Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


62. Surprise!

Since the second task I had consistently strange nightmares and therefore a lack of sleep.
My nightmares contained that old unknown house with that quite familiar faces by now and one new location, a grave with scary hooded figures sculptured out of stone. They were so real that I thought they might release theirselves from the grave and come alive! 
And then there was a last dream, it was a death again but this time it was Cedric Diggory's.

I woke up in my bed with a start. I dreamt about Cedric's death again. 
I felt how my clothes were glued tightly to my body and realized that they were drenched too!
I was covered with sweat. 
I looked around through my tears-blurred eyes and saw Hermione awake, the only one whom I woke up. 
"The same dream?" She asked. 
I nodded while I took tiredly and afraid my wet face in my hands. 
"Any details this time?" She asked further.
I shook my head. 
Hermione believed that everything I was dreaming was a foreseeing, though a vision what will happen in the future. That was the result of her research about me that she did in the library.
Well, that I already knew by my guardian but I didn't know how to prevent these events.
"I'm going to get ready." I said and walked straight to the bathroom to take a shower. 
As I was showering, I saw the replication of Cedric's death and Mr. Crouch's death in front of me. 
Mr. Crouch was found a couple of days ago... death. Someone killed him in the forbidden forrest. Only I knew that his son killed him.
But I didn't know that he was killed in the forbidden forrest although it was quite obvious! I didn't get that though I could have guessed it! There were plenty trees in that vision! I am too stupid!! I'm a fool! A bloody fool!
Harry found Mr. Crouch that night when that incident in Snape's storeroom happened. And as Harry and I encountered when Karkaroff showed Snape his left underarm, Harry just left Dumbledore's office, reporting him what happened. Harry told me after we met Sirius what happened then. He even told me that the Minister Mr. Fudge was there too and he will be attending the last task on behalf of Mr. Crouch now, to represent the ministry.
I walked out of the shower and dried myself to rub me with lotion afterwards. Everything was done by me very tensed.
I was thinking and thinking and thinking how I could save Cedric.
After lotioning me I left the bathroom, wrapped in my towel, and went back to our dorm. I searched for clothes but wasn't quite satisfied until I found something black in my trunk. 
Suddenly everything started spinning around me but I kept me safe from fainting! It stopped just at the right moment.
That was a consequence from my waiver of food and the lack of sleep. I only eat one meal properly in a day since Snape and I were in his store room and that was breakfast.
"You know you should go to the hospital wing and additionally tell Dumbledore." Hermione said as I stood more self-confidently after my surrounding stopped spinning. She was still up and didn't go back to sleep. 
"I won't because I don't want to make the hospital wing my second dorm and the last time I told Dumbledore that someone would die he didn't believe me." I said stubbornly while I dressed me up.
"Will you try to save Cedric on your own? The last task is today! How will you do this?" She said in disbelieve.
"I will try." I said curtly and walked out before she was able to say any thing further.
It was time for my morning sports by now.
Running felt very good although I couldn't run very much. I got dizzy and nearly fainted. 
Yoga was annoying because I didn't had the patience to do every exercise with full attention and calmness.
Meditation was therefore impossible! 
Those dreams crossed my mind all the time and ruined every attempt to meditate!
"My guardian?" I thought finally.
"Yes, My Lady?" She answered.
"What can I do about that dreams?"
"I can't tell you what to do, My Lady. I am just a guardian."
"Just give me a hint!" I shouted suddenly. Surely everything got on my nerves by now.
"Look in the books." She said.
I opened my eyes at once and thought about that.
"I will call for you, if needed." I thought and immediately stood up.
"Farewell, My Lady." She said and her voice left my mind.
I run upstairs to my dorm and passed many students who started to go to the Great Hall for breakfast.
My dorm was therefore very empty.
I locked the door and took out my secret books. After giving it my blood and proving it that I am authorized to read it I scanned through pages and pages.
After aimlessly reading and searching I looked at the table of contents and read: "713. Life and Death"
I jumped to that chapter. 
There was a potion which gives life or rather it safes you from death.
It was written that it prevents death if the person would drink the potion on the previous full moon before his or her death. 
"What?!" I asked frustrated.
"That can't be true!!" I shouted and threw the book against my dresser. 
"The last full moon was two days ago!" I thought angry.
Suddenly I slumped down in my bed and took my face into my hands in despair. Tears started soon to flee out of my eyes.
"Why do I always have to cry when something happens??!!" I thought angry. 
Right then I turned in my bed towards the pillow and started punching it. 
I shouted. 
Then I buried my face into the pillow and thought about nothing.
I noticed that I was falling asleep but I feared to sleep and dream again.
"Yeah!" I startled up and jumped out of my bed.
"The headmaster send me. He wants to talk to you in his office." Ginny said and brought me the massage. 
"Thanks." I nodded in fear.
"Did I something wrong?" I asked me.


