Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


57. It's the Final Countdown

I opened my eyes unwillingly. I was awake since four but yet I remained in my bed.
It was time.
It was THE day.
It was THE big event of our lifes.

Today was the ball.

I peered around and noticed relieved that my ball dress didn't arrive.
"Yes! I can't go to the ball!" But right then a big owl flew in. It carried something quite big.
I got up, finally, because the others still slept. Was the owl not too big and was that parcel which he carried not too heavy to make too much noise and to wake the others up?
I sighed. Somehow I guessed what it could be.
I walked up to the owl and untied it. As I nearly untied it, it already took off without any treat or money. Maybe it was a post owl? They are very professional, as I heard.
Back to the parcel, I opened it unwantedly but as it was revealed I had to gasp.
Yes, it was my dress and yes, it was breathtaking and no, I still don't want to go to the ball although I had a stunning dress.
Well, I still had that excuse from yesterday. Snape's portion knocked me quite much out yesterday. Therefore I lay the whole day in my bed with an headache, my nose running like a waterfall and a voice of a pixie! I managed somehow to send an owl to Mr. Flitwick though! But besides my refusal to sing at the ball it contained many nose water and germs!
"Galaxy?" I spun around in shock.
Royalty woke up and he looked shocked at my dress which I tried to hide behind my back.
"No, Ro! Don't say that!"
"It's amazing!" I sighed.
"Great." I narrowed my eyes at him.
Then I packed quickly my dress back in the parcel and hid it in my trunk.
"What are you doing?!" He said paranoid.
"That dress should be honored! It looks that good! You should treat it like a royal!"
"Royalty! If you didn't get it till now, WE are the royals! YOU and ME!!" I thought angry.
He stood up offended and walked out. I sighed.
"Great, Galaxy! Now you have a fight with Ro! On his first Christmas!" I muttered.
I decided to get ready for the day, after all there would be no presents for me on Christmas because my happy family doesn't celebrate Christmas! I sighed depressed.
"A happy Christmas, Galaxy!"


"I will wait for you in the entrance hall." My date said. He met me after I was finished with my last yoga workout. He was watching me again.
He took my hand and kissed it.
"Happy Christmas." He said. I blushed.
I walked up to my common room and he left for his guest common room in the dungeons.
"He's really cute. Maybe I should use him to make Snape jealous." I thought and giggled.
I said the password and entered the common room. By now Ron and Harry unwrapped their presents. There was someone or rather something else too.
"Ooh! My Lady are back! Now can Dobby wish you a happy Christmas and Dobby can give My Lady your Christmas present!"
Ooh-oh! Shit! There weren't any huge pots anywhere like in the kitchen to hide from Dobby.
Surprisingly, he behaved properly although he might exploded every second!
He just stood in front of me lightly shivering in excitement.
"A happy Christmas to you, Dobby!" I said finally.
"Aaah!" He said and jumped against my leg.
"My Lady wished Dobby a happy Christmas!" He squeezed my leg too much that I fell down. Ron and Harry suppressed their laughs.
"Dobby wishes you a happy Christmas too, my lady!" He said with glistening eyes. I smiled.
"Dobby brought you a present, My Lady!" He said excited and surprised me.
"Let me guess, a sock?" Ron whispered to Harry and they laughed. Fortunately, Dobby was too excited to hear that.
"Really? How nice! That's... that's ... so nice from you!" I said emotional and ignored Ron and Harry.
My family didn't send me anything for Christmas but a little servant has a present for me?! That moved me very much.
"What is it?" I asked excited.
He took something out of his pockets and hold it in front of me.
"A ... sock?" I said confused and took it. Ron was right and he and Harry laughed approved. Maybe Dobby gave them a sock too?
"I knitted it on my own!" He said more excited than ever.
Although it might be nothing useful for me it was a very big gesture for me. I compared him with my mom and Sonja and it hurt me but on the other hand I was soo much moved by Dobby's gift.
"Thank you Dobby! It's amazing! Next Christmas I want a self-knitted sock again. Right?" He nodded enthusiastic.
"Dobby has to go back in the kitchen to help preparing dinner."
"Oh! Just wait! I have something for you too!!" His eyes widen and he started crying.
"My Lady has a present for Dobby? You are the most kindest Lady in the world!" He said.
"Just wait and cry after you've seen the present, okay?" He nodded. Too cute!
I ran upstairs and closed the door.
"Okay. Now, what will you give Dobby?" I asked me.
I searched through my trunk. But there was nothing which suited Dobby.
I took a different attempt, what would Like Dobby?
"Clothes!" I thought.
Which piece of cloth doesn't he have?
"Eer... a pant?" I thought.
"But I don't have his size." I thought again and decided to give him something that didn't had a specific size.
"A scarf! But mine are too big!"
Suddenly I had an idea!
"Well, if I can imagine heat and paper and a pen and a little band of frogs and make them appear through my hand and wand then why not a little scarf?!"
I took out my wand and pointed on my bed while the others still were asleep.
I imagined a neon green, square scarf with patchy dogs on it.
Et voilá Dobby's gift was ready! It just needed a fancy paper but that I could imagine too! A neon green paper with a 'Happy Christmas!' signature from me.
I went downstairs and gave Dobby my improvised gift.
He gasped.
"My Lady even wrapped Dobby's present in present paper!" He said and I laughed.
"Yes I did! Now tear it open!" He obeyed.
"A scarf!" He squeaked happily and put it immediately on.
"You look amazing!" I said to him and he was jumping in joy.
"Of course!" Ron and Harry said. I rolled my eyes. Couldn't they just shut up?!
"My Lady, Dobby is very happy about the Christmas gift you gave him. Dobby didn't had a scarf!" He hugged me again.
"But now Dobby has to go! Or otherwise the dinner can't be prepared!" He said dutiful. I nodded quite impressed and very thankful.
"I understand. Then you better go! After all, we need a bombastic dinner because of the ball!" Suddenly my mood dropped to the ground. Maybe I shouldn't think nor mention that ... word!
He beamed at me for the last time and vanished with a 'pop'.

