Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


48. The Lady, A Creation

Royalty and I stopped right in the middle of the Hogwarts ground and sat down on the lawn. 

"We have 20 min. Then my first period will start and this is even with the headmaster!" I sighed. "And I am so sleepy!!" 

"Well, ... what happened yesterday?" Royalty blurted out. 

I smiled. "It seems that there's someone very impatient." But Ro didn't really care, he was too curious to know about yesterday.  

I let me fall backwards with a sigh and allowed all the memories, feelings and thoughts of yesterday capture me again.  

"Fine, Ro. Just sit back and watch what happened yesterday in my mind." And then I remembered everything from putting back binoculars with Professor Sinistra, to Ron telling me that the headmaster made the whole school listen to my singing and then his and Harry's fight, to Snape's scent and him hurting me to the Moaning Myrtle and finally to Professor Moody pinning me against the wall. 

I opened my eyes and looked at my pet. 

"Wow..." was his only reply.  

"Yeah, 'wow'" I repeated.  

"That... was ... very... strange..." he tried to find the right words. 

"I know." 

"And then Snape gave you this portion to cure your wrists? That doesn't make sense!"  

"There's something fishy. With Snape and Moody. And Dumbledore."  

"Why Dumbledore? He didn't expel you, after all." Ro said. 

"Yeah... but ... I don't know. He doesn't say something clear. He always talks like... if he hides something or if he knows something but can't tell someone. Moreover, why doesn't he kick Moody out for using one of the Unforgiveable Charms? And why does he tried to cover this from Mr. Crouch, though from the ministry and from the other headmasters. Speaking of other headmasters, the Russian one seems to be fishy too." I sighed. 

"Is there anybody or anything not fishy in this world?!" I said. 

"Well, me?" Ro said. I laughed. 

"Believe me, everyone is at some point fishy, even you!" He thought very hard what I meant. 

"And what happened... when... you know, in the forrest?" 

"I met my guardian and she gave me those books." I held them up. 

"I have to carry them with me all the time and therefore I need to bring them in an other shape. I will do this now but not here, in my chamber. Want to join me?" 

"Of course, Galaxy!" And he jumped up and ran towards the main building of Hogwarts.  

As I entered the room, Ro was already lying on my bed.  

"But wait. Why did she want to meet you there and without me? And why does your wrists hurt since then? And what on earth is a guardian? And... who are you that you need a guardian?" 

I cracked a smile. 

"You are quite clever, Royalty. The forrest was the safest place for me back then. And my wrists... I got marked. I am 'officially' the Lady now." 

"Show me!" 

I gulped and pulled down my full sleeved sleeves.  

"I-I can't. I am scared." I looked away and continued talking before he could ask me again. 

"And my guardian protects me when I am in danger and when I need help. And she has some other tasks to fulfill." I remembered her and the 'lege' which doesn't give her any right to be herself. 

"The Lady? What do you do as the Lady?" He asked. 

"I actually don't know. She said that everything is written in this two books and I didn't read one word of it yet. And I will see her tomorrow again! Uff! I can't look in it for two seconds today! I will have detention later again!!" I was stressed! Everything seemed impossible!  

"Then read it now!"  

"For sure, Ro. In 8 min I got before Alchemy starts, for sure! What I really need to do now is to bring them in another shape!! Help me!" 

"Well, I don't know!" I sighed. 

"Maybe I can change them into my 'payals'!!" I said then. 

"Yeah... that's a great idea!!" Ro said after thinking.  

"Okay, so, how was the spell again?" 

I remembered Neville and smiled proudly again. 

"Forma Permuta" I whispered. I took out my wand and said confidently: "Forma Permuta Payals!" 

Then right in front of my eyes, the books transformed into ankle chains.  

"Wow!" Ro and I said.  

I took them and changed them with the original 'payals' which my mom gave me.  


"They feel a bit heavier but other wise..." I walked a little in the room to listen to the ringing bells.  

"... they are perfect!!"  

