Hi, I'm Valerie. I'm only 16 but it seems like i lived a thousand years. Since my best friend found out my secret, she treats me differently, my parents think I'm some kind of a devil, people at school laugh at me for no apparent reason, don't worry I'm used to that. Wanna know my secret? well here it goes..


8. Poem


Stop, Stop, Stop the voices,

the one in her head,

the one who approaches,

the ones saying that suicide is the answer,

it's attacking me faster than breast cancer,

it's taking my body piece by piece,

my pain is inside and won't release,

it's taking my emotions,

i'm starting to turn numb,

my light is fading,

I become deeper in this suicidal state,

the feeling so bad,

no one can relate,

that means that i'm all alone,

i'm the girl who friends disown,

taking the hope all away,

now no chance of being okay,

she takes the knife,

downs the pill,

grabs the noose,

her body chills,

she outs,


then she jumps,

her life is taken,

her body stumps,

she is now in hell with the devil,

her thoughts pushed her over the level. 



Guys could you please give me feedback?! thankyou!!

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