"Now you have to give him something every year." Ron said as I joined them at the fireplace.
"I will happily do that, Ron!" I snapped at him.
"There are a presents for you too!" Harry said and changed the topic.
"What?" I said surprised. Who would give me something?
"Here!" Ron gave me a parcel. "That's from mom. She knitted you a pullover too." he said annoyed. I opened it in disbelieve. A purple jumper with a big pink 'G' hung in my hands. The mother of my friend send me a gift for Christmas but not my own mother.
"Thanks." I said barely.
"I knew you won't like it! She can't stop knitting jumpers for the whole school!" He said angry.
"No, no, Ron! It's amazing!" He looked skeptic at me and left it to that.
"Here." Harry passed me two more gifts.
"That's from Sirius and that's from Remus." I opened both presents with gratitude. As I opened Remus' baby blue shawl I felt my stomach very nervous. He, Remus, send me a gift! I was the happiest person on earth! But then I felt guilty.
"I love Snape." My mind said. I shook the thought off and took Sirius' gift in my hand. It was a little vial with a transparent liquid. I furrowed my brows and read the little piece of parchment attached to it. "A little happiness for sorrow days." It only said. I furrowed my brows even more.
"I have to read some advanced portion books-" I thought.
"-or ask Snape." I added and bit my lip.
I looked down at my gifts and felt such a wave of great gratitude that I started crying. I've never felt so much blessed for a while.
"What? Don't like the gifts?" Ron said. I shook my head but he didn't get me. "Then give them back or give them to me!" I started more crying.
"Ronald!" Hermione's voice appeared from nowhere and startled us up.
"You made her cry!" But I shook my head again.
"No! Please! Don't! It's nobody's fault." I said before Ron could answer.
"It's just an amazing Christmas after years for me." They looked at each other and understood. What no gift from home yet meant was more than clear.
"Here." Ron passed me a packet of pralines. I dried my tears and took one: "Thank you, you three."


"Ro? Royalty?" I shouted through the grounds of Hogwarts.
He wasn't at breakfast and by now I was very worried.
"Ro?" I screamed.
"Searching for something?"
I spun around. Karkaroff stood in front of me.
My heart started racing and I got very nervous as I remembered our last encounter.
"For some-ONE." I tried to be confident.
He smiled smugly.
"I hope YOU won't be searched later." He looked at me dirty and walked off.
"What did he mean?" I thought. Somehow I felt very uncomfortable and, honestly, I started to fear that man!
I shook the thought off and continued searching for Royalty at Hagrid.
I knocked on the door.
"Come in!" He said loudly.
"Ro! I searched for you everywhere!" Royalty was laying beside Fang on the floor. Both were eating from only one plate.
"He came to me this morning. Just gave him breakfast." Hagrid said. I tried to talk to Royalty but he blocked me.
"Ro, please." I whispered. He turned his head away. I sighed.
"Ro, I am sorry." I thought but he kept looking away.
"Hagrid? Would you send him upstairs, to me, when he wants to go, please?"
"Of course!"
"Thanks! Oh! And Hagrid! A happy Christmas!" I said and waved with my wand at the table. A basked with red wine and some sweets appeared on his table.
"Thank you, Galaxy!" He said very happy from inside as I closed the door.
I walked back to my dorm in a very depressed mood.
"Well, at least I've got Snape's robe." I thought.


