Glimmer of hope

This story is about a sweet, small, and happy family.. there were two kids in this family, Lily and Luke, they were just 12 years old!! lily and luke went with their mom and dad to a small trip and on their way they made an accident !! the mom and dad died and children left..... want to know what happen? read the story.....


11. i'm dead

My stomach hurts, i don't know what it is .. i remembered that day when mom and dad died, it was the same date as today, however it was just a bad memory 

i opened the car window and i was looking outside and enjoying, Luke opened the window too .. the boys stoped to buy something, they went

After a couple minutes they came back and start  moving on our a way..


A black van came towards us and the man who was driving was not able to control his car 

he pushed us.

i wasn't able to catch my breath..

Luke was shocked...

the boys was out of control ....

their was only one sentence in my mind 

i'm dead 


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