Glimmer of hope

This story is about a sweet, small, and happy family.. there were two kids in this family, Lily and Luke, they were just 12 years old!! lily and luke went with their mom and dad to a small trip and on their way they made an accident !! the mom and dad died and children left..... want to know what happen? read the story.....


5. And then...,

 And then..., finally i found the correct key. The door was opened, but i decide to be their one more night, i was thinking of saying to my friends about that but i remembered that not all of them have someone to stay with and half will go and half will remain that's not fair so why i will go?... i try to remove all these thoughts and focus on my plan. i return the keys except the door key and hoped she won't notice that one key is missed !!

i went to my room and found Jake awake, i start talking with him and i said to him what happened... and i said that i need someone to help me '' i'll help you '' he said '' but can you do one favor for me ? '' i was wondering what that favor would be... '' i will write a letter to my aunt, can you help me to  send it? '' .. ''Sure'' i said

'' 3:00am, it's late, lets sleep '' he said .. and we slept .  


sorry for the short chapter , actually right now am busy and i will write the next chapter after 10 or 15 minutes !! love u guys <3

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