Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


51. Neville's Pain

I took a nap until 19 o'clock, when my alarm clock woke me up for dinner.
I went downstairs with Royalty, a little dizzy. I slept too deep and wondered that it was still the same day and not the next day.
I entered the great hall and decided to talk to the Patil sisters, I only said hello to them on my first day after all and I needed to know something very important.
"Galaxy!" The twins called.
I walked towards them, Hermione, Ginny and Harry. Ron sat with Seamus more in front of the table.
"Sorry guys! I am going to the Patil sisters." Both pouted like first years.
"But you can feed Ro. Well, not really. Just take care he eats properly and enough." I looked down at Ro and thought: "Don't accept any food from then. Ok?"
He nodded annoyed.
"But why do you join them?" Hermione asked.
"I just want to talk to them." Somehow it got on my nerves that Hermione has to know about everything and therefore questions everything and everyone!
I turned around and walked away.
"Hey you two! Would you mind if I join you?" I interrupted the sisters in their conversation. They looked at each other amazed and then at me.
"Of course not!" They beamed at me.
"Thanks." I placed myself between them.
"I just wondered that we never spoke to each other and knowing you both are Indians too made me very happy!" I said while I filled my plate.
"We too!" They said together.
"We are actually from Delhi." said the one on my left.
"Where are you from?" Asked the other one.
"I am actually half-Indian, my mother belongs to a little village in Punjab. It's a pity I never went to India before." I said sad. I remembered why we never went there. My mother was scared to go there because her whole family was murdered by someone from the other rival village.
Both villages were enemies since ages and many innocent people died because of their silly fight, as my ancestors.
"Oh, really?" The left Patil sister brought me back. I nodded.
"But why?" Asked the other sister.
"My mother doesn't like to go there." I said briefly.
"Too bad because otherwise we would have invited you to visit us." I smiled.
"Very nice from you. Maybe one day when we leave school?"
"Definitely!" Both said at the same time and reminded me of the Weasley twins. I had to look at them. They caught my eyes too and waved at me, I waved back. Right then I saw in the back of them, Neville reading very lost in a book. He didn't even touch his food!
I smiled pleased and made an attempt for what I really wanted from the girls.
"Did you see Neville? He is very changed after Moody started teaching."
Both nodded. "Poor Neville." The right one sighed.
"Why?" I asked curious and felt that I got closer to my aim.
"You don't know?" Both asked stunned. I shook my head.
"His parents were tortured by the Cruciatus Curse to madness! Right after the war ended, by a vengeful death eater." Although the sister on my left side spoke both shuddered in fear at the same time. The other continued: "Poor Neville. His own parents won't recognize him anymore."
I felt bad. I got what I wanted and I felt very bad. Yes, poor Neville. I looked back at the clumsy boy behind the book. He was very brave! He never mentioned his own pain and always tried to keep up with his studies. I pitied him but I was proud too! Now I understood what happened in the first DADA lesson with him, how difficult it was and still is to face that disgusting DADA classes. I quickly looked away and tried to hold back tears.
"Now I understand why he is that clumsy." I said to the sisters. They looked at me in question. They didn't expect this as an answer. How could someone?
I decided to leave the remaining dinner and left the great hall earlier. I waited in the common room for the others.
The first one who entered the room were Ron and Seamus, followed by Neville.
"I hope the first task will take place in the Forbidden Forrest! At least we would be able to see it then." Seamus said to Ron who looked quite uneasy. I glared at Ron angrily. "Well, I guess Ron doesn't need to hope anything, Seamus." I said with suppressed rage. "What do you mean?" he asked but Ron interrupted us. "Nothing. She's just weird. We should go upstairs." I felt a little pain inside me.
"Am I weird?" They both went upstairs, followed by Neville. But when Neville just started climbing the stairs he fell down because he was lost in his book. I smiled pitiful and helped him up. Ron and his new friend already in the sleeping chamber didn't noticed that incident.
"That book seems to be very interesting." I said and tried to start a little chat.
He nodded quickly. Suddenly he was nervous and shy. He was blushing too!
"What's that book about?" I asked further.
"W-water plants." He said.
"You are interested in Herbology?" I asked impressed. He nodded still nervous.
"Oh, that's fantastic!! I actually need some help. Professor Sprout gave me something like a quiz. I have to tick the right answers. Would you like to help me? Please?" I asked with big eyes. He was surprised and considered to help me or not. Finally he nodded with more confidence.
"Splendid!!! I just grab my homework from upstairs. Just wait." I ran upstairs searched through my books and grabbed my Herbology stuff. Then I ran downstairs again.
Neville was already in one of the cozy armchairs, reading in his book again.
"I got them!" I said and took an armchair and dragged it right next to his. He put his own book aside.
"Look, this is the quiz. It's 24 pages long." I sighed and fell down in the padded armchair. Neville was obviously blushing because he was not used to this. No one ever asked him for help. Everyone just laughs at him or criticizes him for his clumsiness, just for who he was.
"I-it's about the f-first and second year. I will help you." He said and his self-confidence rose bit by bit.
