Puppy Love and Puppy Love II (Both Completed)

Tally and Zayn have gone through many of life's struggles. Like miscarriages and kidnapping. But there have been some bright sides to their struggles. Can Tally and Zayn survive their crazy family while dealing with One Direction?




17. Confusion


I couldn't wait any longer for the last favourite! So, here is another chapter!

Things are going to change dramatically. Umm, I'm kinda scared of how you guys will react to what happens, but it is just a story. Please don't hate me, because I love you!

Enjoy! :)  ~Cam

Tally's POV-

He kissed me. Harry Styles kissed me. And I'm married to Zayn Malik. After about 15 seconds, I break away. We stare into each other's eyes. "Sorry." he says ever so quietly. I quickly sit up, off of his lap. "I need to go home." I whisper. He nods his head and gets my jacket, keys, and phone. As he hands them to me, we never make eye contact. I don't even say goodbye, I just leave.

When I get home, I see Zally with flowers in her mouth. I take them out of her mouth and walk upstairs to mine and Zayn's room. I slowly open the door and I see Zayn on the bed. His eyes are all red and puffy, his face is really blotchy, and he is out of breath. He has been crying. "Zayn?" I ask. He looks up at me and runs and hugs me. "Tally, I'm so sorry. For everything. I was an idiot and I messed up. Please forgive me." he whispers in my ear. I need to tell him what just happened. "I would love to forgive you, but something just happened." I say nervously to him. "What is it?" he asks as we both sit on the bed. "Harry and I kinda..." I start. "Kinda..." he says. "Kissed." I whisper. His face kills me. Why did Harry do this to me?

The whole week I have been staying at Dani and Liam's flat. I really don't want to go home. I've been trying to decide who I like more. Zayn or Harry. I really can't decide. All of a sudden, my phone interupts my thoughts.

"Hello?" I ask into the phone. Dang, I should've seen who it was.

"Tally, come to the hospital now." someone says. They sound like they are crying.

"Niall? What's wrong?" I ask nervously.

"Umm, just come here. Hurry!" he yells hanging up. Way to get me scared, Niall.

I run into my car only grabbing my keys and phone. Once I get to the hospital, I see Niall at the front door. He gives me a hug and I give him a confused look. He is crying his eyes out. I keep questioning what is going on, but he says he doesn't want to talk about it. He takes me to a hospital room. And there, I see Zayn laying on a hospital bed. He is out cold. I ask the doctor what happened.

I cannot physically process what he tells me.



This is where it'll get interesting... What do you think had happened? What do you think will happen? Lucky for you, I'm writing 1 more chapter tonight! Sorry it's short, I just needed to stop it there.

Happy reading! :)  ~Cam

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