Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


60. The Second Fury

"Galaxy!" Royalty's voice called me in my head suddenly.
I startled up in my bed.
"Royalty?" I whispered.
"Help me!" He said.
"Ro! What happened and where are you?"
"In the forrest." His voice subsided.
I jumped out of my bed and ran down the Gryffindor tower, out the school, into the forrest. I didn't care at all if I'd had wake up any one or if someone had seen me.
I was already quite deep in the forrest when I saw Royalty straddled over the ground.
"Royalty!" I run to him and fell down on my knees beside him. He breathed hard and with great difficulty, otherwise he didn't move.
"Ro?" I whispered.
"Galaxy." He panted my name in my head.
"Ro... what happened?"
"Your guardian..." He croaked.
I looked at him in question.
"My guardian?"
"She did that." He said weakly.
Suddenly such a fury and anger rose in me. It was unnatural and inhuman!
"How dare she?!" I said in an agitated voice.
"GUARDIAN!" I screamed and stood up.
A light and barely unnatural wind blew and she appeared.
"You called me, My Lad-"
"You false and sly snake!" My shouting interrupted her. I pointed my wand at her.
"Look at him!" I shouted again.
"Look what you've done to him!" She didn't move and made me more angry.
"How dare you to hurt him!"
She kept quite.
"Answer me!"
"It was the only way to meet you, My Lady!" I felt more rage and a disgusting feeling towards her.
"Only way to meet me?!" I lost control over me and suddenly my wand shot out ropes which seized her neck. She gasped and clasped her hand around the ropes to release them.
"The ONLY WAY to MEET me!" I shouted and the ropes tightened around her throat.
"Forgive me, My Lady." She croaked.
"Please. Forgive me." She fell down on the ground and struggled to breathe.
"Forgive me."
Suddenly I realized what I had done and was shocked and disgusted by me. I threw away my wand and backed away from my guardian.
The ropes vanished and she stopped struggling.
"I-I am sorry." I whispered behind my clasped hands over my mouth.
My guardian stood up and straightened her robe.
"You don't have to, My Lady. It's my fault." She bowed down.
"But-but how could you? You could just call me." I said between fury and guilt.
"A guardian isn't allowed to call for the lady."
"A guardian isn't allowed to call for the lady."
"That's stupid!" I exclaimed.
She didn't answer.
"But ... you did call me. When you saved me from Snape and then when you met me the very first time."
"At that time you weren't marked, My Lady." She answered.
"That's stupid!" I said again.
"I definitely have to change all the rules and laws!" I thought.
Suddenly I remembered the ball.
"That's why you didn't rescue me at the ball?" I said traumatic.
"Very right, My Lady. If you had call me, I would have."
I gulped. Then I remembered Royalty again.
"Help him." I ordered.
"I could but I ask you to do that, My Lady. You can heal him yourself, My Lady, and I want to teach you this." She made me baffled and nervous.
"Me? And healing?"
"You have to focus very hard on your hands, My Lady. That hard that you believe your hands are the only body parts you have. You already did that before."
I looked at her in surprise.
"When your companion was tortured by the Cruciatus curse and then you changed the old men back into teenagers.
"Oh." I just said and remembered the torture which was as hard as the rape.
"Please hurry up, My Lady or he would need more powers to be healed."
I gulped nervous but nevertheless
I walked back to Royalty and sat down beside him.
Then I concentrated on my arms first and then on my hands. It was like meditation, you have to forget everything beside your breathing.
However, it took me quite more time and effort.
And at some point I just felt all my energy in my hands, like they would explode any time and right then I felt such a urge to move my hands strangely over Royalty.
"Galaxy!" A healthier but yet weak voice of Royalty woke me up from my trance.
"Ro!" I said relieved after opening my eyes.
"How do you feel?"
"Weak and tired. An-" He looked up at my guardian and started to hiss and spit at her. He was about to attack her.
"Ro! Stop! You need to rest!" I jumped up and placed me between them.
"She attacked me!"
"I know. She told me." I said but I was still not very convinced by her reason. I believed that this was unreasonable and unnecessary. There were surely other ways to call me, without hurting someone!
"And you just let her go, Galaxy?!" He asked baffled.
Suddenly that reminded me of Snape on the ball night. I asked him the same question as Royalty did to me now.
"But what were you doing here?!" I asked him angry like a mother but moreover I tried to change the topic.
"I wanted to search for you! You just weren't in your bed when I was back and then I worried for you. Therefore, I walked in the forrest. I thought you were with ... her." He said the last part with quite a venom!
"Do you know how worried I was? And who said I am not allowed to leave my bed?"
"You didn't leave your bed for three months." He said.
"So what?"
He was right but I needed to retort him, after all he behaved bad, not me!
"My Lady, that's why I called for you. We didn't train anymore but it's very important!" My guardian said and made me more guilty.
"I couldn't. I will start training with you next school year. All the while I will train on my own." She bowed down.
"As you believe it's better."
