Dont forget about me

Do you ever love somone so much, that the chances of being together are so far, but so close ........well thats how I felt when I first met niall.
Niall fanfiction ♡


1. Maybe it will be different

This is based on real plases but false event's, hope you enjoy.
Darcy...Darcy...Darcy! Do you read me, the teacher gave me a stern look, oh sorry I said what was the question? Lately I have been in a daze all I could think about is summer, well actually the one direction concert .I begged and begged my mom to go, it took a lot of work ,extra chours and I had to give up any bithday plans.Oh well I guess its worth it. As I left class my friend sky rushed up beside me. Holy shit! She said with an energetic voice, I cant wait for tomorrow! What so you can see your snuggle buddie, I said jokenly. No, she rolled her eyes, it made me laugh, she had a thing with my brothers friend, cody. The thought wierded me out, but I guessed I had to live through it. She met him last summer, when we all went camping, it was quite fun just me her cody my brother and chalie, my good friend. Well my parents were there to, I meen us girls are onley fourteen they wouldent let us be alone with to sixteen year old boys, even though one was my brother. Well I got to catch my bus, see you tomorrow sky, ok she said. As I was leaving a bunch of boys ran up to her, she was like a boy magnet, its quite funny. Well somtimes I get jelous, she is just so pretty, she has dark green eyes and strate chocolate brown hair,with the boldest big smile that could bright up your day, no wonder the guys thought she was just that hot. When I got on the bus it got akward cause each seat was full, excuse me can I sit besideyou, I said quite shyly. Sure he said as he moved his stuff, I could tell that he dident want me to sit there, well most grade twelves wouldent want to sit beside an LG. Suddenly my phone bussed, it made me jump, it was charlie.
Hey Darcy should I bring
Anything special for tomorrow?
Your self I said, smiling at my phone. Charlie was one of my best friends, like honestly I dont no where I would be with out her. She just made me smile, or maybe it was her bleach blonde, curly hair, it was so unique. People would allways come to her asking her if it was a wig, she would just smile and say, its real. It makes me feal like im with somone famous, maybe at the concert it will come in handy,if they can see her curly locks from the stage, I can onley wish. It was time to get off the bus, I shuffled through all the seats, I just figuerd out it was the last day of school. That first year of high school wizzed by. Im sorta glad I have allways been shy, and I dident concider my self that pretty, so I was't that confident. I have long redish blonde hair, and dark navy blue eyes, I know that navy blue eyes sounds unrealistic, but its true, and I never really cared much how I look, it was mainly sweats and hoodies for me, so I dident really stand out. As I was walking down my street, I was shocked to see a huge yaught in the middle of the ocean. It must be micheal buble's yaught, he is probally the most famous person thats been to this dink of a town, I meen whats the reason to come  here, unless you like fishing, or boating up the gorgia srate, in my opinion its not that interesting.
Oh Shit! I tripped over the curb of my drive way, its like me to fall over things, im quite a cluts, if I say so myself. The guys on the other side of the road were laughing there heads off, I think jerks like them will never get a girl, well I hope for her sake. As I walked in my house my big dog peako came charging over to me, hey I yelled, you dont need me getting hurt more then I allready am, I smiled. I think he is the onley one I can tell my fealing to, who will actually listen.
That night I was overly excited, tomorrow I will be camping on Savory Island, with four of my best friends. How much better can it get. But for some reason I was thinking this year will be different. All I could think about is one direction, I meen I allways think about them, but today it was different, its like I was sure that I would meet them one day, some how ill be able to get that horan hug that I have dreamed of, for years. But I just kept telling myself that it was onley a dream, and the obsession was getting to my head. That morning we were carring all our stuff to the truck, holy my mom packed alot, its like she was packing for more then just us, wich is a lot. All of a sudden charlie shows up with sky in her brothers car, they bolth come rushing up to me . The first thing sky says is, is cody here yet ? Nope I said with a grin, she gave me a stern look. Where is he, then puppy dog eyes came out. Oh fine, he's in the backyard playing soccer with ron (brother),you can go get them , i encouraged. Ok!! She said cheerfully. Wow sky's obsessed , charlie smirked. The boys at school are going to be jelous of cody. Well charlie said slowly, I dont think cody even likes her. Ohh that sucks, I said making my way into the car. Do you think we should break it to her? No charlie mumbled, it would wreck her hole trip. Ok I said with a sigh.
Finally we got to our cabin, after the long drive and boat ride. Hey can we go to the beach skyler asked with a grin, sure just let me help my mom unpack, ill be there in a bit. After we finished, I ran to bathroom to change. As I was walking out turned my head to look out of the glass door. I couldent breath, like honestly I was frozen solid. Out side of my cabin was my niall, louis and harry, helping my grandpa carry fire wood. I just couldent stop staring. All of a sudden harry started to wave, I smiled and slowy tilted my head, to make sure it was actually them. Then to my surprice louis comes over and opens the door. Excuse me he said sarcastically, are we having a starring contest? Cause I think your wining, he smirked . I was hafe shooken to death but he still made me smile.  


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