Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




26. Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Wives, Husbands, and Kids


Several people have given me names for Harry's girlfriend. I have chosen a name.

BUT, if you gave me a name, I will have you appear in the story! It was really hard to pick a name, so I decided all of you guys can be in here! Thanks for entering names!

Big changes in this chapter!

Enjoy Puppy Lovers!



Eleanor's POV-

"Hey!" I say walking into Tally and Zayn's house. James, Luke, and Payton, run towards Juliet and Connor, hugging each other and running towards the play room. Tally comes and hugs me. Dani follows behind me, Tally and Dani hug. We all say our hellos and Tal invites us into the play room. I love their play room, because there is a t.v. and sofa area, away from the playing area. "Hey, before you guys play, lets say our hellos." Dani says. They happily get up and James, Luke, and Payton run towards Tally. Juliet and Connor run toward Dani and I. I love all of these kids.

"Did you know Josh (Josh Devine, the band's drummer) is dating a new girl?" I ask the girls. "Really who?" Tally asks. "A girl named Melissa. He calls her Mel for short." Dani says."Oh, do they seem happy together?" Tally asks. I pull my phone out and show Tally the picture of them together. "Aww, they look cute together!" Tally says. "I know." Dani says smiling. "When will we meet her?" Tally asks us. "Probably when the boys come home." I say and they both nod their heads.

"Have you talked to your sister lately?" I ask Tally. "The last time I talked to Averi, was on her birthday a few months ago. We all went over her house for dinner." she says. "Doesn't she have a daughter?" Dani asks. "Yeah, Hannah. She is 14. She is really nice and she's a dancer like you." Tally says smiling at Dani.

Zayn's POV-

We have a big surprise for the girls. We are coming home for a week long break from tour. We all agreed we won't tell them. I know that Tally, El, Dani, and the kids are at mine and Tally's house, so we are going to just appear on their doorstep. This will be fun. "Don't forget the plan. We just sneakily walk up to the house and ring the door bell. When they open the door, say 'Party at the Malik's!' and walk in." I say smiling evilly. The boys, Mel and Emily are with us.

Once pull up, we all gether infront of the door. Tally opens the door and her mouth drops. "Party at the Malik's!" We all yell. She laughs and we all enbrace her into a hug. "What are you guys doing here?" she asks still hugging me. "We have a week off!" I say cheerfully. "Come on, I know some kids and wives that would like to their husbands, dads and uncles!" she says making us go into the play room. "Look who I found." Tally says pulling us in. All of them run and bumbard us with hugs. "Daddy!" Juliet and Connor yell. "My kiddos." I say tears forming in my eyes. It is hard leaving for work with my kids and wife at home. I pick them both up and hug them too tight. I missed everyone.


Hope you guys like it!


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