"Okay, then you should hide the other 'payals' somewhere. Maybe in your bag?" Ro suggested.  

"Yeah, I think that should work."  

I took the chains and but them in the last corner of my bag and hid them there.  

"And... what will you do about that portion?" He asked then.  

I bit my lip.  

"I won't drink it."  

Ro looked at me startled.  

"Maybe he gave me a poisonous portion or something that doesn't cure my injuries. I won't hazard my health; I already feel under the weather." I said. 

"But you need those injuries to be cured! You need to drink it!!"  

"I won't! He wants to hurt me or even worst, he wants to kill me! And I won't let him win! My health condition is not that bad! It only hurts a little but that pain will be gone by tomorrow." 


"Ro! Please! I said no and you won't change my mind. And I have to leave for my classes any way. See you later! Bye!" I jumped out the door before he could answer me. My vision was still a bit unclear, my head hurt and I felt empty. All because of yesterday and the blood loss. Nevertheless, I wasn't going to drink Snape's portion. My guardian said that he wanted to hurt me and I believed that this portion would be an other way to hurt me. A tear rolled down my cheek. I was 100 % sure that Snape didn't love me, he hated me and he wanted to kill me! But I still loved him.


"Galaxy!" Fred and George waved at me. 

"Hey! What's for lunch?" I sat down between them. 

"As always, what you want!" George said. I laughed. 

"Well, then, let's have some grilled aubergines." 

"Urgh! Too healthy!" Both said and threw seven sausages on their plates.  

"I always wonder why you both don't get fat. You just eat unhealthy rubbish!" 

"Hey! That's not rubbish! It's food from Merlin's paradise!" Fred said. 

"And about not getting fat, it's years and years of practice!" George said and made me laugh. 

I started filling my plate when Fred coughed unnaturally. I looked at him in question.  


"Er, Hermione said she wants to talk to you. She's waiting near the lake." Fred said. 

I narrowed my eyes.  


"We don't know. She just said we should tell you she wants to see you. And she said that very worried." George said.  

I wondered what was going on with Hermione.  

"Galaxy, everything alright? I mean, you didn't do something serious, did you?" George asked further. 

"Well, I don't think so. But Hermione always makes you feel a bit guilty, you know. If you don't do your homework, if you misuse a spell or ask something obvious to her." I answered evasive.  

"Okay, I better go. Don't want to annoy her too much." 

"But your food!" 

"I'm not hungry anymore!" I waved at them and walked out the great hall.  

Right then I bumped into someone and nearly fell down. But the person I bumped into caught me in the last second. 

"I am sorry." I said shy. 

"For your arrogance or for cleaning the floor?"  

I looked up and stopped breathing.  

"Snape." I whispered. 

"For you still Professor Snape!" He said dangerous. 

I gulped. "Why should I be sorry for my arrogance when I am not arrogant, Professor Snape?" I said daring. 

His face moved closer to me and I pressed me against the wall. 

"Really? I can't imagine any other reason for you not drinking the portion I gave you"  

"How did he know?" I thought surprised. 

"I did! And it was horrible!" I lied. 

He came more closer and I felt his long hair tickling my cheeks and smelled his scent. My belly twitched and my heart beat increased. 

"Don't lie to me." 

"I-I don't!" I said quickly before my voice totally broke down. 

"You do! Because the portion I gave you is the sweetest portion in the world!" I gulped.  

"Shit!" I thought. 

"Well, something that tastes sweet mustn't be tasting good." I dared more. He lost his control and pinned me against the wall. Thank god no one crossed our way. They would surely be confused, seeing me and Snape this way.  

Suddenly he took my wrists and pulled the sleeves up.  

"No! Stop! Let me go!" I twisted my wrists to shake his hands off but he only tightened it more. The pain and the weakness of yesterday paralyzed me and I stopped struggling.  

Snape took my arms and turned it aside as before in his detention to look at my wrists. I looked away still afraid of the view of my injury and of Snape. 

But when he didn't move nor make any sound I turned to face him. He looked very strange. His eyes were fixed on my wrists, especially on my left one.  

