Is It Just Me?

Okay, so, this is basically a whole load of things that I do and feel and share my opinion on. Some you may agree with, most you may not. Do not be offended by any of the content in this movella, it's merely my personal life in a way :)
Depending on the response it receives, competitions may be set off and I will start searching for people to co-author with me.NOTE : Please wait for a chapter on this to be published.
Thanks and enjoy!


8. Fb Talk

When your friend sends you a text like this -

'Hiyy, omg right ull nvr ges wat jst hppened, i was tlking 2 katie & she sed tht chloe was b~ing a manipul8er & tht i shud ditch her cos shes only frends with me 4 the presnts 4 her bday & i was lyke O.O thn i was tlking to chloe & she sed tht katie was jst saying tht cos she ws jelos of her bf cos she fancied him & she thnks the only way 2 brak thm up is 2 turn all her frends aganst her i mean i dunno who 2 beleve so i sed id ask u so wat do u thnk?'

And you're left like O.o and just reply,


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