lily and luke went with their mom and dad to a small trip and on their way they made an accident !! the mom and dad died and children left..... want to know what happen? read the story.....


1. it was an accident.

i wake up with a good mood. i was so happy, we're going to Dreamland !! me and my brother love to play their.. we was so excited .. mom called us to eat break fast and we all were ready within 5 minutes, even my dad !

After the break fast, my dad said '' Are you ready to go ? '' 

'' YES '' me and luke yelled 

'' ohh okay haha lets goo'' mom said

All of them enter the car except me. i went to see my lovely dog ( puppy ) ilove him so much, i hugged him and start talking to him !! '' Lily, come fast or we will be late '' my dad yelled ..

i run to the car and enter it! we was telling jokes to each other and laughing, it was the best moment !

On our way, a black car come and pushed our car so hardly! it was an accident.

my mom and dad died!! me and my brother only left. no body with us. i can't believe what happened.. In a couple minutes, all the police cars were around us! they broke the car-door and take me and luke, Luke was crying and i was shocked, i was sad and wasn't able to believe that my mom and dad just died !!  

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