Last Breath

Bella Garnet goes to Hudson High school with bestfriends Maggie, and Hayley. She loves one direction, painting, and soccer. She has never been the centre of attention and has many secrets she is not willing to share. When her parents and sister die in a plane crash, where will she end up? One direction has something to do with it...


5. Truth or Dare?

I stepped into Louis' flat. It was incredible! I could tell Hayley was thinking the same thing. Everybody else followed Lottie into the house and we sat down in the massive living room.

I sat on the couch, and harry quickly sat beside me. We all got settled and started to play!

Niall- Bella, truth or dare? "Dare" I say. "I dare you to run outside and scream I love one direction! As loud as you can. Piece of cake. I run outside the backyard and do it.                                                       Me- Hayley truth or dare? "Truth" she says. "If Louis asked you out, would you accept?" Louis asked, totally stealing my turn. She pretended to think and said "Yes!" Louis gave her a kiss and she blushed like crazy.                                                                                                                                                 Liam- Harry, truth or dare, mate? "Dare" Knowing harry, it was clear he would say that. "I dare you to kiss Bella for 5 whole seconds!" My face went numb, but I reassured myself it would be fine. I saw Maggie give me a "Go for it!" look. Harry replied to Liam, "Gladly" He started off gently and his kiss was amazing. I swear we went longer than 5 seconds because Louis whistled. He finally released and Niall shouted, "20 seconds!" I laughed and Harry gave me a smouldering look. He was simply gorgeous.   

We finished the game and Liam ended up kissing Maggie for a whole minute. Well, that was an interesting time! "I really want to watch a movie!" Zayn whined. We all agreed. "Bridesmaids?" Niall said. "We've all seen that way too many times" Liam shook his head. "White chicks?" Maggie started grinning uncontrollably, she loves that movie. We all sat in front of the fire, me in harry's lap and Lottie was putting the dvd in the tv. "Aw man, im lonely" Niall put a puppy dog face on. "Me too, can Niall and I bring over Perrie and Diana?" Zayn asked Louis. He ran to the phone, Perrie and Diana were on their way!

The two arrived quite early and Perrie spotted the couples. "Aw! Louis, Harry, and Liam have girlfriends! How amazing!" She ran over to Zayn giving him a hug. I blushed and so was Hayley, but Maggie was overjoyed. It seemed like Diana really likes Hayley, they have a lot in common; I thought.   

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