My Diary of My Life

Right then it wasnt my idea to write this diary but this is why i did this diary because: 1. Some awsome person publisher will see it and turn it into a book
2: It will help my Grammer
and 3: I have know other choice
So you better listen or ELSE!!!!!


2. Thursday 24th January

Right I have just COMPLETED my 50th mission which means partey time! When your a spy you get to go to loads of partys as every 10 missions you succeed you get a party but the sad thing is when you have finished your 50th mission you have to retire from going on Field which means that I now have to be on the computers but the cool thing is that I get to supply, control and make gadgets! I know its awsome but if your gawping again then dont so lets get back to my profile i think we were on the languages that i speak umm I pretty much speak all the languages i know except for millepede no one know millepede anyway my party treat is we are going camping all 549 of us the other 2335 have to stay behind but well it is quite a lot really but now (thanks to me) now I am going to start worrying about where we are going to sleep oh well i have got to go as NICOLE my best friend has forgot her password for her vault of very important things and £1297 aswell so ive got to crack the lock lol bye ta ta 


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