"And never ever hurt Royalty again!" I said threatening and Ro hissed at that too. She bowed down again.
"Now, leave!"
"Farewell, My Lady." And she vanished away with a breeze.
Ro groaned. He tried to stand up but failed.
"Don't. I will do that."
I remembered my charms class and how we had to carry a feather through the room. I grabbed my wand from the leaves filled ground, pointed at him and said:
"Lengadium Leviosa."
Suddenly Royalty rose from the ground and hovered in the air. I directed him through the trees as we walked back.
As we came out of the forrest and entered the crowded grounds because of the second task, everybody looked at me and my floating companion.
People started to walk up to us and to gather around us.
"Galaxy! And her pet!" Everyone whispered in wonder.
Right then Hagrid with all the teachers, including Snape, and Mr. Crouch from the ministry, hurried up to me.
"Out of the way!" Moody barked. His appearance made me feel cheap and I looked away.
"Ms. Charmé, what were you doing in the Forbidden Forrest?!" Professor McGonagall asked in range. She couldn't believe that a student broke such a dangerous school rule.
"I-I... Royalty called for me. Something attacked him and he got wounded." I decided to tell the truth.
"Some-ONE attacked me." Ro corrected me in my mind but I ignored him.
"And your mastermind didn't tell you to inform a teacher?" Snape said unexpectedly.
"I-I ... was...-"
"Do you even know how dangerous the Forbidden Forrest is? Which deathly creatures live there?" I blinked very surprised. Did Snape get emotional in front of me?
"Arrogant little know-it-all!" I gulped. That hurt. I tried to concentrate on carrying Ro in the air.
"Six weeks of detention! 9 o'clock in my-"
"I believe you are a little over eager, aren't you?" Moody cut him off.
"Surely there is a very reasonable reason for your need to give her detention, Snape, ..."
He smiled slyly and Snape and me immediately understood what he meant.
"... but right now it's important to heal her pet." Moody continued.
I was very surprised and sceptic. I surely couldn't read Moody since now, he was too complex.
"You're right, Elestor." Dumbledore said.
"Madame Pomfrey and Hagrid will look after your pet, Ms. Charmé." And that was the only thing Dumbledore said. He didn't leave one word about rule breaking, putting myself into danger and making others worried.
"Albus?" McGonagal said. She was surprised too.
"Amazing charm work!" Said Mr. Flitwick suddenly. He was the only one who wasn't that shocked about me and my actions. Moreover, he was fascinated by my performance at the 'Lengadium Leviosa' charm.
Then he took over Ro from me and floated him to Hagrid's hut. Madame Pomfrey followed them too, just to be on the safe side.
My heart ached to see Ro leaving me.
"Just be careful and stay in your bed." I said to Ro. I surely imagined how he would roll his eyes at that.
"You will be able to see him tomorrow." Dumbledore said. More sorrow rose in me.
"But he needs me."
"He won't because right now he will drink a sleeping portion to have him some rest." Professor McGonagall said harshly.
I looked down on the ground.
"But Harry needs you right now." Dumbledore said. I looked up again. He was right. Harry needed me now. Royalty will be asleep in just a moment. Therefor it wouldn't matter if I were on Ro's side or not. I nodded.
"Then let's go to the lake!" He said cheerish. Everyone started to walk towards the lake and I followed them, very worried for Ro and lost in my thoughts.
"You stupid girl! You're still not aware of the dangers of the Forrest." Snape adjusted himself to my pace to grouch at me.
"I am not stupid and I AM aware of the dangers!" I said back in a low voice and angry.
"You're not! And you will learn all the dangers in my detention classes! Everyday for six weeks in my office at 9 o'clock!" He whispered agitated.
"I won't! Because the headmaster doesn't think it's necessary"
Snape snorted angry.
"Why was he still that angry at me?" I thought.
"You couldn't leave a message for me before leaving, could you?" I was a little baffled by that and stopped. He stopped too.
"If I had known you left my bedroom for the Forbidden Forrest, I would have tied you to my bed!" He said into my face.
I felt a strange excitement filling my body and all the while a question appeared in my mind.
"Are you worried about me?" I barely dared to asked him that therefore only a whisper escaped my lips.
He looked at me in deep thoughts and said:
"How d-"
"...would have tied you to my bed?" Moody interrupted him again.
"You're going quite far, Snape. That's nearly slavery!" He laughed. I looked ashamed away.
"Watch your tongue!" Snape threatened him.
"What if not?"
Snape took out his wand like Moody did and both walked up to each other. I ran between them again and stopped them from dueling.
"Professors! Don't! The second task of the Triwizard Tournament is about to start." I begged them and especially Snape. He shot me an angry but yet agreed look. He put his wand back and walked towards the lake, past Moody. I followed him.
"Go! Hide from me! In the lap of your mistress!" Moody shouted after us. Snape stopped and tensed more.
I put my hand on his arm.
"No, he's not worth of it. No." I said a few times in a low and monotone tune. That calmed him and his body relaxed.
Moody shouted more.
"Ignore him. Ignore him. Don't listen. Just walk to the lake." He started walking to the lake and we left Moody behind.