"My mark!" I thought and tried to release my hand but he stopped me. I whimpered. He gripped me more carefully but yet firmly. But it still hurt. He gulped and touched my mark. It tickled a little and was hot again. I winced a little and he looked up. He looked very angry. 

"You stupid girl! You don't understand that you can faint any second and don't eating lunch makes everything more worst!" 

"I-I am not hungry." I said quiet. 

He growled and scared me. But when he saw me looking scared at him, he softened his expression and went to his normal, annoyed-professor expression.  

He released me and backed slowly away. But then he grabbed me by my upper arm and dragged me to the dungeons, to the portions classroom.  

"Please, let me go." I tried to free me but it didn't make any difference, he was too strong. 

Finally we entered the classroom.

"Sit down and don't you dare to run out!" He said. I gulped and obeyed by taking a seat. Snape searched for something and came back with an orange liquid.

"If you don't drink my given portion, I have to pour an other portion on your injuries. And believe me, it hurts incredibly." 

He took my wrists and poured the orange liquid on my wrists. It really hurt. It felt as the marking with less pain but still enough to twist me around. Snape was standing next to me and pushed my arms against the table. Tears rolled down my face uncontrollable and I felt tired and annoyed from that pain.  

After a few minutes the pain vanished slowly and I sat still again. I wiped the tears away while Snape watched me closely.

"Now here's some food." Snape put a plate with rice and vegetables right in front of me. I gulped. I was surely not hungry and I was still scared if there was something in the food like poison. I shook my head.

"Don't test my patience!" I pushed the plate away.  

He growled again and screamed: "Dobby!" And I jumped in surprise. After two seconds a very little elf appeared. I have never seen an elf before that's why I stared at him strangely.

"Bring her what she wants to eat!" Snape barked at him.  

Dobby turned around and looked at me with his wide green-bluish eyes and I reckoned that there was suppressed excitement glimmering in them. I smiled weakly and he was more amazed.

"What should Dobby bring The Lady for lunch?" He said in a high tone and I felt unsure not only because of his high voice but because of him knowing I am the lady.

"Eeer... an apple?" I said.

"Of course, My Lady! Dobby will get you an apple!" And there he went off. I looked at Snape who looked very grimly at me.

"Please don't too much food!" He said sarcastically.  

Right then Dobby was back again with my apple.

"Here, My Lady. Dobby brought you the wanted apple from the kitchen." He put the apple right in front of me on the table. It surely challenged him because he was too short but he managed to do it somehow. 

I smiled.  

"Thank you, school elf Dobby." His little ears and then his whole body started to shake slightly. I guess he was happy?

"Thank you my lady! You believed Dobby deserved your gratitude! You are-"

"Go Dobby! You are not needed anymore!" Snape cut him rude off. My heart sank when Doddy's ears sank too.  

And then he vanished away.

"This wasn't nice from you." I said offended.  

"The elf was so happy and you just took his happiness! Who gives you the right to do so?"

"A student tells me how to treat a house elf? Ten points from Gryffindor!" I smiled.

"And ten points from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff AND Slytherin." I smirked in triumph.  

He surely was pissed off because he walked towards me very angry and bent down over the table towards me. I glared at him angry, not scared anymore.

"Girl, watch out. You don't want to mess with me." He said in a very deep tone and send me almost a shiver of pleasure down my spine.

"Professor, watch out. You shouldn't underestimate me." I said in a same deep tone and glared one more moment at him. I stood up to leave the room but took the apple with me on the way out. I still felt his eyes boring in my back but I wasn't deterred. Not anymore!

"Now I understand why Hermione established the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Elfin are treated badly! And there should be something done about that!" 

I walked determined out the main building towards the lake where Hermione waited for me, according to the twins. Suddenly I stopped.

"According to the twins?" I uttered.

"Since when can you trust the twins?" I thought but finally I decided to give it a try.  

"If Fred and George are wrong, I can spank them again." I smiled lightly.  

