Last Breath

Bella Garnet goes to Hudson High school with bestfriends Maggie, and Hayley. She loves one direction, painting, and soccer. She has never been the centre of attention and has many secrets she is not willing to share. When her parents and sister die in a plane crash, where will she end up? One direction has something to do with it...


6. Tragedy Strikes

"That movie was great, thanks for having us over!" I hugged Louis tightly. "No prob" he said. The new couples all exchanged numbers when harry asked me if I needed a ride. "Yeah! Can you take me and the girls?" "I'd love too!" he said.

We all piled into Harry's audi and he started the engine. He was going to drop me off first! "Let's turn on some tunes!" Maggie flipped through the radio to find "Payphone" by Maroon Five. I love this song! I thought. Everybody was having a great time until Harry pulled around the corner.

"Wait, guys! What are ambulances and police cars doing at Bella's house?!" Hayley screamed in horror. I spun my head around to see 3 ambulances and 4 police cars right in front of my home.

"What the heck!" I screamed, tears about to pour down my face. Harry turned so pale he looked like a ghost. "Oh my gosh we NEED to get in there NOW!" Maggie yelled thrusting the car door open. We sprinted to my front door when an officer confronted us "Hey! What are you kids doing here?" He stood in our pathway, blocking everything. "I live here!" I screamed, I was so scared I couldn't help tears poring out like a waterfall. "What happened?" Harry yelled. "Well one male, one female, and one infant who were residents here had to be airlifted to the hospital" he told us. "WHY?" I needed to know, now. Hayley and Maggie held my hands as he explained: "For an unknown reason, the three were on an airplane to Ireland, the aircraft's manual system over-heated, and the plane crashed, the three have a very slim chance of making it, they are at the hospital now." Why were they at the hospital while I was gone? I'm so confused. "What do we do?" Harry asked the man. "Well, i suggest you go inside."

We stepped inside my house, which now held old memories that I cannot believe ended so quickly, i mean, he basically told us I was doomed. I don't know what to do, the rest of my family lives a world away, I have nobody to go to, how could my life end so abruptly?

"Bella, I want you to know, Maggs and I will always be here for you, and you will never be alone." Hayley tried cheering me up, but nothing would work at this point. "Bella, I-" Maggie couldn't finish her sentence without bursting into tears. Soon, all four of us were sobbing on my couch, in the house I now lived in alone, mourning what had just happened. Was it my fault?



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