Snape and me were the only one in the last boat to the scaffold.
As everyone arrived at the jetty, they couldn't decide who will sit with who in a boat. That gave Moody a chance to catch up and he joined the other boat with one seat left.
That's how Snape and me ended up in a boat all alone.
We didn't talk and we looked away, very careful to not look at each other by accident.
But after a while I had to look at him! I started with watching his shoes and robes very closely, then his torso and arms and finally his neck, hair and his face.
I stared at him and after a short while he obviously noticed that. He too started to look at me but I didn't get uncomfortable. I admired his eyes instead.
We both stared at each other, seemingly lost in each other's eyes and no one was there to stop us loosing control!
It seemed to me that Snape attracted me like a magnet and I was pulled closer and closer to him.
But the boat arrived at its destination in the last moment.
Snape left the boat first. As I climbed out of the boat I was nearly going to fall into the water! In the last second Snape grabbed me and pulled me up. I felt a strange happy feeling in my stomach.
"Ms. Galaxy!" Suddenly Lirim, my date from the ball, appeared and took my hand from Snape for a hand kiss. I was very disappointed. I thought that I was able to hold Snape a little longer. I looked at Snape. He pursed his lips and looked disappointed and jealous too!
"I've searched for you everywhere! I was very worried!" Lirim said.
"You're not the only one! Now go to your school side!" Snape said angry. Lirim and me both looked surprised at him.
"Why was he acting that strange?" I eyed Snape very confused.
Lirim disappeared and before Snape disappeared he gave me a strange look which meant nearly everything!
I furrowed my brows and thought again: "'You're not the only one'? What's wrong with him? "
Then I started looking for Hermione and Ron but they weren't there!
I sighed. I felt very strange and complex at that moment! I was still shocked what my guardian did to me and what I did to her when I couldn't control my anger. Then I was worried for Ro of course! Moody was strange too! Lately, Snape behaved that mysterious and made very confused! And now I was worried for Harry and his second task!
I felt like I might explode any second!
"Welcome to the second task. Last night something was stolen from each of our champions. A treasure of sorts. These four treasures, one for each champion, now lie on the bottom of the black lake. In order to win each champion need only find their treasure and return to the surface. Simple enough. Except for this, they will have one hour to do so and one hour only. After that they'll be on their own." Dumbledore explained the rules.
Suddenly everyone looked at Harry. He choked and panted and his body fidgeted.
"Great! Now I am more worried!" I thought.
"You may begin at the start of the cannon." Dumbledore just finished the sentence and the canon fired up.
All the champions dived in the sea beside Harry. In the end, Moody had to push him in.
Cedric, Fleur and Krum came up to take a deep breath before diving ultimately underwater. Only Harry didn't do that. Everybody started to wonder that he might be drowned!
"Oh Lord! Maybe he didn't figured that out! Maybe he didn't talk with Neville about water plants! Maybe he didn't-"
Right then Harry jumped out of the water like a dolphin and everyone clapped excited.
"You nearly gave me a heart attack, Harry!" I said relieved.
Well, now we just had to wait and see. I sat down on the wooden ground and started humming some strange melody to waste time.
After a while, Fleur arise from the water and looked very wounded.
"The Beauxbatons champion Miss Delacour has unfortunately been forced to retire. She will take no further part in this task." Everyone gasped and whispered secretly at Dumbledore's announcement. I looked over at Fleur and saw her desperately crying.
That was quite too much for me. Of course one is disconsolate after losing in a competition but you don't have to cry! Really! And this was only a little part of the competition. The next task was still going to happen!
I started humming again but an other tune.
My eyes scanned the water all the time but I didn't see anyone. Though, what I saw were a few dark shadows passing by every now and then.