As I walked towards the lake I saw a few people from the distance and believed there would be Hermione too. 

As I get closer I saw Hermione, Ron and Harry. 

Ron and Hermione whispered something while Harry looked very confused at them.

I came closer and heard Hermione saying: "Dean was told by Parvati that... Please don't ask me say it again. Hagrid's looking for you." 

I narrowed my brows.

"Why is Hagrid looking for Harry? Hagrid will have detention with me in a while." 

I listened more closely.

"Well, You can tell Ronald-"

"I am NOT an owl!" Harry was cut off by Hermione and left him a little startled. 

She walked right in my direction and I straightened my body and pretended of arriving just in that moment and of not twigging their conversation.

"Oooh! Heey! Hermione! The twins told me you were looking for me!" I said.

"Yes, I was!" She said still angry.

"Eeer... Happened something or why are you that angry?"

"I am not angry!" I backed a little away and she immediately felt sorry.

"I am sorry. It's just... Harry and Ron and their fight. Why do they have to be so immature?!" 

I draw nearer to her and put my hands on her shoulders.

"I know. But their friendship needs to go through this state too. It's very important and believe me, they will handle this!" I comforted her.

"They have to!" She sighed.

"Well, should we sit down?" I asked and she nodded.

"So, what's the matter?" I asked her in a cherish mood.

"I... actually... wanted to ask you something." 

I looked at her and waited patiently.

"Where have you been yesterday?"  

I looked very surprised at her.

"What do you mean, Hermione? You already know this. I had extra classes with Professor Sinistra and then I had detention with Professor Snape." I tried to speak out his name as emotionless as possible.

"You are lying." I gulped and looked away.

"Galaxy, I saw those books." I turned my head back at her.

"What?!" I stood up in surprise. 

"You did what?!" I asked again when she too stood up.

"I saw those books under your pillows today in the morning and I looked into it-"

"You!" I interrupted her. 

"How dare you to touch other people's possessions?! You little nosy worm!!" I didn't realized that I was hurting my friend but she read the books and even before I could. 

She looked very guilty and hurt at the same time but nevertheless she went on.

"Galaxy, what happened yesterday and, and who are you, what's your task?" 

She asked me and made me more angry.

"Well, why don't you tell me because you read those books which actually only I am allowed to read!" I already screamed. 

"No one was supposed to read them or even see them! I should have read them but I couldn't because yesterday I had no fucking time after Snape's fucking detention!" Hermione flinched and there I realized that I lost control.

I breathed deep a few times and started again: "Hermione, I am sorry but... You read the books which were only for me and I had no opportunity to look properly at the cover! You are maybe in big trouble now, Hermione, and you nor I know about it. These books were only for me."

"But why? Why are you so special?"

"Pah! Me, and special?!" I laughed lightly. 

"I am surely not special, Hermione, and that's all what I know for sure. The other questions you asked me, well, I can't answer them because I don't know any answers to them, until now."

I looked at her disappointing face. 

"Listen. I am telling you what I told Harry. I will tell you and Harry and Ron everything about me when I know what's the matter with me. I need a few answers for myself, first of all, and then when I slowly realize what's happening with me, then I am going to tell others about me. Right? I mean how can I tell you something what even I don't know?" She nodded understanding and I felt relieved.

"Finally she understood." I thought.

"I didn't read the whole book actually, I only read the first page and the other one I couldn't open. Rose tendrils with very thick thorns covered the book when I touched them and they even made me bleed!"

"Really? That's strange." I furrowed my brows.

"Everything is getting stranger and stranger." I thought.

"Well, I think we should leave for our classes now." She said and I nodded.

"Hermione, I am sorry." I said again and she smiled.

"It's okay." I smiled back.

We started to walk back but right then I heard some voices. Beautiful female voices. They sang and I felt myself drawn to their melody. I closed my eyes and tried to resist to move closer to them. But it was too difficult.

"Galaxy! Why are you walking towards the lake?" Hermione made the voices stop and she brought me out of the trance.

"I-I heard voices. They sung a beautiful melody and I was attracted to them."

