Glimmer of hope

This story is about a sweet, small, and happy family.. there were two kids in this family, Lily and Luke, they were just 12 years old!! lily and luke went with their mom and dad to a small trip and on their way they made an accident !! the mom and dad died and children left..... want to know what happen? read the story.....


4. finally

 At last, i found a small room in the corner and it was hidden .. i was not going to notice it but i hear some sounds come from it .. i went to check it, it was the old women room .. i was wondering were she was sleeping and now i knew, so if she was sleeping in a hidden room that means there is more rooms hidden !! 

She forgot the keys in her door room! i took it, i was afraid to make any noise but she didn't woke, she is a heavy sleep !!! Anyways i run to the gate door to open it and escape, but i didn't found the correct key!! i tried all the keys at the door but it didn't work tho.

i went to check her room and i found allot of keys sleeping with her, under the pillow, i took it all and return the old one, i went to the gate and start using the keys and then....



i hope you like it guys !! :) .. i'll write more later .. love youuu <3

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