In front of the headmasters office I listened intensely to the voices inside. I didn't dare to enter it. I was still fearing whether I did something wrong.
"I am so proud about that boy!" A warm female voice exclaimed. 
Her voice was that heartily and motherly that it made me feel so comfortable and loved.
"I am too but I am more worried about him, especially now when the last task is about to happen." This voice was very familiar to me and it send a very strange, excited feeling in my stomach.
"Remus!" I whispered in happy disbelieve.
Suddenly the door opened and revealed me eavesdropping.
But before realizing this I saw Remus and started running towards him.
"Remus!" I said euphoric as I jumped in his arms.
He laughed a pleasant and happy laugh into my ears and send a more intense feeling through my stomach. 
Finally, after a long time which seemed to be just seconds, we tore apart and looked at each other intensely happy. I started blushing and looked sheepishly away.
"What are you doing here?" I asked then.
"Surprising you." He said warm.
My stomach twitched jubilant but by now it felt though uncomfortable. 
I looked up at him and smiled sheepishly and he smiled dashing back.
"I am here..."
Right then his voice got dull and very onerous and it was fading! 
I couldn't hear him but not only him, I couldn't hear the ticking of the strange instruments in Dumbledore's office nor the breathing of the persons in the room. 
Then my eyes started to get heavy and my body felt light and carefree. 
I fainted.