"That's the sea people or nymphs. They both live in the lake. They are known for luring innocent creatures by singing and finally when they are too close the lake they will get them and take them with them in the depths of the lake." She told me. I had a feeling of that she wanted to say something more but was a little afraid.

"Let's go." She said and took me by my arm and dragged me towards the school. 

I only heard some last evil and high female giggles in my mind and looked back at the lake. It felt as if I was observed by someone but I couldn't see anyone. 


I decided to skip dinner but I asked Harry to bring me a banana. Somehow, I had to listen to Snape and his order to eat.  

While every other person in the castle would have dinner I had the chance to read the books and then I would leave for detention with Hagrid and Harry. I still wondered why Harry would join me. As far I knew he did nothing wrong to serve detention. 

I entered my sleeping chamber and carefully closed the door behind me. All the way up, I watched out for not be seen.

"Finally!" I sighed relieved.  

I walked towards the bed and sat down to take off the 'payals'.

"Finite Incantatem!" The chains transformed into their original shape. 

I looked closely at the books. One was very thick and covered in red old leather. I guessed, it would be more than 4000 pages long. I looked more closely and saw that the edges were battered. I took it in my hands and gasped.

"It's pretty heavy!" I whispered. 

Right then green tendrils started to form out the book. I looked wide eyed at them in my hands. They twisted and moved until little blossoms appeared on them.

"Roses." I whispered when the blossoms opened.  

Finally they stopped moving.  

Suddenly something stabbed into my hand and I pulled it away in surprise. I looked at it and saw little dots on my hand from which golden liquid came out. The liquid ran together and formed a drop which fell down on the books. 

The rose tendrils started to move again and revealed the book. I saw the red leather cover again.

"My blood is the key to open it." I said amazed.

"So, this is a kind of safeguard. The thorns of the rose tendrils will stab you in the hand to make sure only my blood can open the book. If it's not my golden blood, the tendrils will remain and won't let the person open the book." I thought.

"This is awesome!" 

I touched the smooth and cold leather and opened the book. 

The first blank page was followed by an page with a short paragraph written in an old and golden, wavy writing from the Middle Ages.

"You, the master of all arts, the supreme head of all beings, the sawyer of good and evil, You, The Lady, You will never rest in peace and will be damned for every happiness."

I gulped. "'Never rest in peace' and 'damned for every happiness' very nice introduction." I thought sarcastic.

I turned the page and felt the paper between my fingers. It was as thin as a hair and as light as a feather and the writing on the opposite of the page was seen on the page lightly.  

The next page was written in the same old, wavy, middle aged handwriting but in black ink. 

I turned to the last page to see how many pages this book contained.

"9997." I gasped. "So much pages?! And I have to read them through until tomorrow?! That's impossible!!" 

I turned back to the second page but started flipping through the book in the search for a table of contents.

"Thank god there is something like an index here!" I said relieved. 

37 pages until the index. I decided to read the part before the list of content firstly. I directly went back to the second page.

It started like this: 

"Once upon a time there was the most powerful wizard in the world, living alone and old in his palace, far away where no one dared to come.  

He always fought for the poor and always loved the truth and justice. He was an honest and honorable man with a fighting spirit and luck and success on his way.  

He was stern to those who did wrong or disobeyed him and had no mercy with them while to those who obeyed his orders and successfully fulfilled a task he was most generous and noble. 

Moreover, he enjoyed big feasts and loved to be entertained. Twice a week he invited people to celebrate with him. One day only women and on the other day only aristocrats.  

The wizard lived a life of a king but although he had everything there was something missing in his life. An honorable woman, a woman of his equal, a woman on his side, a woman who would give birth to his children. 

He never found a women who was good enough, the most were greedy for his money or his status, a few loved him too much and neglected the important tasks the woman on his side should fulfill and the others were married, loved other men or looked ugly. 

Then one night he dreamed about the perfect woman on his side and when he woke up he decided to create his own partner, in fact, he was the strongest and most talented wizard in the world, he could do that! 

