Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




30. Couple Time


Hey guys!

Sorry, I've been really busy and I just developed a cold, I can't breath and my throat hurts really bad. So, I've been trying to find some time to write another chapter.

I don't know how long I'll make this chapter... I'm hoping it'll be long and I'll write for as long as possible.

This chapter will sorta be a filler, but it's important! I've been kinda stuck.

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This chapter is dedicated to...

@jojomloves1d  because she has been reading several of my stories and she has been suporting me! So, thank you Joleyna!

Well here goes nothing...

Chapter 29 (because I don't count the author's note) is beginning now!


1 Month Later-

Tally's POV-

I haven't been able to let go of Connor since we got him back. I can't believe we got him back. I also can't believe Ryan took him. He has been sentenced to life in jail for abduction and kidnapping.

"Hey Tal." Zayn says waking up. I realize I am laying on top of him. I wonder how long I have been laying here, just thinking. "Morning babe." I say smiling at him and giving him a quick kiss. "I was thinking I could take you out, just you and me today." he says smiling at me. "What about the kids?" I ask sorta sad that I'll have to leave them. Everytime I leave them, I'm afraid I'll lose one of them again. "I am positive I could find someone. I also think it's time we leave the kids for a day. We been with them, nonstop for a month. I sigh to myself and nod my head. I get out of the bed and walk into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I peel of my PJs and put them in the hamper. As the water squirts out from the shower head, I step in and let the water run down my body. I grab my Malibu body soap from Bath and Body Works. I grab the shampoo and rinse it through my hair and I do the same with the conditioner.

Once I finish I tightly wrap my towel around my body. You have to be careful when you have kids. I learned the hard way. Let me just say, if I didn't hear their little voices, they would've seen a side of mommy that they never want to see.

I walk out into my room and see Zayn still in bed. "Zaynie! Why aren't you dressed?" I ask him as I figure out what clothes to wear. "I wanted to take a shower also." he says getting out of bed and coming over to hug me. "I'm wet." I warn him. "Well I will be too in a few minutes, so it doesn't matter." he says embracing his strong arms around my fragile body. He walks into the bathroom and shuts the door. I wait until I hear the faint sound of water running, until I go and lock our bedroom door and go get dressed.

I wear my favorite blue and silver button up plaid shirt, silver skinny jeans (yes I'm shocked too. I'm a mom and I wear skinny jeans.), and black toms. I put on the thread bracelets that Connor and Juliet made for me that I wear everyday. Once Zayn is out, I go in and brush my teeth, brush my hair, put lotion on, spray perfume on, and smile at my presence in the mirror.

Zayn's POV-

Once I talk Niall and Hali into babysitting the kids for us, Tally and I head off. "Where exactly are we going today?" she asks. "You'll see. I know you'll love it." After a few minutes of driving, I pull up to the place I have been to many times. I look over at Tally and her eyes light up. "No. Way. Are you kidding me?" she asks smiling and jumping in her seat. I jsut laugh at her. "Does everyone else know?" she asks. I nod my head as I shut off the car and get out, with Tally hot on my tail. We walk in and start looking around. Her smile never fades. She was meant to be my wife.


Sorry. It is short.

Comment where you think Zayn took Tally! First one to guess correctly, gets the next chapter dedicated to them!

Next chapter will have:

Emily and Harry going on a date.

Hali and Niall babysitting the kids.

El and Lou spending family time together.

Dani and Liam on a date night.

AND Tally and Zayn's date!


Well, farewell my beautiful Puppy Lovers!

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