I opened my eyes in wonder and asked me what happened. 
I was lying on the floor in Remus' arms. 
"I blacked out."
A feeling in side me developed that made me believe that I was only two seconds away. 
"Galaxy!" Remus said worried.
I rose up suddenly and felt like a newborn, so much energy and that awake! I felt like I was going to write an A++ in my exam... if I would write an exam then.
"Calmly, Galaxy!" A female voice said and pushed me into a chair. I looked at her in surprise. I totally forgot her!
She was a plump very friendly and heartily looking woman, a little worried though because of me, who had the same hair color as Ron. 
"Are you Ron's mom?" I asked at once.
She smiled but turned back to her worried face instantly.
"Lay on your back and put your legs in the air." She ordered. I looked at her confused but I listened to her although it was difficult to lay on my back in a chair and raise my feet.
"Now stay like this for five minutes." 
It was very tough to hold my legs like this and it was exhausting me only after one minute!
Right then Remus leaned against my legs and supported them. He read my mind I think!
I smiled up at him but he looked worried and very stern. I gulped guiltily.
"Good. Now, Remus, let her go and Galaxy, drink this!" Mrs. Weasley said and pushed a glass with yellow liquid in my hand after I sat normal in the chair. I took a sip and tasted relieved that it was orange juice. 
"Why did you faint?" Remus asked sternly. My last sip of orange juice got stuck in my throat and I started coughing. 
Mrs. Weasley slapped on my back and stopped my coughing. 
"Now tell me." Remus said but I looked away and kept my mouth shut. 
After a short while Remus said: "You look thinner than before... Did you eat properly?" I still didn't say anything but gulped very heavily which gave me away. 
"She didn't. That worries quite a few teacher and some more than that as well." Dumbledore said the very first time and made me to look up at his phrase "... and some more than that..."
Mrs. Weasley gasped in shock and Remus looked like someone beat him up. Again, I looked away ashamed and guilty. 
"Child! How are you going to survive if you don't eat?" Mrs. Weasley said worried. 
"Come." Remus said suddenly and took my wrist carefully.
I stood up and followed him after he indicated a farewell to Dumbledore and Mrs. Weasley.
I foresaw that he was taking me to the kitchen and I was right. 
But he left me outside and said to me to wait there. 
I obeyed.
I gasped as Remus returned. There was too much food on the three plates in front of me. 
"That's not all for you! I didn't had breakfast therefore we will have our late breakfast together. Moreover, I couldn't miss the chance to taste such good food again. It's been a year I ate something that good!" He laughed and I laughed too.
"Come, Let's go somewhere on the grounds and have a nice picnic!" 
With that we went out into the warm sunshine and chose a nice place from where we could see the amazing mountains and the lake.
"You changed." Remus said after eating his omelette. He was watching me all the time while I just sat there and looked at my surrounding.
"Do I?" I took a culm from the ground.
"Dumbledore told me what happened." I looked up in shock.
Did Dumbledore know about Karkaroff and the ball?
"You have strange dreams and you have a special bond with Harry and your pet."
"He's not a pet. He's my companion." I corrected him while a relieved feeling rushed through my body.
He watched me more closely.
"Dumbledore told me about the second task too." I gulped. 
"I... I don't know w-what's happening to me." Suddenly I started crying and cursed me for it.
Remus took me in his arms and cradled me like a little child. 
I stopped crying quite quickly but he still hold me close to him. 
My eyes shut while a comforting feeling flushed through my body.
It caused that I started humming a melody.
It was the song Doesn't mean anything by Alicia Keys.
"Fortunately, I have to interrupt you at your romp." A cold sneering made us to tore apart in shock.
Snape was standing right behind us, his hands folded behind his back and his face deathly ice cold.
"Hello Severus! Do you want to join us and have some toasts?" Remus asked cheery with a little hint of tease.
Somehow I didn't like how Remus talked to him and somehow I felt so wrong to be with Remus then and not with Snape.
Snape looked scornfully down at the plate which Remus was holding in front of him.
He looked away and stared right in my eyes. He was again unreadable but I was sure there was something that he wanted to say. 
"After you are finished with your ... bill and coo-"
"Nah, Severus, I hope you aren't accusing her of something." Remus intervened.
"-come to my office." Snape said curtly and ignored Remus.
Then he turned around and walked back to the castle with his robes flying behind him like black flames. 
"You're sure you want nothing?" Remus called after him and laughed.
I put my hand on his arm and looked sternly at him, showing him that it was enough.
"He needs to be more human." He said still with a smile on his face.
"Stop it, Remus. Do you even know why he is how he is?" I asked hurt.
Remus looked at me very attentive.
"Maybe he suffered something more worst than we experienced in our lifes?" 
"Did he open up to you or how do you know that?" He asked jokily and a little jealous.
I rose one brow.
"Why are you asking? I thought you aren't interested in get to know him." 
"So he did." He said sad. 
I looked at him surprised and wondered why his mood changed that quickly. 
"He's my teacher. We have to talk to each other." 
"He's alright, you should know that." Remus said more strange. 
I decided to say nothing more on that topic. Remus behaved strange and it was save to keep Snape's secret, which he didn't actually shared, with me.
"Sirius and Tonks are sending you very heartily greetings." Remus said then. 
"Oh! Really? Thanks!" I said forced. I still couldn't like Tonks. I didn't know why.
"It would be great to see Sirius again." I said.
"And ... Tonks too!" I said with great force.
He smiled. I was sure he noticed that there was something wrong with me.
"She wants to meet you too! You know. Every time when I'm telling her how you look like she tries to change herself into you." He laughed and my heart hurt. 
"Her memory only makes him laugh. Not my memories." I thought gloomily.
Then he started to talk about her but I didn't really listen to him. I was wondering whether he would stop talking about Tonks and call me sunflower. But he didn't. 