He studied all books from the whole world about creating beings and finally he was ready to create his perfect life partner. 

Legend has it he charmed for 9 days until he was finished and fainted in the arms of his created woman and the legend has it also that he laid unconscious for two months in his bed, still in the arms of his new life partner. 

The first words were when the wizard woke up and saw his creation: "My beauty! My Lady!"  

They married soon and the wedding was known as the biggest and most prestigious in history and the whole world celebrated for 37 days! 

The wizard was never happier and his wife neither. 

People who saw his wife doted on her. They say that she was the most honest, lovable, charming, helping, beautiful, elegant, happy, intelligent, brave and diligent woman they had ever seen. 

Her voice was pure silk and she always spoke calm and soothing, like a melody, most people believed she was singing when she spoke. 

Her beauty was indescribable. Her golden, soft hair reached her feet. Her pale skin let trough her veins. Her lips were blood red, curvy, full and always in a lovely smile. Her eyes were crystal blue and always shining in joy. Her skin was soft as baby lynx fur and as smooth as water.  

She always walked that graceful and that easily that it is said she never touched the ground. 

She fulfilled every task as the wife of the strongest wizard and made his husband very proud of his creation. 

Soon it was spread in the whole world that the wizards wife was pregnant. The whole world celebrated again but this time for nine days, one day for each month of her pregnancy.  

The people saw 'The Lady', how she is called by her subjects, being more beautiful by every day during her pregnancy. Most people believed that was because she only drunk milk with rose oil to give birth to the most beautiful child.  

Finally, after nine months a beautiful baby laugh was heard through the rooms of the palace. 

They say that the king was that happy about having a daughter that he cried seven tears while he hold her in his arms and all the while she laughed.  

Then, the whole world celebrated again but this time for 59 days and the king honored 99 men by giving them their own little residents and 3000 pounds of gold. Those men did great work then, blessed by the great wizard, and their successor still enjoy the fruits of his generosity. 

The Lady soon recovered and started playing with her little daughter and educating her to a true royal heir.  

But the wizard tore his daughter apart from his wife and forbid her to see her daughter again. He neglected his wife; he didn't deign to look at his wife for only one moment. Both even ate separately but when he decided to separate her from their marital bed and replace her by his daughter, the lady lost her happiness and the strength to live. But she didn't give up for her daughter. 

She followed her husband through the palace and observed him and her daughter very close. The wizard was too much taken by his daughter.

Soon the lady noticed that her laughing daughter got more and more quieter and stopped at one point laughing and smiling at all.  

The lady totally broke down. She lost every happiness in her life and wondered whether this was her destiny.  

Eight years went by and people barely saw the queen and if they saw her then only in black robes, never smiling and with tear stained eyes.  

Her daughter and the wizard were always present but people noticed that the daughter never smiled too.  

Soon rumors spread out like fire, mother and daughter were punished for disobeying the great wizard and there fore they were cursed to never smile again. 

But the truth was different. The lady was sorrowful because of her ignorant husband and the ban to never see her daughter, in fact she didn't saw her in eight years by now.  

The daughter's sorrow was different and soon revealed by her mother.  

The lady walked through the palace on a hot summer night when she couldn't sleep as the days and months before. 

She dared to walk up to the forbidden part in the palace, the floor with the bedroom of her husband and her daughter.  

The guards were asleep as she entered the floor.  

She heard strange noises and draw closer to them. Then she made out a fast bumping noise matched with deep male like sighs and moans. She walked more closer and heard a little whimper with moans. Then she realized that these noises came from the bedroom of his husband. She ran towards his room and was disgusted by the thought that he would have forced a woman or girl to have sex with him in front of his daughter. She banged open the door and found a more horrifying view.  

Her husband was on top of her crying daughter. Her husband had forced her eight years old daughter to have sex with him.  

Her whole world broke down. She never could have imagined something like that.  

She took her daughter from her disgusting husband and run away on that night. She was searched by his husband and his guards and had to hid in the forrest where every single creature helped her. They felt her and her daughter's sorrow and helped them with food to eat and a little cave to sleep.  

