My Diary of My Life

Right then it wasnt my idea to write this diary but this is why i did this diary because: 1. Some awsome person publisher will see it and turn it into a book
2: It will help my Grammer
and 3: I have know other choice
So you better listen or ELSE!!!!!


1. Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Well then I'm Paige and I've been told to write a diary so here i am writing a diary I dont really like diarys so i dont know what to put lets just start off with my profile I have brown hair, blueie greenie greyie eyes and Im a spy for MI4. Well then if your standing there with your mouth gawpingly open then dont because im a spy in MI4 big deal lol. So then I'll get on with my Gadgets I have eye cream that burns through metal, Lipstick which turns into a penknife and a pistol which shoots blanks because the henchman shoot the people and I'm to warn them with the blanks lol honestly. right then Nothing else has happened today and mums shouting me so ta ta bye.

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