Last Breath

Bella Garnet goes to Hudson High school with bestfriends Maggie, and Hayley. She loves one direction, painting, and soccer. She has never been the centre of attention and has many secrets she is not willing to share. When her parents and sister die in a plane crash, where will she end up? One direction has something to do with it...


7. Life away from home

I threw my suitcases onto my bed, now picking the clothes I would have for the rest of my life. Maggie was helping me while the others were calling the boys over to help. "This is cute, you'll need it" Maggie threw a pink sundress into my suitcase while I lay on my bed. Maggie came to sit with me. "Bella, this is not the end of the world, everything was meant to happen for a reason. You should look on the bright side, you will get to explore a new home!" "Maggs, it's hard having 5 minutes to accept your entire family's death, especially that now I have nobody!" "Not true!" She protested. "Now let's finish your suit-"

"Louis!" I was now looking over at the boy who had just barged into my room. He tackled me into a hug and said "Bella! I'm so sorry!" "I know, I am too." Boy Was I glum! "Bella, if you need somewhere to live, you have a lot of options." I snapped my neck turning to him so fast, "Ow" I also rubbed my neck. "Like where?" Maggie asked Lou. "Harry's house, Niall's house, Liam's House, My house, Hayley's house.. basically any one of our flats, right?" "Really?!?" I jumped off my bed. "Lets go downstairs" Louis said.

I saw all the boys and Lottie, sitting at my living room table. They each took their turns hugging me and giving me sympathy. "Stay strong babydoll" Lottie whispered in my ear. The police man opened my front door, stepping into my living room. "I have news. Good News, and Very Bad news." He continued. "The good news is somebody is willing to buy this house for a lot of money, that will be given to Bella Garnet. Bad news is the deaths of Kathie, Jerry, and Scarlett Garnet; have been confirmed, I'll give you a minute" He nodded and shut the door. I turned around to see eight, gloomy faces. "I, uhh; better go pack." I said with several tears streaming down my face.

I didn't realize Harry was following me until I flopped onto my bed. He started rubbing my back, it was so sweet of him to care so much. "Bella, you can defiantly stay at my flat." I couldn't help but to notice how his curls perfectly framed his face. He caught me gazing, and chuckled to himself. "That's amazing Harry, Thanks a million; but I might want to stay at one of the girl's houses just for a week." He nodded and jumped over to my suitcase and picked up a wine coloured party dress. "This is hot" he said coming close to my face. "You know where you can wear it?" "Where?" I asked. "To our date" He leaned in for a long kiss. It was magical

Author's note: Hey guys! I really really hope you're enjoying my story! If so, please comment because i don't want to keep writing for nothing! If I get a good amount of views and some nice comments, I will totally finish the novel! Thank you so much :) <3

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