Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


47. Spanking

"Galaxy!" Hermione screamed.



"Leave me alone!" I moaned.

"No, I won't! We have to go to our classes!"

"Yeah, then go, Hermione!" I said under my bed sheet and turned my back to Hermione.

"You heard me, Galaxy, I won't! I won't go to breakfast either if you don't join me. I won't leave this room without you!!"

"Aaaaaaaaarrr!!" I sat up right in my bed, very annoyed.

"Do you know when I came back?! At fucking 3 am!!" The thoughts from yesterday flashed through my mind like different countrysides tear past a train window.

"I heard that! You were quite loud! But that is no excuse for skipping classes! And breakfast!"

"Gosh! You sound so like Professor McGonagal!! Please do something about that!!" I creased my face.

"If you got ready for your classes and went with me to have breakfast, I would definitely not sound like Professor McGonagal!" She said offended and angry.

I sighed and realized suddenly that Royalty was not in the room.

"Where's Royalty?"

"Downstairs with Fred and George."

I startled up.


I jumped out my bed and ran down, to the common room.

"Fred! George! Don't touch him!" I shouted while I bounced down the stairs.  

Everyone in the room looked at me as if they saw a monster.

"Whoa! That's a view, Fred! One of our dream girls running down in her night lingerie towards us!" George said.

"And looking very attractive. Sleepy, yet angry. How sexy, George!!" Fred added.


I run towards them in fury while both opened their arms for a hug.  

But instead of hugging them, I slapped them on their chests.


Everyone laughed besides me and the twins.

"I am not in my lingerie! And what did you give Royalty to eat??!! Where is he at all? Already in the hospital wing?! I warn you! If-"

"You know, we are very hurt, don't we George? And not only because you slapped us." Fred interrupted me and George nodded affirmative.

"You always worry about your pet. You've never worried about us! Maybe we need to spend some time with you too? A lunch break, dinner, a day or a night!" George said innocently.

Unfortunately, I was in a bad mood, not only because of the happenings of yesterday and my loss of sleep, and screwing me up then made it only worst. 

I put out my wand while everyone gasped.

"Galaxy, you aren't allowed to use magic on other students outside the classes!" Hermione shrieked.

But I ignored her and run towards the twins who were already on their way out of the chamber but I got them in time and trashed them on their butts with my wand.





"We love you!"

But I didn't stop. They tried to escape from me and my spanking by running through the chamber and even through the whole school, where everyone laughed at us when we crossed their ways but I didn't stop!  

Only until we entered the Great Hall.  

I stopped right in the middle of the hall when I realized where I was. Fred and George ran towards the teacher's table and stopped only behind the headmaster, to hide from me.  

Everyone stared at us, wondering what was happening and I felt how my cheeks went red.

"Dumbledore! She spanked us through the whole school! With her wand!!!!"

They said in union and rubbed their butts. The whole hall stared at me with wide eyes and started laughing. I looked embarrassed through the hall.  

Hagrid, Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick and the headmaster suppressed a chuckle while Professor McGonagal looked at me like a dragon! Gosh! When looks could kill...! Professor Moody laughed with the students and somehow I felt scary. Karkaroff and Madame Maxime remained emotionless.  

Filch was stroking Ms. Norris quite happy and grinned evilly at me. "Oh ooh! That means, I will get punished, maybe by Filch himself!!" Then I looked at Snape who looked as normal at me. But his eyes were different than usual. I didn't know in how far but they just looked ... not normal. 

Right then Hermione and Ron entered the hall and stood next to me a little confused. 

After everyone laughed out and the hall was fairly quite the headmaster stood up and walked towards me, followed by Fred and George and Professor McGonagal. I gulped.

"Oh-ooh! I am in big trouble!" My head said. 

They all stopped in front of me.

"Miss Charmé, did I hear correctly that you ... spanked ... both mister Weasleys?" The headmaster asked. 

I looked ashamed down on my feet and nodded.

"And with your wand?"  

I nodded again.

"You used magic against a student out of class?!" This time Professor McGonagal asked me and more angry than the headmaster.

"No, Professor. She used her wand... literally, without magic." Hermione answered for me. She and Ron were still standing next to me.  

My house teacher gasped.  

"You did what?" I said nothing.

"A wand is the most important equipment and tool of a wizard. And you just misused yours for... for... spanking some students?!"

I wondered if I had used magic, would it have been as bad as now?

"I am very disappointed and highly indignant! You humiliated Hogwarts in front of our guests from France and Russia! Your actions are egregious!! You not only attacked students and broke some other school rules, you also showed yourself immature and undeserving for being in this school!" My eyes watered.

"Do I have to leave Hogwarts?" I asked cracked.

"Well, I would suggest this but in the end it's the choice of the headmaster." 

I assumed Dumbledore would expel me but nevertheless there was still a little hope that he wouldn't.

