Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


12. Royalty

When I waked up I had to orientate and remember what happened last day because I had still my coat and scarf on. Remembering the shopping tour with Remus through that pub backyard I was again thinking of Ollivander and put out my wand which was in one of the bags. Finally finding it I stroked it and felt that amazing power again. I closed my eyes to intensify the feeling.

Then I remembered the strange dream I dreamed. I saw a dark figure in my room approaching me in my bed. I was outside my body, I looked from my pillow at the top of my bed at the whole scene. The dark figure reached out his hand and stroked my cheek and I nestled my head even closer to him. I smiled in my sleep. Then the dark man took out a stick and escaped through my open window in the dark.

I opened my eyes and noticed that I touched my right cheek with my right hand, the cheek that was touched by the dark figure. And somehow I felt like I saw this figure somewhere... I thought ... and thought... and thought... and thought. Then I remembered where I saw him! When I got Royalty! It was the same figure! I recognized it at the wand! Suddenly I felt terrified and released my cheek. Then after short thinking who that figure was and how did he find out where I live I heard some clumsy drumming from under my bed. Wondering what caused that noised I looked from my bed under the bed sheets to find a little, black, fur ball playing with one of my shopping bags.

"Royalty!" I cried happily!

"Finally, you are awake!" I crawled under my bed and took out a playful kitten.

"What are you doing there?" I asked if I would get an answer.

I looked at the cat and realised the very first time how beautiful and graceful it was. He looked at me with big green eyes and the very soft and black fur with dots reflected shiningly the light. Only the right paw was white. I reached out to touch it, Royalty looking at my movement very watchful all the time. I squeezed the soft paw and Royalty leaned against my hand. We didn't move for a few moments.

Then I relieved my hand and took Royalty in my arms and hugged him.

"I love you", I whispered in his ear and he buried his head in my chest - or should I say breasts? I realised that he is hungry and jumped from my bed and scared him lightly.

"Sorry. I think we should have breakfast, first." I smiled at him and he looked happy now.

Passing my clock which said 10 am at a Saturday I left my room downstairs where my mom and sister ate breakfast. My owl, Snowflake, was already there and I think already fed.

"Good morning everyone!" Everybody looked from its newspaper and my owl opened half his eye which she closed quickly again when she saw who made that noise.

"Morning! Aaaw!! Look at that cat, mom! Isn't it sugar sweet!!" My sister got up and took Royalty from my arms.

"He! It's a boy!"

"Do you named him?"

"Yeah, Royalty!"

"Oooooh! We have here a highness, haven't we?" she asked playfully and tickled him in his tommy. Which caused him to tramp and to make funny noises.

"I don't understand why you must have any pet. And you of all people managed somehow to have two pets! I hope at least they won't do any trouble!" my mom said a bit unmotivated.

"No, ma. They won't." I simply said.

"Well, now we get you something to eat, Royalty!" Thinking what a baby kitten needs.

"First of all we need milk and a baby bottle!" Running to the kitchen and searching for a baby bottle which I finally found. Don't ask why we have a baby bottle in our kitchen! Then pouring the bottle full of milk, I went back to the dining room where Royalty and So were still playing.

"Okay! Feeding time Royalty!" He looked at me wide eyed, nearly tearing apart from my sister. Taking him in my arms and sitting down in my chair I held the top of the bottle in his mouth and he suckled at it very cutely. My sister and even my mom were very stunned and taken by this moment that everyone in this room and the owl too watched him drinking his milk.

When he was finished he fell asleep again and I had time for my own breakfast.


Foto of Royalt:

(It is how Royalty will look when he is full-grown and you have to imagine that the right paw is white!)

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