After a while Cedric emerged with Cho from the water and shortly after them Krum with Hermione.
I gasped in shock!
"The precious things were humans?!"
I stood up and run to them to help them out of the water.
Everyone of them was exhausted and very tired.
"Hermione! Fleur! She didn't make it! Who's meant to be rescued by her?" Hermione was panting hard but she managed to say.
"Her sister." My mouth jumped open.
Madame Pomfrey, who arrived at the scaffold by now, wrapped her in a huge and thick sheet.
I thought while she was doing this:
"Dumbledore couldn't let her die!"
"But what if he could?" I started to panic. I looked back at Fleur again and she started more crying now.
How stupid I was!
"Hermione. How can we get her out of the water?"
"Dumbledore alre-"
Suddenly a scream erupted out of my lungs and made it impossible to listen to Hermione.
Something grabbed me very strongly by my ankle and pulled me down into the lake.
The cold water paralyzed me for a few second and stopped all the noise which was over the water. I tried to hold my remaining breath while I was pulled down. I kicked and twisted around and struggled but nothing helped.
By now I struggled for breath too but I couldn't free myself.
I searched for my wand in my robes and shot a spell blindly behind me. It missed the aim and I was pulled deeper and deeper. I tried a few more but I always missed!
We reached the lake ground and my ankle was released. I turned around and hold my wand outstretched in my hand.
Ugly looking mermaids pointed their tridents at me.
"You dare to compete with us! You know we can only sing underwater and you dare to challenge us over the water, witch?" One of them spoke.
I furrowed my brows confused and decided to shake my head.
"Don't lie!" They all said in union and had an intimidating effect.
"Now sing!" I looked at the one who said that. I shook my head again, telling that I couldn't sing underwater.
"Sing!" An other said.
I looked worried between them.
I couldn't sing! Moreover, I couldn't hold my breath any more.
Maybe if I say yes, then they would allow me to go up and take a breath?
I nodded and showed them that I needed to go up to take some breaths.
They all laughed evilly and I had a feeling that they won't let me go up.
I took my very last chance to escape from them and turned around and started swimming as fast as possible. They easily caught with me up and I started shooting spells at them. I even hit a few times.
Nevertheless, someone grabbed me by my leg and pulled me down.
"Help!" I screamed and realized after all my oxygen emitted from me how stupid I was.
All the salty water filled my lungs and as a reflex I tried to drink all the water away.
But drinking a lake empty wasn't even in the magical world possible.
My head seemed to fill up every second and the pressure which caused a giant migraine got bigger and bigger. I got dizzy and my vision blurred and all my powers and strength left my body. In the end I didn't feel anything and let me fall in the deep dark night.
"That's it, Galaxy." I thought.
"You are drowning and dying. Funny how you thought you would never die tragic, just a normal death, like everyone. With 97 years in your bed at night in your sleep. And during a dream how you and your love do a bun-jee jump in your 90-ies"
I smiled as I imagined Snape in a bun-jee outfit.
"Severus." My heart hurt suddenly.
"Are you going to die without confessing him your feelings towards him?!" My mind said.
"Pull yourself together Galaxy, because you can't die without telling him you love him!"
"I can't! I am right. I CAN'T die now!!"
I felt the pressure and the migraine again then I felt my water filled lungs and my eyes shot open again, seeing perfectly again.
The mermaids were carrying me to their city.
"They don't want you to live and see Snape again. They just want you dead. They want to stop you to confess your love to him. THEY are the evil!!"
A huge heat rose in my chest which reached all my body parts. I was in control of my body again and freed me from the mermaids.
They screamed in turmoil and pointed their tridents furiously at me.
"You want me to sing? I will!" I said underwater. They all looked surprised at each other.
It was strange that I was able to talk underwater although I was out of breath.
I started directly singing, without humming a few notes as I was used to.

