Is It Just Me?

Okay, so, this is basically a whole load of things that I do and feel and share my opinion on. Some you may agree with, most you may not. Do not be offended by any of the content in this movella, it's merely my personal life in a way :)
Depending on the response it receives, competitions may be set off and I will start searching for people to co-author with me.NOTE : Please wait for a chapter on this to be published.
Thanks and enjoy!


10. Rebel

When you are seriously annoyed with your teacher and you dream up a rebellion in your head like,

You have mucked us around for too long now, and we are tired! You have taken control of a school that was made for pupils, and made it in to a sad old-people's meeting, and we shall stand for it no longer! Today is the day, where your actions turn on you and you shall regret the day when you began the change of Our School! We . Will . Rebel! *Roar of applause from fellow class mates*

And then the same teacher just says,

'Are you listening Your Name Here?' 

And suddenly you're the size of a peanut and fall to their command again,

'Yes sir, oh please forgive me sir, I promise I will never think again!'

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