"Well, then. I have to go. I was only here for a short time." Remus was about to leave. He arrived by floo powder. That was actually a great invention. It transports you from one fireplace to an other. And in just seconds!! Remus told me that it was much comfortable than apparating. 
"It was so good to see you." I hugged him tightly and heard his comfortable laugh again. 
We tore apart and he took a hand full of powder. 
"Pit near the East Willow!" he said loudly and threw the powder in side the fireplace. 
A green cloud appeared. 
Remus nodded to Dumbledore quickly and stepped into that cloud. 
He waved and mouthed a 'Bye.' And I immediately waved back and said: "Bye! Lov-" 
I stopped suddenly in shock.
Remus disappeared.
"What was I going to say?!" I asked me in disbelieve. 
I clasped my hand over my mouth, trying to take the nearly spoken words back.
"Ms. Charmé. You should go to Professor Snape. He called for you." Dumbledore said and made me guilty. 
"I should have said it to Snape." I thought. 
"Please hurry up or he might come up and drag you to the dungeons." The headmaster laughed. 
I nodded and left the headmasters office very guilty and shocked.


I knocked at Snape's office door.
"Come in." He said as always.
I entered and he looked up. His eyes got something depressed.
"I'm sorry for being late. I-"
" couldn't take your hands off of that foul dog?" Snape interrupted me.
"Pardon?" I said shocked. Did he said to Remus 'foul dog'?
Snape left his chair and walked up to me. 
"He's a werewolf. You might need to know that." He said angry.
"I already know that." I said back and looked right into his eyes.
He was surprised but he did what he always did, curling up his lips in disgust.
"He can kill you in seconds when-"
"Exactly. When." I said still staring into his eyes.
Suddenly Snape pinned me against the wall and grabbed me very painful by my upper arms.
"You stupid girl!" He said between his teeth.
"Y-you hur-rt me." I whispered in pain.
He was that angry that he pushed me more harsher into the wall.
But as I complained he released me. 
He looked at me unreadable and turned back to his table.
"Here." He hold a little vial in front of me. 
I looked down at it but didn't take it.
Snape turned to me and walked up to me again but this time I backed away. He stopped and stared at me.
"It's a strengthening potion. Your lack of food causes weakness and it will turn into heavy illness quite soon." He said like a know-it-all.
"Instead of trying to convince me to eat, you just give me a potion?! You're giving your responsibility to a bloody liquid?!" I asked aghast. 
"He doesn't care for me." I thought. 
Snape stared at me quietly.
"You know what? The reason why I am not eating is you! You and your arrogant behavior!" I shouted.
"Remus is more considerate than you! He went downstairs and brought some food for me. He ate with me to make me eat somehow! And you? You're just giving me a strengthening potion!" I shouted more louder.
"Don't you dare to compare me to that smelling mutt." He said quietly.
"What?!" I looked at him in disbelieve.
"Did you insulted him? In front of me?" 
"Smelling mutt." He said again.
That triggered something inside me. I ran up to Snape and started punching him on his chest. 
"Don't... you... ever... call... him... like... this!" I screamed at him between my slaps on his chest.
It seemed as nothing happened. Snape just stood there, accepting the punches and looking at me down. 
After I was done he still stood there and looked at me while I panted hard.
"Just say something!" I shouted after hearing nothing from him. 
"For that, Ms. Charmé, you will get expelled." He said only. I looked up at him.
"And you were expelled from humanity a long time ago!" I said and stormed out.

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