Love Story

This Story is about two best friends name Luke and Alina and they've been best friends for a long time and Luke is hiding a secret if you want to know what to know what the secret is read my story.


1. How it started

        It all started when Luke and Alina were little. Alina was a new student in 1st grade and she was really nervous because she was used to her other school but her mom got a new job and had to move to a new a house close to her work and where Alina could walk home. It was her first day of her new school and she was pretty nervous of whats gonna happen. 

        Alina was sitting in class and the boy next to her seemed nice, he introduced himself to Alina and his said his name, Luke. Since then Luke and Alina became good friends, then they hung out a lot at school on the playground and on weekends they had play dates. 

       Today Luke and Alina hang out all the time at school and at home but Luke has been keeping a secret from her even though they are supposed to tell any secret they have never tell anyone else but not one. 

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