"You feel like a superhero, what type of dreams are these
I'm as high as a eagle, I'm taller than the trees."

Right after these few tones I felt that alive and such a power that I believed I was irradiating light out of my body.

"And I can't turn back,
I tell my heart relax
Late at night, in the dark, I close my eyes
And suddenly everything is gone
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted
Reach up for the light
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted
Devil can't catch me tonight
I'm not afraid, and I'm not alone
Even if I'm dancing on my own
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted"

My body started lifting for real and moved towards the water surface. And that happened in such a speed that I barely noticed that I broke the water surface and rose out of the water! The many noises and the many gasped of the people made me realize that.

"All I hear is music, I'm losing all control
I have no excuses, can't say I wasn't told
If the sky turns black,
I'll tell my heart relax
Late at night, in the dark, I close my eyes
And suddenly everything is gone
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted
Reach up for the light
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted
Devil can't catch me tonight
I'm not afraid, and I'm not alone
Even if I'm dancing on my own
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted"

Then I started to spin around in the air and all the water under me started spinning too and eventually formed a vortex.
I saw the mermaids spinning unwanted in it and I heard their screams and shouts.

"Feels like I finally finally found it
More than I, than I could have ever imagined
After all this waiting and this holding on
Suddenly everything was gone
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted
Reach up for the light
I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted
Devil can't catch me tonight
I'm not afraid, and I'm not alone
Even if I'm dancing on my own I'll be lifted, lifted, lifted"

(Emeli Sandé Feat. Naughty Boy - Lifted)

The vortex was already very high, it was higher than the scaffold! By then I didn't really know what I was doing nor how. I felt controlled by my inner tribe and desire. And honestly, I barely noticed that I, though really ME, was doing all this.
Then I stopped spinning and let the water fall down. But as the water was going to its origin, I picked every mermaid by my wand and threw them against the trees which surrounded the lake. They screamed and shouted. Then I threw their tridents right after them. They stick with the trees and pinned the mermaids against the trees. Moreover, the tridents stopped right in front of the mermaids throats so that they didn't dare to move and want to be killed.
A dangerous voice escaped my mouth.
"You dare to challenge ME?" It said.
"Do you know who I am?"
"So the rumors are true." One mermaid said.
I glared at her.
"I don't believe in rumors. I only believe in actions."
I flew up to her, yes, I was still floating in the air. She immediately regretted that she said something and looked at me with fear in her eyes.
Again I was disgusted by me and struggled in my body to stop me.
"Galaxy! Stop! She got it! She won't do this again!" I said to me. I struggled more and with great effort I controlled myself. Now I floated back and said:
"Next time be careful."
I waved with my wand and the tridents released their owners to let them escape in the water again.
Right then I felt all my powers leaving me again and I was falling down, in the water again.
The cold water hit my skin again and I struggled for breath again. There was still water in my lungs!
I felt how someone reached for me in the water and how that person pulled me towards him or her.
I looked up and saw Snape. He was very worried and very angry but nevertheless, he grabbed me that careful as if I was fragile and might shatter into a million pieces in just a second.
Snape swam with me back to the scaffold. He put me to the ground and waved with his wand to make me breath again.
The first breath. It hurt and felt strange but it meant that I would be live.
Snape wrapped his robe around me which he threw away before jumping in to the water.
I hold him by his arm and made him to look at me as he moved closer to me.
"I- I ... lo-lo-" But before I was able to continue I fainted.

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