"You are very right, Professor McGonagal, and I understand your point of misusing a wand." 

And there my hope died.

"But...!" I looked up surprised.

"A wizard should also know how to use a wand without magic. This is very important to survive in the muggle world." My eyes gleamed.

"Really?! To survive in the muggle world?! That's far the best excuse I've ever heard!" I thought.

"And that's why I don't see the use of expelling you!" Dumbledore smiled at me down.

"But Albus-" McGonagal was interrupted by the enormous cheers in the hall and Fred and George definitely cheered the loudest. I smiled relieved.

"Nevertheless, ...!" The headmaster wasn't finished yet.

"Miss Charmé attacked students and harmed them, that's why you will have to spend the whole next week with me in your detentions. Your last detentions were quite... bizarre and I thought spending detentions with me wouldn't go that far." He smiled.

I cracked a smile and remembered last night with Snape. I gulped.

"How does he know about it, anyway? Did Moody tell him?" I thought. 

But detentions with Dumbledore was the least punishment I deserved. Only the other students believed something else, they gasped in shock.

"Thank you." I mouthed to the headmaster.

"I suggest you one more thing, Miss Charmé, get dressed for your classes and don't be overprotective about your pet. It knows how to survive the Hogwarts School life. Spend some time with other people like the Weasley twins." He winked at me and the twins 'Wohoooed' 

I couldn't resist and joined the others laughing.

"See Galaxy? We got the headmaster at our side!"

"Well, then I hope you won't spank me, Miss Charmé!" Dumbledore said jokingly and made me blush again.

"Fine, then. After the twins got their too deserved punishment, we can get back and finish our breakfast." And everyone went back to their meals.

I turned around to go change my clothes and looked at Ron and Hermione who were whispering to each other very closely. I smiled. 

"I will let them have some private talking." I thought and giggled.

I went back to the chamber and saw the books my guardian gave me under my pillow.

"Oh! I totally forgot!! I hope no one saw them." But before I took them with me I changed into new robes and got ready in the bathroom. When I was finished I walked back to the Great Hall for breakfast and remembered to take the books with me.

"Galaxy!" The twins hugged me and I returned their hug.

"We are sorry. You have detention with Dumbledore because of us." Fred said.

"But he will be much nicer than Snape!" George said.

I forced a smile and tried very hard to avoid looking at the staff table at Snape. 

We went to our seats and there I saw Royalty. 

"Ro! Where have you been?" I said aloud.

"Galaxy! On the grounds with the other cats." He jumped against my leg.

"How are you feeling? And you didn't eat something Fred and George gave to you, did you?"

"They tried to give me some toffees but they smelled odd, that's why I didn't eat them. They tried some other stuff too but they were all smelling odd." I sighed relieved.

"Did your pet told you that we were good boys?" Fred and George asked me.

"Not quite. He told me that he was a good boy because he didn't take a bite from the foul stuff you tried to fed him!"

"Well, it's the same!" They said. I rolled my eyes.

"But now you got detentions for nothing." Ron said.

"But it's detention with Dumbledore. That's not bad, it will be great! And moreover, it wasn't nothing. Your brothers deserved that! They played too much pranks and annoyed me to death!" I said.

"And to be honest, Galaxy," both Weasleys came very close and whispered in my ears: "We liked to be spanked by you." I buried my hot face in my hands while they both made seducing noises.

Thank God, the owls flew in right then and one very little and cute, scattered looking, brown owl stopped right in front of me. It had riffled hair but very warm brown eyes and hooted very excited at me.  

I smiled at it heartily and released the letter from his little leg carefully. I looked at envelope

"For Galaxy Charmé, in Hogwarts, School for Witchcraft and Wizardry."

I had never seen the handwriting before and wondered who would write to me.

"Look! The owl's saying something, Galaxy!" Hermione pointed at the now more and cuter hooting owl. I leveled my head on its hight and wanted to pick it up. But before I could pick it up it jumped towards me and touched my lips with its beak. I rose my head a little scared.

"Does it just kissed me or does it tried to prick me in my lips?" I wondered.

"I think the owl gave you a kiss!" Ron said.

"No, not the owl, the sender! The owl is just giving the message, Ron!" Hermione said.

"Who's the sender then?"

"I don't know, Ron. I will open it in one second, wait." I said and lowered my head at the hight of the owl. This time I gave it a kiss on it's beak and it hooted more lovely and opened it wings a little while I kissed it.

"Now, fly back and give the sender my massage." I smiled. The owl hooted diligently before it took off and flew away. 

I turned back to the letter and opened it.


"Dear Galaxy,

I was very delighted to receive a letter from you. Thank you very much!

I assume after reading your letter you do quite well in your classes, besides portions. Well, there I can only say, just do your best for yourself. Snape is impossible to please. In fact, you are learning for yourself and not for Snape.

And about Mad-Eye, he is amazing! Crazy, but amazing! I know him for a little while now and I am very impressed by him. But his eye still scares me.