"Galaxy!" Hermione woke me up.
"Hey! I am sleeping!"
"Yeah! You slept the whole day! It's nearly time for the ball, by now." I groaned.
"Do you have to remember me?" I said and stood up to stretch me.
"Yes, I have to! Because you were supposed to help me to get ready!" She said and started putting out several girly stuff.
"Since when do you wear lipstick? And did you strengthened your hair even once?" I asked stunned. She only glared at me.
"Before you start, here's my dress. Just for you to know how it all should match." She hold a beautiful dress in pink silk in front of me.
"It's wonderful!" I said. She smiled knowingly.
"Okay, how should your hair look then?" I asked her before she could ask me about my dress.
"I want a French pleat!" She said excited. I nodded.
"Just sit here and don't move, only if I say so." She nodded.
Then I styled her, from her hair to her makeup and setting her dress. I styled my friends for different occasions several times. Therefore I knew what I was doing.
After two hours of combing, hair strengthening and placing, poisoning us by hairspray and putting her a heavy make-up mask on I was done.
I fell on my bed exhausted.
"Finally! You may look in the mirror now." I covered me with my bed sheets while she looked in her reflection. She gasped and was totally amazed!
"Galaxy! I- I look amazing! What- how did you do that? Thank you so much! Thank you!" And she couldn't stop watching and smiling at herself.
"Your welcome." I snuggled back in my bed.
After a while, as I nearly fell asleep, she asked me: "What time is it?"
"Just look at the clock BESIDE the mirror." I said angry.
"I was nearly asleep! But she had to ask for the time, hadn't she?" I thought.
"What? It's 7:21!" She freaked out.
"So what, Hermione? Can't you just leave me?"
"So what? So WHAT?! Galaxy! The ball will start in 39 min! And you aren't even ready! Not a single bit!!!" She said if the world was about to end.
I groaned. I knew what that meant.
"Galaxy! Come out of your bed and get ready!"
"Fine!" I shouted.
"I can't continue sleeping because you already woke me up!" I said pissed off.
"Where is your dress?"
I walked towards my trunk bad tempered and pulled my folded dress out.
Hermione stared at it in disbelieve.
"Don't lose a word about it." I warned her.
"Put it on." She ordered instead and I obeyed.
After I was in my dress Hermione ironed it with a charm and went for my hair.
She opened my hair and made some glamorous locks and threw them over my right shoulder to have my neck on the left side complete bare and free.
Finally it was time for my make-up. She used light colors, like a golden eye shadow with a light mascara and a light pink/rosé lipstick to keep the natural look. After all this I took the golden eye shadow and dabbled my collar bone with it to accentuate my neck and décolleté area. Additionally, I put a light and fresh flowery perfume on.
"Look in the mirror." Hermione said. I shook my head. She sighed and pull me in front of the mirror.
Unwillingly, I faced myself. I looked good, very good and I was surprised that make-up can make so much difference. I gulped. I wasn't able to put a shawl around my neck. I felt naked and therefore cheap and dirty.
"And that eye shadow on my collar bone doesn't really less that feeling." My mind said. I sighed and forced a smile to keep Hermione happy. She worked so hard on my styling. "Great!" I lied. But this made her happy and me a little too!

"Amazing! Now we can go downstairs!" My eyes went wide and my legs rooted to the ground.
"Gosh! There will be so many people out there!" I said in fear.
"Many people are suppose to be at a ball, Galaxy!" She said and I noticed that she tried to convince herself too. I gulped.
"I-I can't." I shook my head.
"Come on! He's waiting for you!" I shook my head again.
"Don't want to know who's my date?" She asked but I kept shaking my head.
Suddenly Royalty walked in. We looked at each other but no one spoke.
"Hermione, what about you going first and I will come in five minutes? I have to talk to Royalty before." She wanted to protest but in the end she left.
"Five minutes, Galaxy!" She said in a warning tone.
"Promise!" I said back.
Ro and me still looked at each other. I coughed lightly and decided to make the first attempt.
"I am very sorry, Royalty. I shouldn't have talked to you like that and ... I should have listen to you concerning how to store that dress." He kept quiet. I sighed and stood up.
"I wish you a happy Christmas. I have your gift under the bed. I kept it there because you looked at me with your beautiful eyes the very first time when I pulled you out from there. Maybe you can't remember that but I do! Perfectly!" I remembered it for a minute but came back to the present soon.
I had to put make-up on on my mark, to hide it.
After that I went to Royalty and kissed him on his nose. He flinched but he acted that way only. He wanted to show me that he was still hurt by me.
"Have an amazing party downstairs." I said and walked out.
"Galaxy." I stopped opening the door turned around instead.
"I still can remember it." I blinked surprised and relieved; he finally talked to me!
"And you look breathtaking! No boy can take off his eyes from you and all the girls will be jealous." Royalty said. I smiled and blinked my tears away.
"Don't cry, Galaxy! Or you will ruin your make-up!" He said and made me laugh. I walked back to him and hugged him.
"Love you."
"Love you too!" He said back.
I stood up, smoothed my dress and took all my courage to walk out.
Everyone in the common room was looking at me as I walked down the stairs. I wasn't used to be in the spotlight and 'be presented' to others therefore I just wanted to run back and crawl in my bed.
Fred and George walked up to me and each of them took a hand to kiss it. I blushed and my stomach went more heavy from the excitement and nervousness.
"Our Lady! Your majesty looks royal and elegant and sexy too!" Both said and bowed down. I forced a half smile but curtsied in reflex.
"Sorry, our majesty but we have to leave for our dates. It's a pity you aren't one of them." They said as they left.
I walked up to Hermione who sat glued in a chair near the fireplace.
"We'll go at the very end." I said to her and she nodded distantly.



Pic of dress:

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