Last Breath

Bella Garnet goes to Hudson High school with bestfriends Maggie, and Hayley. She loves one direction, painting, and soccer. She has never been the centre of attention and has many secrets she is not willing to share. When her parents and sister die in a plane crash, where will she end up? One direction has something to do with it...


4. Meeting Lottie

I dashed into the change room and told Hayley & Maggie what had happened with the cheerleaders. "What jerks!" Maggie shouted so loud, everyone stared at us for a few seconds. "That was so sweet was Louis did for you!" Hayley blushed like mad. "I think harry has a thing for you"  "Well, I'm really excited for after school!" I squealed. The girls smiled and nodded in agreement.

We ran outside the change room and stood, waiting for the coach. After a few minutes, a perky blonde girl, shuffled close to me. "Hiya!" she said. "Hi there, what's your name?" Hayley asked. "My name is Charlotte, Lottie for short. Lottie Tomlinson!" Hayley snapped in her direction, "Lottie...Tomlinson? Like, Louis' sister?" "That's right!" she jumped up and down, very happily. "Oh my gosh! Louis invited us to his flat today after school! I'm Maggie, that's Bella, and Hayley!" Maggie explained, pointing to us. "You guys are coming over today? Yeeeee!" She squealed, again. I laughed and asked her, "So, what about this Harry guy?" She turned all suspicious, "Well, maybe you'll find out today!" She waved goodbye and gym started.

Gym was a breeze, we got changed and walked outside to the parking lot with Lottie. "I love being your guys' friends!" Lottie said, walking to Louis' parking space. "Me too!" Maggie replied. After a few minutes, the crew of boys came darting over to the parking spot. "Maggie!" Liam cheered. "Liam!" Maggie jokingly using the same tone. "Let's get this show on the road!" Louis held his keys in his hand and unlocked the black car.


There were nine of us, and five car seats, I have a feeling this will get awkward, but it felt good having Lottie there. Louis- Driver's seat. Zayn- Passenger seat. Lottie- Zayn's lap. Liam- Left backseat. Maggie- Liam's lap. Niall- Middle backseat. Hayley- Niall's lap. Harry- Right backseat. Me- Harry's lap.

I swear this boy planned this.

Louis started the engine while Zayn flipped through radio stations. He settled on "Kiss You" by: You guessed it, One direction. "Somebody is self-absorbed!" I laughed, Niall joining me. "Hey! I know good music when I hear it!"

"So Hayley, have any ideas of what we could do?" Louis asked. Maggie interrupted, "Movie night!" Liam nodded. So the suggestions were: Movie night, Going to the mall, Play games, or Kick the football around. "I like the play games idea" Harry winked. "What games would we play" Lottie said, laughing at harry's cheeky remark. "Truth or dare!" Niall yelled. Truth or dare it is. 


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