Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




27. Where Did He Go?


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Zayn's POV-

"Okay guys. I was thinking you all can stay in the extra rooms tonight. James and Luke can sleep in Connor's room and Payton can stay in Juliet's room." I say to everyone after our dinner. They all agree and the kids go to their rooms with El following the girls and Hali follows the boys. Hali came after dinner. Her and Niall just recently got married and she fits perfectly into the group. All of the girls do. Now Harry is the youngest and he still needs to get married. He really likes Emily and she really likes him. Even Josh has a girlfriend. Him and Mel seem pretty cute together. They just left to go to Josh's house.

Tally and I go up to our room and enjoy the time we have alone without the kids. "Tal, I missed you so much." I say hugging her. "I missed you too babe." she responds. I steal a kiss and we both just lay on the bed and talk about how we are doing without being with each other.

After about 20 minutes decide we'll tell the kids good night. I go into the boys' room and Tally goes into the girls' room. "Kiddos! Come tell me good night." I say getting on my knees to hug them. Connor comes to me and tells me good night and gives me a kiss. Luke and James follow him. I tell them I love them and they say they love me too. "Thanks for putting them to bed Hali." I say as I give her a hug. "No problem. I need all of the practice I can get." she says and winks at me. I chuckle as I exit the room, Tally and I smile at each other as we pass to get to the other kids' room. I see Payton and Juliet and they run towards me. I pick them both up and hug them. I tell them I love them and give them a kiss. Goodness we have a lot of kids in our family now. "Thanks El." I say hugging her. "No problem, Zaynie. Love you." she responds. "Love you too."

Tally and I go and tell the other boys good night. Once we are done, we fall asleep in each others arms in our bed. It feels great to be home.


Dani's POV-

I wake up in Liam's arms. I always wake up before him and pretty much everyone else. I sneak out of his arms and check on all of the kids. They are all sleeping also. I make my way downstairs and into the kitchen. I pull out the things to make coffee and put the coffee on brew for everyone. Once it finishes, I go out onto the deck and sit in the rocking chair. I see there is a book on the table next to me and I pick it up. "The Outsiders." I say out loud. I look up at the clock and see it's 5:30. I shrug and open the book and begin reading as I enjoy the breeze and my warm coffee.


Niall's POV-

I open my eyes and I'm blinded by the light. I realize I have two eyes staring at me. "Morning Nialler." she says smiling at me. "Hali, how long have you been staring at me?" I ask laughing. "Only around ten minutes." she says blushing. Gosh, I love this girl. "I love you." I blurt out without any regrets. "I love you too, Nialler." she says smiling. "What time is it anyway?" I ask. "9:30." she says. I haven't slept in that late in a while. I'm glad I did. I sit up and we both walk downstairs hand and hand. We look around and no one us up. "I should check the kids. Be right back." I say going upstairs. I was shocked to see them all sleeping. I walk back downstairs and I see Hali and Dani out on the deck talking. "Hey Ni." Dani says getting up to give me a hug. I hug her back and ask her what she has been doing. "I read this book that was left out here. It's The Outsiders." she says. "I've read that book before." Hali says. "Me too." I add.


Harry's POV-

I wake up and see Emily isn't here. The bed is cold without her. I look at the clock and it's 10 a.m. I get up and walk downstairs. I see Dani, Hali, Niall and Emily out on the deck. I join them and tell them all good morning and give them hugs. I give Emily a quick kiss. We all decide to talk all together and wait for the others to wake up.


Tally's POV-

I open my eyes and see it's 10:30. All the events of last night flooded back to me. I look on the chair next to our bed and see El sleeping. I can't stop thinking what happened. El came into our at 11 and she was balling. She said Louis and her had a huge fight and she didn't want to sleep with him. So I settled her down and offered her the recliner/chair next to our bed.

I try to quietly get up and see I clearly didn't do a good job, because they both awake. I kiss Zayn and head over to El. "El, are you okay." I ask her. She nodded but she didn't speak. We all head downstairs and see Dani, Hali, Niall, and Emily on the deck with their coffee speaking. I think El was happy Lou wasn't up yet.


El's POV-

I keep thinking of mine and Lou's fight last night.


"Are you alright if I ask the boys to go paintballing with me tomorrow?" he asks me. My mouth hits the floor. "What?" I ask. "What do you mean?" he asks anger starting to show in his eyes. "You just came home from being on tour with the boys and you want to go out with the boys again?" I yell, but not loud enough for everyone else to hear. "El, you know we love to go to this paintball place!" he yells. "Why wouldn't you invite all the girls and we can find a babysitter." I yell back. "El we want man time." he says. "Where is Lou? Where did he go? I miss him, more than anything." I say on the verge of tears. I leave our room and run into Tally and Zayn's room. I gently go towards Tally's side of the bed and shake her to wake her up. "El? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" she asks getting up and giving me a hug. Zayn wakes up from my endless sobs. He comes over to me and hugs me also. "Louis and I had a fight." is all I can get out inbetween sobs. They calm me down and offer for me to sleep on their recliner for the night. I thank them and quickly fall asleep.

*End of Flashback*

It really bothers me how Louis treated me.


Tally's POV-

"Has anyone checked on the kids lately?" I ask getting up. They all shake their heads, signaling no. I get up and check on the kids. They are just waking up and I take them all downstairs. "Let's go play in the backyard!" I say opening the sliding doors to the deck for them. They all run to the play set and all of us talk then, Lou wakes up. El looks terrified.


Lou's POV-

When I go outside on the deck. I see them all talking. They all mumble mornings and I return them. Eleanor never makes eye contact with me or says anything to me. I go around and give everyone a hug and El is last. "El, can we talk?" I ask. She nods her head and she leads the way up to the room I slept in last night. I close the door behind us and we sit on the bed. "I'm sorry El. I really am." I blurt out. "I didn't think about what I was saying. I should stay and spend time with you, James and Luke, and the girls, rather than time with the boys. I won't even suggest that idea to them." I say. She looks in my eyes. "Thank you for apologizing Lou. I'm sorry I went a little bonkers." she says giggling. "We cool?" I ask gently taking her hand. "We cool, BooBear." she says coming and she steals a kiss.


Zayn's POV-

Lou and El come down ten minutes later. They say they are all better now and they act all lovey dovey again. "Headcount time." Hali announces. We've been doing that like every five minutes. We all look out towards the playground and we see all the kids running towards us. "Mommy! Someone just went over the fence and took Connor! He's gone!" Juliet says crying. That's when I realize all the kids are crying. One thing hits me like a knife in the heart. Connor is gone. "Where did he go?" I ask with tears in my eyes. Tally runs to me and we all call 9-1-1.

God, I'm asking for a huge favor. Keep our Connor safe. Please. He is the best son in the world and doesn't deserve this. Bring him back home with his parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Please. Amen.



That was really long!

Where did Connor go?

Is there more going on between Lou and El?

Who knows? (Well, I do! ;) )

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