Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




6. Shopping for the Babies!

Harry's POV-

So, we all get into two cars. I'm driving Zayn, Tally, and Niall, in Zayn's car. Louis is driving El, Liam, and Dani in his car. "Don't you guys need to get a baby seat?" I ask them. "Yes! I totally forgot! We need to get a bunch of stuff Zayn." Tally says turning around to talk to Zayn because she is sitting in the passenger seat next to me. "I think things are going to change with you and El having a baby. I can barely imagine Zayn a dad, but I really can't imagine Louis a dad." I say laughing. They all laugh with me then, I turn on the radio. Thrift Shop comes on. Tally sings every word. Even the bad words. "Tally! I've never heard such language from you!" I say laughing. "My badboy from Bradford is rubbing off on me!" she says laughing. "You don't always talk like that, do you?" I ask. "Only when I'm angry." she says smiling. The next song is Kiss You. "I haven't heard this one in a while!" she says. We all sing together. Tally knows every wrod, every yeah, and every oh. After the song ends, I say, "Tally, you have a really good voice." I say. "Nah!" she says. "Yeah!" all of us boys say. "Next song you know, you are singing!" Niall says. "Ugghh!" she says. She scans through the stations until she hears She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. "I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pooring rain. Look for a girl with a broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while. And she will be loved. And she will be loved-ed-d." she says. I turn it down a little bit so I can hear it. "Tally! I've known you my whole life and I never knew you can sing like that! You are amazing!" I say. "No I'm not!" she says stubornly. "Yes you are! Zayn, have you ever heard her sing?" Niall asks Zayn. "Yes and I tell her all the time she is really good but she never believes me." he responds. "I'm not good! End of story." she says.

After a little more driving, we get to the mall. "Let's go to the baby store!" El says running into the store with Tally. "Where do we start?" Dani asks. "Well, let's just look around." Louis says winking at El and Tally. That's weird. "This is perfect!" El says pulling a boy's sleeper. "That's a boy sleeper though." Zayn mentions. "Surprise!" El and Lou say. "It's a boy!" Lou says. "I knew!" Tally says. That makes sence for Louis winking at them. We all keep looking for a little longer. Then, I see the nutral colored section. I see this a 'I love my Uncle' sleeper with a fill in box so you can put the Uncle's name. I pick up the three month size. "Tally!" I say walking over to her holding the sleeper. "Yes?" she asks. "I want to be the first one to buy a sleeper for the baby. We can fill in my name in the box! I love it! I'll pay for it okay?" I ask. "Aww! Harry! That would be great! Thank you! I can tell you will be a great uncle!" she says. I hug her and kiss her forehead.


Sorry this is short! I have a really good idea for the new chapter! Enjoy! Love you all! ~Cam xx

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