Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




31. Dates, Babysitters, and New Experiences



Hail's POV-


"Niall, why did we ever agree to babysit 3 kids?" I ask holding Connor. "Because this is good practice for us when we have our own kids." he says from on the floor while playing with Payton and Juliet. "Well that is true, but we are watching 2 four year olds and 1 six year old." I say cuddling Connor. I do love these kids. "Yeah but Uncle Nialler can handle anything." he says smiling at me. "Someone has a big ego." I say laughing at him. "You know you love me." he says smiling. "I love you more than anything." I say smiling at him. "What about us?" Connor asks. "I love you kids more than anything also." I say kissing him on the forehead. "Okay, how about dinner?" Niall asks. We bring the kids into the kitchen and Niall and I begin making grilled cheese and mac and cheese. These kids really love cheese. I can't help but smile to myself knowing this is what it will be like when Niall and I have kids.


Dani's POV-


Tonight Liam and I are going on a date. Payton is with Hali and Niall. We are excited to get a date night, because we haven't had one in a while. "Babe, I'm gonna get ready." I say kissing him on the cheek and going upstairs. I go into the shower and rinse my body and hair off.

Once I finish my shower, I rub lotion all over my body and put a towel around my body, tightly. Then I brush my teeth and decide what to wear. I end up wearing black skinny jeans and a orange blouse. It looks really cute. I put on black high heels. I look in the mirror and I think, dang I look good. I smile at my presence and go and curl my hair.

Liam gets ready, then we leave off on our date. I have no idea where we are going but I am syched.


Tally's POV-


"Zayn, I'm scared." I say squeezing hand probably to hard. "I know. Just look at me the whole time." he says reassuring me. I nod my head and wait for the pain to fill my body. "Ahhh." I say looking back at Zayn still holding my hand. After a few minutes of pain, I look at my arm and see the black ink written on my wrist. "Wow." I say still feeling the stinging in my hand. "Do you like it?" Zayn asks me. "I love it." I say smiling. The letters spell out Zayn in cursive on my wrist, with a heart at the end of his name. "Ready to get yours?" I ask Zayn. He nods. I know he's not scared because he has like a billion tattoos.


Louis' POV-


"So we are going to have a family day today! What should we do?" I ask the El and the kids. "Can we go putt putting?" James asks. "That sounds fun." El adds. "Okay. Putt putt it is!" I say and James and Luke smile like crazy. I love these family days. James is 7 and Luke is 3. They are growing up too fast. I feel it was just yesterday, El was pregnant with James.

We both get the kids ready in shorts and t-shirts. I put Luke in his car seat and El helps James in his seat. El sits in the passenger seat as I drive. I turn on the radio and hear the first notes to What Makes You Beautiful begin. El and I smile at each other as we hear the kids say "Daddy! Uncles!"

Once we get to the putt putt place, I pay the man at the desk. The kids pick out the color of the ball they want, as do El and I. We get our putters. Then we begin playing. "I'm beating all of your butts." I say, the 10 year old showing in me.


Emily's POV-


"Hazzabear. It's time to wake up." I say then I kiss him. He opens his eyes and smiles at me. "Morning beautiful. What do you want to do today?" he asks. "Stay home." I say winking at him. "Movie day?" he asks smiling. "That would be lovely." I respond, tucking my head into his chest. I feel his strong arms wrap around me and his lips press on my head. "Emily?" he gently asks me. I look into his eyes. I see them sparkling and they are breath taking. "Will you marry me?" he asks and he looks really nervous.


Niall's POV-


After the kids have dinner, we take them outside and I teach them and Hali how to play football (soccer). As we play, I watch Hali. She is smiling and hugging the kids. She will be a great mom. I want to have a future with her. She is the most amazing girl in the world and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to be the only one to ever kiss her again. Or the father to our children. The only one to hold her close when she feels down. The one to hold her hair back as she pukes. I want to be the only one who can do that stuff with her. "What are you smiling at?" she ask. Dang. She caught me. "You." I say smiling. She just blushes and we continue our game of football (soccer).


Liam's POV-


Tonight I am taking Dani out. We never have time alone without Payton, so I kinda went big this time. Once we get there I get out of the car and take Dani's hand. "Honey, where are we?" she asks sweetly, but I can tell she is annoyed for me not telling her. She hates suprises. "Look." I say on que. She looks up and she is shocked. "A yacht?" she asks tugging my hand to go on it. I smile and nod my head. I seat her at a table outside as I grab our food off of silver platters and bring it to our table. We eat and enjoy dinner while talking.

Once we are done, we walk over to a bench that looks out on the water. The sun is just about setting as we sit here. "Wow." she says leaning her head on my chest and putting her legs up on the bench. She kicks off her heels and looks up at me. I gently kiss her and we enjoy the view in each other's arms.


Zayn's POV-


I look at my right hand holding Tally's left hand as I'm driving. My wrist says Tally in cursive with a heart at the end and hers says Zayn in cursive with a heart at the end. "Do you like it? I know you have always wanted a tattoo." I say smiling. "I love it. Both of them." she says squeezing my hand. "How about some Nandos for dinner?" I ask her. "That sounds lovely." she responds.

During dinner, we talk about everything. How perfect our life is. How amazing our family is. Everything is just perfect. We hope nothing ruins it.


El's POV-


"I WON!" Louis shouts as we walk out of the putt putt place. "Yeah, yeah. Ice cream anyone?" I ask getting into the drivers side of the car with Louis protesting. "I wanted to drive! I did win!" he says. "I'll be your personal driver since you won." I say reasoning with him. Once we get to the ice cream shop, we all pick out our ice cream. I get chocolate, James get chocolate chip, Luke gets strawberry and Lou gets superman, of course. This was a great family day.


Harry's POV-


Once our like 6th movie of the day ends, Wedding Crashers, I smile at Emily. "That's gonna be us, getting married soon." I say smiling. "I know. I still can't believe we are engaged." she says smiling. "We'll go get your ring soon. You can pick anything you want." I say smiling. Today was perfect. I just hoped everyone else had as good of a day as Emily and I did.




As you can see, I am happy, so I made it a happy chapter!!! =)

Long chappie!!!!

10 POVs!!!!

So let's talk!

Zayn and Tally have matching tattoos! Aww!

Harry and Emily are engaged!

Niall is thinking about proposing to Hali!

Lou and El are enjoying family time!

Dani and Liam had some one on one time!

Everything is perfect!

Or so you think... hehe

More soon!

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I mumbled what Tally, Juliet, and Connor look like! So, if you want to see, go check out my mumbles!

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