Hi, I'm Valerie. I'm only 16 but it seems like i lived a thousand years. Since my best friend found out my secret, she treats me differently, my parents think I'm some kind of a devil, people at school laugh at me for no apparent reason, don't worry I'm used to that. Wanna know my secret? well here it goes..


6. worst. day. ever. part 2.

I can hear the bell ring.Great. First lesson of the day, here i come! 

I walk into the classroom, it a typical, old, boring classroom where things happen. My English teacher is so loud you could probably hear her in another country, but what do you expect, I mean after all she is a crazy-probably 40-year-old-woman who judges us based on how we interact with others. I fail this class, wanna know why? because i hate everyone here. I sit on a row with 3 boys next to me, 3 boys in front of me, 5 boys on the other side of me and my "best friend" is sat on the other side of the classroom. I guess I wouldn't hate everyone if they actually had some respect for me. 

The first hour goes by smoothly with barely anyone saying anything to me which was great, what else could I ask for? But then again, it's break time; which means putting up a fake smile for everyone to see how "happy" I am.  

Let me tell you a bit more about my best friend. Her name is Lucy, her birthday is in June but I'm not quite sure when, I've known her for 6 years now and she's been like a sister to me until she noticed my cuts, she then became a backstabbing bitch who insults me on a daily basis like everyone else and doesn't even know that it hurts me, but what can a person like me do? Just. Leave. It. 

"Why do you always smile and not pay any attention to me?!" please lord, let me get through this day

"I don't know, I guess I just think a lot" I said, but I knew I wouldn't get away from it this easy

"Gosh, you're such a freak" Lucy said, and for someone reason I knew it was coming.

Why do I always let her insult me? And make fun of me? And ignore me? And put me down? I could go on with this forever but I guess I'm just this shy person who doesn't want anyone else suffering as much as I am.

The day went on, and it seemed to drag. It was horrible. I'm finally on my way home but I'm walking as slow as possible. Just then, I realized I don't want to go home, I'd rather be anywhere else but there, that's where all my pain started. 


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