Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




18. Left Alone


Again I'm so sorry for what is gonna happen. Please don't hate me.

Well, another chapter. Enjoy! :)  ~Cammy

~3 Days Later~

Tally's POV-

I get my dark dress and sadly slip it on. I just quickly comb through my hair I haven't brushed in days. I put natural make-up on. I look at myself in the mirror. "Don't cry, Tally. Stay strong." I whisper to myself. I've been crying for 3 days straight. I need a break. My phone is blowing up with calls and texts, but I ignore every single one of them. I hear a knock on the door and I slowly go get it. It's Niall. He has been my bestest friend lately. He is helping me through everything. The second I see him, I pull him into a hug. It's really hard not to cry. "Are you ready?" he whispers in my ear. I quickly grab my phone and keys. I then nod my head. He takes me to his car and we both climb in. It is silent the whole ride there. He grabs my hand and squeezes it. I put a smile on my face. The first in days and he smiles too. Then it quickly disappears when we arrive. We both get out and he takes my hand again and we walk up to two seats in the front and sit down. It suddenly hits me. Why we are here.

Zayn is gone. He is dead.

"We are gathered here today to remember the amazing life of Zayn Malik." I hear. I can't even look at the front. I really don't want to see the sight. The funeral continues and I am balling by now. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Dani, and El are also crying. I look back and see Zayn's parents. They look so crushed. They probably feel like me. I've never gone through a death. It is really scary and confusing. I'm a widow now. My Zaynie left me. I hope he knows I love him. This happening made me realize how much I love him, without him here. I'm literally breaking. Why did he have to leave me? He made my life complete. I could care less about the mistakes we both made along the way. We both belonged to each other.

I tune out the whole ceremony and just think about this whole situation.

Once it is over, Niall takes me back to my home and I just lay down on mine and Zayn's bed. I don't cry because I don't think I have any tear left at the moment. Niall lays down with me. He has been staying with me, since Zayn... you know. "Niall?" I ask whispering. "Yes?" he responds. "What about One Direction? What about our marrige? What about your friendship? What about your brother? What about his family? Why did this happen?" I ask with tears threatning to spill. "Tally, I don't know. We will take everything one step at a time. Okay?" he asks. I just sit there, in his arms. "I don't know if I can do it, Niall. I really don't." I say with one stray tear falling.

Niall's POV-


"We are almost at Nando's buddy." Zayn says as we are driving down the road.

"Yay!" I respond.

"Here, I'll drop you off at the door, so you can order your food faster." he says pulling up infront of the door. I nod my head and get out. I look back and the next thing I know, there is another car in Zayn's.

~end of flashback~

"I could've been in that car with him. I could've took the hit, instead of him." I say realizing his death was my fault. "Niall! Don't say that! God clearly wanted it this way. Just please don't say that." she begs. We both end up balling in each others arms.


Don't hate me. Please don't.

Hope you guys are enjoying it! More soon! I'm thinking I'll end it in about 10-15 more chapters.

Okay Love you all! Bye!  ~Cammy

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