They hid in the forrest until one night, when a wise unicorn appeared. 

The unicorn spoke to her while her daughter was fast asleep. It told her that her beauty and her attraction inherited her daughter and left herself. That's why her husband wasn't attracted to the lady anymore and only had eyes for her daughter. That went that far that her husband slept with his own daughter blind by the attraction of hers. 

The Lady felt pained and guilty. She was the reason why her daughter experienced such a devastating happening.  

She cried and swore she would end the pain of her daughter. She got close to her sleeping daughter and strangled her to death. She felt too guilty and the pain in her heart was unimaginable. She cried and cried and cried.  

It was already getting light when all the creatures in the forrest found her still crying and her dead daughter in her arms. The whole forrest grieved.  

But then the unicorn comforted and encouraged her and then the lady vowed again that she will always be there for the forrest and its inhabitant and for the whole world and their inhabitants who suffered so much pain like her. Furthermore, she vowed that her husband would suffer like her and pay for creating her. 

She walked back to the palace with her dead daughter.  

She was caught by the guards and brought to the wizard.  

The lady placed their daughter right in his lap and he started to cry and to get furious.  

She wanted that and was satisfied.  

The great wizard was that furious that he started destroying his creation but the lady expected that.  

She was powerful and a very well skilled wizard like him too but he was driven by anger, she was driven by anger, pain, revenge and the desire of justice.  

They both fought while the guards outside were destroyed by the creatures of the forrest, those who granted the lady and her daughter help. 

The Lady and the wizard duelled until the whole palace started dissolving itself.  

Soon the wizard got weak because he was too old and the lady could see the fear in his eyes. 

"My beauty, my lady." She repeated and bowed down. Before he could even realize what she said, she killed him. 

Then she replaced the wizard by herself and ordered to rebuild the palace.  

Soon the lady made a book with her story written in it and all the powerful spells, charms, ingredients and portions written in it. A guardian fulfilled every need of her and kept the book safe. 

Then after 1000 years the lady decided to give her powers and function as the head of every being in the world to someone else.  

The new lady announced after 1000 years a new lady again and this lady did the same.  

This has make the succession of the pure rose reach in this new age and further it will reach the future ages until the last lady ends the world. 

And the founder lady will make sure herself that every lady fulfills her task faithful and if not she will curse her and do to her terrible things." 

I couldn't make any sound. I tried to think properly but I couldn't. This pre-reading made me perplexed. 

"This is my story. The story of the lady." I thought. 

"And this is the book the founder lady made." I said disbelievingly. 

I stroke the last page I was reading on.  

I gulped impressed.  

"My task. What is my task, my lady?" I said distantly. 

I didn't dared to read on and closed the book. A pink dust flew through the pages and left a tantalizing smell of roses in the air. I wrinkled my nose. It really was too much fragrance! 

I tried to lock up the thoughts and questions in my head and tried to think about something else.  

I looked on my finger watch, it was 20:08.  

"Seven min until my detention starts." I said. 

I stood in front of the books and pointed my wand at them. 

"Forma Permuta Payals!" 

I took the false 'payals' and placed them on my ankles. 

Then I started walking downstairs towards Hagrid's hut. 

I was walking very slowly and paralyzed. My head hurt and I felt dizzy.


Dear lovely readers!  

Finally I updated!! It took me quite much time to figure the story of the lady out and I believe that there are still a few weak points or unanswered questions. 

That's why please ask them! Maybe you, my readers, raise some points that I forgot to write about or I forgot at all to explain.  

It's the first time I am writing to you directly, because I really need your ideas and thoughts. 

But otherwise I won't write too often to you in my story. Because, I believe, that this is only for writing stories and it is after a while really annoying!  

I am always open and I always answer to you messages!! I love to talk to my beautiful readers!  

Love you and please leave some comments for this chapter for your questions.

Lots of love and don't forget to smile at least once a day,

Yours Puma XXXXX

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