Hi, I'm Valerie. I'm only 16 but it seems like i lived a thousand years. Since my best friend found out my secret, she treats me differently, my parents think I'm some kind of a devil, people at school laugh at me for no apparent reason, don't worry I'm used to that. Wanna know my secret? well here it goes..


2. my life.

Hi, I'm Valerie; just a typical 16 year old girl that is nothing special. I'm a mess. No-one likes me. I can't deal with anything anymore, so here I am writing my own suicidal note like it's an everyday thing. To you it might not be, but to me it certainly is. You're probably thinking why do I want to die, well here goes my story...

When I was 5 my mum died and I was left with my dad. It was the worst day ever and since that day, I feel like im re-living the same day over and over again. I used to be daddys princess until he went insane. He started drinking and taking drugs and at one point he decided to take his anger out on me. He hit me and he still does. Painful right? Well I got used to it. At the end of the day, I deserve it because I'm such a fat failure in life. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with depression and anorexia. It got worse now, and it'll never get better. 

As you can see, I'm suicidal. Everyone believes in my fake smile and laugh. They think I fall down the stairs everyday because of all the bruises on my body. How can you be so stupid to even think that. How can people laugh at me and call me names constantly. One day I'll be gone, and you'll have no-one to call fat anymore..

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