Last Breath

Bella Garnet goes to Hudson High school with bestfriends Maggie, and Hayley. She loves one direction, painting, and soccer. She has never been the centre of attention and has many secrets she is not willing to share. When her parents and sister die in a plane crash, where will she end up? One direction has something to do with it...


1. The Start of a new life

When he opens his arms and holds you close toni- Smack! I turned off my alarm clock. I have to admit, this summer was great, but I'm looking forward to my senior year at Hudson. I pulled my self out of bed and looked in the mirror. Bella Garnet, curly, dark brown hair, midnight blue eyes, button nose, and a medium-light complexion. I opened my bedroom door and ran down the stairs to breakfast.

"Hey mum" I sang as I started filling my bowl with cocoa-puffs. "Are you excited for your senior year at Hudson High Bella?" She asked. "Sure am!" I replied. The rest of my family, my sister Scarlett, and my dad, Jerry, started crowding the kitchen. I sat down at the table with my phone. BEEP! Text message from: Hayley- Hey girlie! Can I meet you and Maggie at 8:30 at the stop sign? To Hayley: Yeah that's good! What are you wearing today? :) I took a big bite of my cereal and skipped upstairs to my room. BEEP! From Hayley: black flats, skinny jeans, white shirt and leather jacket! Wbu?

I put my phone on my vanity and walked over to my closet. Hmmmm. what to wear, what to wear? I finally decided on black moccasins, light jeans, and a pink lululemon sweater. After all, it was fall and pretty chilly outside. I walked to my makeup counter and applied bb cream, mascara, a slight amount of blush, and hot pink lipgloss. I looked stunning! Lastly, I hopped over to my washroom, took a really quick shower and styled my hair. Since my hair has natural beach curls, I just applied hairspray. I was ready to go! I grabbed my bench backpack, slipped my phone inside, and headed out the door.

"Bella!" I heard Maggie scream as she tackled me in a hug. "Hey! Are you nervous?"  I asked. "No way! I'm pumped!" This didn't surprise me, as Maggie is a fearless flirt. We saw Hayley come around the corner and squealed. "Aloha" Maggie and I cracked up. "Im so nervous" Hayley whispered loudly. "Don't be! What's the worst thing that could happen?" Maggie said, jumping over the cracks in the sidewalk. Just then, we all looked over to see a beautiful black car stopping in front of us. The windows open and 5 gorgeous boys were inside. "Is that.." Hayley started, hypnotised by the guys. "ONE DIRECTION!" Maggie shouted. "You girls are cute, hoping to see you later" Niall said to us. On that note, the car speeded off and flew into the school parking lot. 

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