I heard from Sirius, Harry's god uncle, and read in the newspaper (the article was real rubbish, like all of the articles of Rita Skeeter) that Harry is participating in the Triwizard Tournament.  

I am very worried. He shouldn't participate in it. People die in this tournament! But moreover, someone tricked Dumbledore. That's terrifying. Galaxy, I have a bad feeling like a few years ago, before the war started.  

Please keep an eye on him, Galaxy. You are the Lady, you have to keep him save! Please.

Yes, I do know Sirius Black. He is my very old friend. We went together with Harry's parents to Hogwarts. Therefore, we feel and care for each other like a family. And that's why I couldn't resist telling him about you. I am very sorry for not asking you in the first place.  

Sirius wants to write a letter to you too, by the way. He couldn't talk you yesterday (yes, I do know about that too. As I said we are like a family, we can't hide things from each other).

I send you a photo from me and Tonks, my very close friend. She's a metamorphmagus, she can change her outer appearance when she likes to. That's why she changes into a tulip on the photo, we are planting flowers in my garden then. 

She is currently visiting me and she wants to stay and live with me. She doesn't really have a place to call her own, a home. But I am very worried. You know about my condition. I am afraid of hurting her. But on the other hand, I am too attached to her and I am tired of living alone, her company the last few weeks were very comforting and funny. I like her very much.

In the end, I hope you will set hard on your studies (learn with Hermione, she is brilliant!), keep an eye on Harry and try to stay out of any trouble, including Snape. 

And I hope you will keep writing to me because I was very overjoyed to receive a letter from you! 

Say hello to all!

Yours, Remus Lupin

PS: Yes, my owl send you my kiss. I hope he delivered it on the right place."

I folded the letter and took the picture. It was a black and white photography with Remus looking amused at a woman who's face turned into a tulip blossom. And... he wrapped his arm around her waist. 

I looked at the picture very closely. Remus looked very happy. The quite young woman, maybe 20 years old and a little too young for Remus, seemed to make him happy.  

I clenched my jaw. Was I jealous?

"Galaxy! Who wrote to you and why are you looking so frustrated?" Ginny asked.

"Was I looking frustrated?"

"Oh! Sorry, it's Remus. He's saying hello to all! And I am not looking frustrated. I was concentrating very hard. He send me a photo of him." Suddenly I stuffed the letter and the photo back in the envelope and tossed it in a school book.

"Hey! We wanted to see this too!" Ron said. But I just took a bite from my toast and stared at my plate.

"Harry!" Hermione said and everyone looked up. Only Ron remained looking at his food and stood up suddenly.

"See you later." Ron said and walked away, not looking at Harry for a second.

"I guess he doesn't understand yet." Harry said and filled the empty place of Ron. No one spoke, everyone looked away or at their food.

Then a large black owl flew in and stopped in front of me very elegantly. It's eyes were piercing into mine and he didn't make any sound. On his feet was a letter and a little vial. I wondered what that meant. 

I took the letter.

"To Carmen Valeria Galaxy Charmé"

I gasped. It was a familiar writing.  

I tear open the envelope and unfolded it quickly.

"Ms. Charmé,

I wrote this letter to let you know that you still serve detention with me. You left yesterday without my permission.  

Additionally, you have to spend two more detention classes with me, each detention for the books you stole from the library.  

I will let you know when this three detentions will take place.

You may see a little vial on the other feet of my owl. Drink it. It will cure your injury.

S. Snape"

I read the letter three times until I realized that Snape wrote to me. There was nothing really important nor nice written in it but he wrote to me! My belly felt very strange and my lips got dry.  

I looked at the owl and remembered it was waiting for me to take the vial. I released the vial and the owl flew away immediately. It made a gust and it hit my nose. I recognized the dusty, slightly musty and woody scent of Snape at once.  

I looked back at the vial and suddenly frowned my brows.

"Why did he send me a vial to cure my wrists? Snape could take me to Madame Promfrey to see himself what kind of injury this was. This was so not Snape-like."

Finally, I took all my courage and looked at the staff table for Snape. 

He already stared at me. I gulped. His eyes were still not normal. We stared at each other and I forgot all my surroundings. Fred had to shake my arm to get me back.

"Who wrote to you?" George asked.

"M-my friend." I lied.

Everyone looked at me doubtful. But before they could do anything I stood up and was on my way out of the hall. I stopped in my tracks and turned around.

"What is the spell for changing the shape of something?" I asked them.

But only Neville was able to answer me: "Forma Permuta and then you have to say the shape you want it to have. To change it back you just need to say Finite Incantatem."

"How do you know that?" Harry asked.

"M-my grandmother t-told me that one."

All my friends looked at him stunned, besides Hermione who looked at me with narrowed eyes. But I didn't see her, I walked out the hall already, grinning and proud of Neville and Royalty following me.

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