Hi, I'm Valerie. I'm only 16 but it seems like i lived a thousand years. Since my best friend found out my secret, she treats me differently, my parents think I'm some kind of a devil, people at school laugh at me for no apparent reason, don't worry I'm used to that. Wanna know my secret? well here it goes..


11. Dear "Dad"

Dear dad (a messed up psycho that decides to abuse his "princess" because SHE'S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH), 

Do you remember when you used to call me a princess? When I told you I loved you? When you weren't being such a prick? When you said that everything happens for a reason? When you told everyone that I was and always will be perfect? Guess what, you were wrong. 

Your perfect little girl hates the world. Your perfect little girl says bad things about you. Your perfect little girl leaves scars on her own body. Your perfect little girl starves herself. Your perfect little girl is a disgrace. 

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