Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




5. The Boys Are Over

Zayn's POV-

I wake up to see Tally is gone. I look at the clock and see it's 10:30. Woah, I slept late. I get up and walk downstairs. I see Tally dressed making breakfast. "Morning sleepyhead! Did I wake you?" she asks coming to kiss me. We kiss then I respond, "You didn't wake me up. Are we feeding an army?" I ask looking at the waffles, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. "Well, I talked to the boys and they're coming for breakfast and we're gonna spend the whole day together. And, I figured Niall was coming over and we all know how much he eats." she says laughing and I laugh with her. "Aww, you're funny babe. You talked to the boys?" I say wrapping my arms around her waist, kissing her neck, while she cooks. "Thanks, honey. Yes, I always talk to the boys. They are like my brothers. I've known them for almost 2 years! The boys are coming at 11, you should probably get dressed." she says. "Okay." I say taking a piece of bacon upstairs with me.

I get a t-shirt and jeans on. I fix my hair in the mirror. Then, I walk downstairs and the boys are there.

Tally's POV-

Zayn just walked upstairs to get ready. I finish the food and lay it out on plates. I then, get orange juice poured for all of us and I get the plates out. Then, I hear a knock on the door. I go and open the door and see the boys, El, and Dani standing there. "Hey Tally!"  Harry says coming in and pulling me into a hug. I have to say that I think Harry and I are the closest besides Zayn and I. I really love Harry. I love all the boys. Only as brothers though.I hug him back and he whispers "How are you love?" in my ear. "I am good! Very good actually!" I say. He backs away and out of the hug. "Why?" he asks. "You'll see and I'm happy you guys are here! I miss you guys all the time!" I say smiling. He gives me a look like he doesn't believe me. I smile at him. Then, Liam and Dani come in. "Hey girlie!" Dani says and goes to hug me. "Hey Dani!" I say hugging her back. She walks upstairs with Harry. "Li!" I say. "You, Dani, and El are the only ones who can call me that!" he says laughing. "Come here!" I say pulling him in a hug and he hugs me back. Next is Niall. "Hey Tal!" he says coming to me. "Hey Niall. I made a huge breakfast and extra for you." I say laughing. "YES!" he says hugging me tight. "Oww, Niall, can't breath!" I say. "Hey, Horan! Careful!" Zayn says coming towards me. Zayn winks at me and says hi to the other boys. "LOU!" I say running to Louis. "TALLY!" he says running to me. We hug for a second then he breaks away. "How is the baby?" I ask. "He's not even born yet!" he says messing up my hair. "HE! YOU SAID HE!" I say smiling. "Shh, nobody know yet." he whispers. "Sorry, I'm really happy for you both." I whisper back. He goes upstairs and that leaves El and I. She closes the door and she runs towards me. 'Ellie!" I say. "Tally!" she says. We hug for a minute then, walk upstairs.

"Well, before we eat, we have some news." Zayn says standing up as the others sit down. I stand next to them. "You tell them, babe." he says. "Well, I'm pregnant!" I say. "Really?" they all say at the same time. "Yup, we just found out the other day!" Zayn says. They all get up and hug us. "El! We can be pregnant together!" I say laughing. "I know, I'm just three months ahead of you!" she says smiling. Harry comes to me next. I can see the tears in his eyes. "Hazza, what's wrong?" I ask. "I'm really happy for you both. Tally, I've known you for a long time and we always talked about getting married with someone and having kids. Now it's coming true." he says. I've known Harry since we were like five years old. We lived right next to each other our whole childhood. Harry and I never had the feeling that we like-like each other. We had more of a brother/sister relationship. I love him though, as a brother. I was there for when he auditioned to the X-Factor. I helped him through the whole thing. Harry actually introduced me to Zayn. I feel like I need to hook him up with a girl.

I start to tear up because of what he said. I don't have words. I just hug him. "Harry, thank you." I whisper in his ear. "Why?" he asks. "For being with me my whole life. Helping me with every problem I had. I think I talked to you more than I talked to my parents. Thank you for being my brother." I finish with tears pouring out of my face. "I think you're amazing. I will always help you, protect you, and make sure you're always happy. Thank you for being my sister." he says. We pull out of the hug. He wipes my tears and kisses my forehead.

We head into the dinning room and we all sit and eat. Harry and Zayn sit on the sides of me. "Now I know why I couldn't squeeze you like usual." Niall says while stuffing food in his mouth. "Yeah, I was trying to protect my girl and baby." Zayn says laughing and winking at me. "I can't imagine you being a dad. You're the bad boy from Bradford." Liam says laughing. "He's amazing with Lux. He'll be a great dad!" I say smiling and kissing his cheek.

We all finish eating then, Zayn asks to talk to me upstairs, before we leave to go out. "Yeah, baby?" I ask him as he closes the door. "I saw what happened with Harry and I teared up. I think you're relationship with him is amazing. I wish I had a relationship with someone like that." he says and I tear up again and I kiss him.

Then, we leave to shop. First store is the baby store.

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