He explained every question to me in detail and waited patiently for my answer. If I didn't know the answer he would tell me and explain it to me. Though, it took us nearly four hours. We still worked when Hermione, Ginny, Harry, the twins and Royalty came back from dinner and then when everyone went to bed.
"We are finished! Thank you so much Neville! You are a gem!" I hugged him and he went red.
"Just let me know when you need anything." I smiled. I gathered my school supplies from the table and made a tidy heap of them. Then I leaned back in my chair and looked at the table.
"Neville, may I ask you something?"
"Yes." He said a little unsure.
"What happened to your parents?" I turned my head to him. I wanted to hear what he said to this topic, not what others thought about it.
He looked thoughtful and hurt away.
"I am sorry, Neville. You don't have to tell me... now. Later maybe." I said. He looked at me in question why he had to tell this at all but he didn't ask me.
"They were tortured by death eaters. Now they are in St. Munguos, because they have gone insane. They can't recognize anything ... or anyone." He said quietly and sorrowful. I gulped.
"I am sorry." But he remained motionless.
"Do you have any photos of them?" He looked at me in question again but still didn't ask me. He nodded.
"Do you mind if I have a look at it? Please?" He thought shortly and shook his head and set off towards his sleeping chamber, he came back shortly afterwards.
He hold it in front of me. I took it and I looked down. I gasped. Their faces were familiar... from my dream. The man got the same eyes of Neville and the woman the same face.
His parents were kissing each other lovable and turned to look at me with suppressed and shy smiles afterwards.
I didn't dare to blink nor to breath.
My foreboding was right, they were some relatives of Neville, in fact, they are his parents. But what did I saw exactly about them?
"Ne-Neville-" I croaked in shock.
"I-I believe I saw your parents... in my dream... when-when they got tortured." I tried with great afford to form clear and loud words out of my mouth.
I stared at them, they continued to kiss and smile, to kiss and smile, to kiss and smile.
"Th-they didn't give up." I rasped and cried.
"I am very sorry, Neville." I thought, I couldn't speak anymore because otherwise I would have said it to him.
I couldn't look at his parents anymore nor did I look at him for a second and passed the photo back to him. I felt how he took the photo away and walked upstairs, his book about water plants still lying on the table besides my Herbology homework.
I sobbed and disturbed the silence around me. After awhile I stopped and observed the last glittering ashes die down. I sighed. A lump in my throat stopped it. I stood up and walked out, the fat lady already asleep.
I walked down to the entrance and sat right on the first step of the landing after I pulled the big winged door a little open, letting the dark and cool night in.
I gulped but the lump was still there.
"A dream... a true dream... a vision... from the past... covered as a dream." I thought freely, the cool, smoothing air calming me slowly down. I closed my eyes and remembered that dream.
Both strangled to madness by a death eater, by a female death eater. My eyes got heavier through the tears which were forming in my eyes. I sighed shakily. Finally, the tears finding their way out of my eyes.
"What are you doing here, that alone and that late? Why are you...?" A familiar Russian accent made my head spun around in surprise.
Karkaroff stood behind me like an eagle ready to attack.
I wiped the tears away quickly and stood up on my shaky legs.
"I- I was about to go back." I mumbled down, to the floor, while I walked pass him.
But he grabbed me by my arm very tight that it hurt and pushed me back.
I looked scared up at him. His dark icy eyes were boring into mine and I nearly didn't realize that he walked closer to me. I backed away in the very last moment and hit the big wooden door by my back. He came closer again and I remained helpless where I was.
He laughed deeply and quietly.
"No need to be scared of me. I only wanted to know if you are feeling good."
"I do." I said quickly.
"I don't think so because..." he made a pause to catch a tear from the corner of my lips. I flinched. I thought that he was about to touch my lips.
"... you cried." He said and held the tear on his finger in front of me.
Obviously I didn't wipe all tears away. I gulped and unwantedly tears stormed out of my eyes.
I trembled lightly and tried to hold more tears back but I couldn't. I felt Karkaroff's huge hand on my cheek, whipping tears away and then on the other cheek too. I stopped crying immediately in surprised. His hand went down and stopped on my neck. I felt very uncomfortable.
"Whatever is bothering you will vanish away in just seconds." He got closer and his ugly, rotten bad breath hit my nose. I made out that it was mixed with alcohol.
Then he came more closer and lightly bent down over me. His hand rubbing gentle on my neck. I felt very uncomfortable and believed something wrong was going on. His face came closer to mine and his lips pursed. Realizing what he was about to do, my eyes went wide and I pushed him away in fear.
I looked at him for a short moment, he was looking very angry as if I slapped him in his face and I ran back to the common room.
I buried myself in my bed and my sheets were covering my body. I jinxed a silencing charm around my bed hence nobody could listen to my crying. My tears dried and no more tears followed. I felt dirty, dirty and cheap. I stood up and walked towards the bathroom to take a shower, trying to clean the dirt away.

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